Trending Question #1: Is Zhao Jun Ya Gay?

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Okay, it’s very clear (if not all clear) by now that I hate to get into all sorts of controversial stuff or engage in those debates. But I couldn’t resist this one. It just popped into my blog hits with the search terms. Possibly because I blog about him so the ‘tags’ had led some people here. Anyway, as soon as I was checking search terms to see what was popular of recent and if I should update on someone, I saw this question and I almost fell off my chair. I’m not saying it’s impossible since I’m not planning to marry him or have some weird fantasy that might get crushed if it were true. (And for the record, I don’t have anything against gay people in case it’s going to turn into some bloody battle about discrimination.) But I never thought people would ask this one about him.

Was it because of what Chris had implied in the BTS in one of the Jin Da Hua episodes? (Go here for more details regarding that.) Or was it because of his occasional picture updates of cross-dressing of recent?

But anyhow, the reason why I never thought him as the gay type is because since watching and following his news since the days of Rookies’ Diary, it had been a lot of fun and his real-life persona was so much different from the cool Wang Ban Zhang (王班長). He had been made fun of for being “old” or “pervert” (in regard to his obsession with girls–or so it was let on) numerous times on Game Union by his co-host Xiao Xiao Yu. And sometimes on Weibo, he would post weird comments that could border into the “pervert” zone. (Though I must give him some kudos for being that brave since most celebs would be covering their tracks and try to be a “real role model” when it comes to image, etc. At least he’s not flaky in that sense. Some people might be thinking he’s not that famous anyway so it doesn’t matter if he keeps it under a wrap or not, but he’s really in the limelight of recent so it’s not surprising that he should build a good reputation. But he’s still very consistent.)

Another reason why it never really occurred to me was because of his break up last year with girlfriend, Jean Kao. (Now ex-girlfriend.) During that time, there were several rumors flying around. One being how Megan Lai was the third-party hence the breakup, which Megan had clarified that she had nothing to do with it. That rumor was probably due to the fact that Jun Ya was filming for Miss Rose (螺絲小姐要出嫁) with Megan and Roy Chiu at that time so it was convenient for the paparazzi to find some party to blame–and spice things up even more to sell their so-called news. Then there was also one about how Jean was having problems focusing on filming and had cried on the set of Tian Xia Nv Ren Xin (天下女人心) while doing a scene with Eric Huang. Regardless of what happened or didn’t happen, he still got the “asshole” title for hurting Jean. (Or so some people had made it out to be.) I seriously didn’t care at that time and I couldn’t care less now. Not that I’m heartless or taking his side, but since we’re on the outside and will never know what happened between them anyway, I don’t think it’s relevant to participate in it. Or more like I refuse to be manipulated by the media. I only want to focus on his career–as an outsider.

As for getting back on the topic, was it because of his role in Jin Da Hua that had triggered such curiosity? What would happen next when people witness his scenes on the currently airing Lucky Touch (我愛幸運七)?

To end this post, we probably wouldn’t know unless he comes out to admit it himself. However, as for me, it wouldn’t affect my support for him. Unless he does something really stupid to jeopardize his career, I wouldn’t drop him. And stupid could equal to anything like excessive partying or ruining himself purposely by doing a certain activity. But I actually have confidence in that for once since he’s quite active and would go out surfing when he has time.

*Most images were either captured by DTLCT, one was collected around the net.

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