Throwback Thursday: Chuyen Nang Hang Xom

(Uploaded by: Van Son)

It seems like almost yesterday that this song just came out. Yet it was ages back already. Time sure flies, eh? Anyway, this has to be one of my all-time favorites of Truong Vu’s songs. He sang a lot of songs that had to do with neighborly romances or those super morbid one-sided love songs. Yet this one became one of my favorites just because.

Truong Vu is actually of Chinese descent. Actually, the majority of the people in the Viet community knows that. Or if anyone had watched past interviews of him or read articles of credible sources, one would know. However, there’s this story (aka from rumor mill) circulating that he’s actually Che Linh’s son. Really? He trained under both Che Linh and Duy Khanh at one point or another. That is true. He confirmed it in interviews before. But seriously? Who are these people making up those other rumors? Just because he sounds like the two veteran singers? There are some others who sound like them too. Duy Khanh has lots of other students who trained under him, because of how he had opened classes to hone the future generations.