‘Tis The Season To Change Your Name

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This post is actually long overdue BUT I got held up with lots of other stuff that I ended up pushing it back for this one. Anyway, just when I was blogging about Tang Feng’s new English name acquired by one of his teachers around the lunar new year time frame, I later found out several more people have changed their names. It could have been a coincidence but still thought it was quite funny.  (Go here for the Tang Feng post.)

The first up, how could anyone forget this one since the mockery was so high, right? And it’s not because I disrespect his mother’s last name, but I felt the name was even plainer than his real name in regards to “You Tian”.

Next up, Cynthia Wang Xin Ru had changed her name to Chloe Wang Le Yan (王樂妍). The reason for the name change–as mentioned in her Weibo–was because she kept getting mistaken for other actresses/singers. So this name change made sense. Her new name does sound nice also. Good move here. No complaints. Not only did she change her name but also her image to fit with this name. Or so it seemed for now.

Oh yeah, Bryant Chang of the recently aired True Love 365 changed his English name to Ray. It’s on his Weibo, so that was why I had changed my tag as well when I saw it.

Talking about True Love 365, Winnie Zhong who portrayed Xiao Q in the drama also changed her name to Cathy.

And lastly, but not the most recent one I realized was how Xiao Qiao of the ages ago band 7F had chosen to use “Zhao Xiao Qiao” for her stage name instead of “Zhao Hong Qiao” like it was often credited with her name before. It made sense because people were so used to calling her Xiao Qiao.

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4 thoughts on “‘Tis The Season To Change Your Name

  1. vgag says:

    Good move on the part of Chloe Wang. I personally know a few people who used to confuse her with Cyndi Wang–Cynthia was a perhaps a bit close to Cyndi.
    Years ago didn’t Sam Wang Shao Wei of 5566 and 183 Club change the character to represent the ‘Shao’ part of his name?

    1. DTLCT says:

      Regarding Chloe Wang – her Chinese name resembles several artists having the same name “Xin Ru” so yeah, it was a good call on changing it to a different name and re-establishing her image so audiences wouldn’t be mistaken her for someone else anymore.

      Yes, Sam did change it. I still liked his old one more. But guess we can’t do anything about it anyway.

      1. vgag says:

        Maybe artists who want to change their stage name should conduct polls do their fans could have some input!

      2. DTLCT says:

        Good one! I agree! But then that would create a bunch of endless fan wars? Oh well, not a big deal, I guess. As long as they’re “happy”. (OR NOT….lol…)


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