The Zu Mountain Saga: The Tragic Couple

When people talk about this series, they often shift their attention to the main leads. (Duh, right? I know.) But to me, I shift my focus to the Hero In White Sun Nan (白俠 孫南) and the fairy Xie Ying (天都仙女 謝瓔). (Click here for an MV someone made just for them.) I felt their story was both touching and genuine. They were soulmates, communicating through music, and understanding each other in ways others wouldn’t. They had a lot of trust and respect for one another. They’d been through a lot together yet their fates ended tragically. Many stories nowadays tried to be so dramatic with their dragged out storyline that often lost its purpose in the end. So yes, this one story stuck to me whenever there was any story relating to fairies and humans.

Sam Tsang had returned to TVB in recent years yet I still do not know what happened to Vindy. Or perhaps I’ve been so out of tune with Hong Kong related news that I haven’t heard.