Tian Hou Zhi Zheng: Behind the Curtain

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Several months ago, Jun Ya posted a cryptic message on his Weibo (and Facebook) along with a picture showing a closet filled with various wardrobe–ranging in colors and styles. Okay, it wasn’t so cryptic since he did mention having finished filming for a drama already. But I didn’t pay attention as much, considering how random he could get at times so it was hard to flag it down. Not to mention, I didn’t pay attention to the first part. So I didn’t realize it was a drama until now. Yes, this was a sequel to the drama called Behind the Light (光環之后). Supposedly, it was about the entertainment industry and what happened behind the scenes. The more controversial and scandalous side of it, stripping away all glamor and gallantry (aka the version sometimes portrayed in dramas to mask the reality of it all). The second chapter continued with the war among several parties yet also introduced new characters.

Jun Ya was actually one of the new characters. He portrayed Li Xiang (李翔), a player yet knew his way around the business. He and his wife, Li Li (莉莉 – portrayed by Ginnie Han), were in an open relationship. Both parties carried on different lives yet he would come to her rescue at the appropriate time, especially when she was kidnapped and was humiliated that one time. Although it was not because he loved her, he had to maintain the family reputation. He even told her so when he came to pick her up and draped his jacket around her.

Several minutes later when they were at home, it was revealed as to why he didn’t love her. Or even worse, didn’t care to sympathize with her. It was because her father had placed his father into a situation, which had forced him to marry her in the end. It didn’t matter how much she claimed to love him, he ignored her and left the scene. Was that a good reason for him to be so cruel? Or was that just an excuse to carry on the way he did? Only three episodes into the drama and the conflict already seemed so thick. What more will reveal of Li Xiang’s stories as the show progress? On top of that, there were the other main characters plotting against one another, trying to climb to the top. Who will win in the end?

This show is seriously not for the usual idol dramas lovers, but the darker side of reality that most wanted to ignore and dispose of as just rumors.

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