The Unexpected Gift of 2020: Jacky and Cyndi Singing Together

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Yes, this was sometime last year, but because I sort of muted Jacky on Instagram so I didn’t realize that he–like half of the population–got on TikTok, Douyin, and other similar apps and/or websites to show off their singing skills while the pandemic was raging on. I have to confess also that I sort of stopped following Cyndi on social media, so I missed most of her albums and other activities, except for when her mutual friends posted.

Anyway, the point? Someone, please get these two together and release an album of them. I don’t care if they sing remixes like how it was in this video clip singing one of her hits “When You” (當你). They could alternate between both of their collections, lol.

They complemented each other so well together in this clip that I wanted more. I think it’s because his voice is deep and strong and hers is soft and sweet so they sounded awesome together. I’m addicted, lol.

Also, do I sense a fanfic coming? (Joking here because I still have ba-zillion stories I haven’t finished yet.) Talking about that, years ago, I was so mad at some stuff in Heaven’s Wedding Gown that I wanted to write a fanfic and fixed some details or at least have some of the same cast but write my own version of it, like an inspired one. I wanted to make Ying Ai Qing’s god-brother so that the bullies would stop going after her and possibly scare the world out of Zi Hao’s arrogant father too. LOL! Childish, but it was seriously frustrating. I ended up scrapping the idea because it was like giving them more attention than I have time for. So yeah. Funny how they collaborated again after so many years. This time, singing. I only remember them singing in various J-Star songs together, but not just the two of them. I could be wrong since I wasn’t following them actively the first few years of the formation of 183 Club. It would be cool to see them collaborate more though.

I actually have a thought that they could sing “Heaven of Love” (愛的天國) together. That would be epic. I heard that some mainland China production team wanted to do a remake of Heaven’s Wedding Gown. Know what would be cool? Have Jacky and Cyndi sing the ending theme, which is the song I mentioned above, and see how it goes. Because it would be their own mix, their new version.

As I was working on this post though, I thought of something else. When I mentioned fanfic, I was just joking around. But by the time I got to the end of the post or was trying to finish it up, I have another idea. The only way I could work them into the story and somehow have them end up together is to have them end up together in “The Dating Game.” That would give some of the characters a heart attack, especially Wallace–maybe. But like I said, I feel like living on the edge lately. Not to mention I’ve been stuck on Jacky’s ending for the longest time. So yeah. By the way, part 8 is posting right now so give it some love, lol.

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