True Love 365: Episode 1

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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Zhang Bi Ting’s unlucky day began with being run over by Lai Yu Xiang as she stepped out of a coffee shop. Lai Yu Xiang was actually on one of his jog routines and didn’t even care to stop when she scolded him for his behavior. He even waved as he continued on his way. After picking up the scattered files that Lai Yu Xiang knocked over in his haste, Zhang Bi Ting continued on her way. While that was going on, Lai Yu Xiang finally slowed down at a red light, not because he wanted to cross, but he spotted a beauty in white stepping out of a building and flagging a Taxi. Pretending to stretch and keep pace with his routine, he stole another glance at her. As the white beauty was nodding off in her seat, she was suddenly awakened by the car’s abrupt halt. That incident, which almost caused her head to suffer through severe injury from the bump, was the responsible of Lai Jun Jie–who had hit his break too late upon realizing the light was red. As Lai Jun Jie made his turn, he almost ran over Zhang Bi Ting. Zhang Bi Ting was actually trying to cross the street yet was given a good scare instead. Encountering two incidents already with the day still stretching ahead, Zhang Bi Ting was indeed unfortunate.

As coincidental as it got, Zhang Bi Ting and Lai Yu Xiang had another encounter that day. This time, it was Bi Ting’s fault for being a busybody, not knowing the whole story yet interfering. Yu Xiang almost hit a granny so it was all right that she interfered and expressed her thoughts. Yet what she didn’t know was the granny was faking the injury and trying to extort money from Yu Xiang. He didn’t know at first and was really worried and even wanted to rush the granny to the hospital for the checkup as well. It wasn’t until he was searching for some money in his pockets that he realized the substance he thought was ‘blood’ from the granny’s hand was actually sugar mixed with other substances to achieve the ‘blood’ effect. He confronted the granny and that was how Bi Ting found them. Not only was he not sided with, but he was even scolded by several other passersby for trying to pull a ‘hit and run’. Left with no other choice, Yu Xiang paid up and asked for Bi Ting’s name before getting into his car.

After much delay, Bi Ting arrived at her destination, finally smiling upon seeing the setting of the wedding arrangements. It was the only sign of satisfaction that would make her forget about the previous unfortunate encounters. What she had no idea about was another run-in with Yu Xiang, and a second argument ensued. Yu Xiang was actually there for his brother’s wedding. He was making his typical round to check on everything after having a chat with his brother inside. Bi Ting, by this time, had already learned from her friend Xiao Q about the granny being part of the recent scam gigs. So when Bi Ting was called out and realized Yu Xiang was on the other side waiting for her, she was more than embarrassed by the previous misunderstanding. Though that didn’t mean she would admit it in front of him of her mistake hence the argument and then the inevitable action taken by Yu Xiang–which was throwing her out of the ceremony altogether.

As interesting as things got, upon being thrown out, Bi Ting had dropped her phone and wanted to beg the others to let her retrieve it. That wasn’t the interesting part, only a little plot device for the coming part. Because Lai Jun Jie entered the place around then and spotted Bi Ting, offering to help her with the phone retrieval. Like how it happened that Bi Ting didn’t really see Yu Xiang while he was on his jog (it was a really fast crash and he was wearing his hoodie, covering his face at that point so it made sense to not recognize him when the second encounter came around when he was all dressed up for work), Bi Ting didn’t recognize Jun Jie (the guy who almost run her over with his car earlier, which could even be explained as he was in his car and the lack of light at that time and place made it hard to see his face clearly) either. The typical plot formula immediately activated itself as Bi Ting was both grateful for Jun Jie’s help as well as developing good feelings toward him after he craftily asked for her number to check and make sure her phone was still operating.

Amidst all these craziness though, one must not be mistaken (like I was at first glance) about this being a wedding party. Far from it. All these beautiful settings and glamorous backdrop were actually for Lai Tian Cheng and his soon to be ex-wife Chen Yi Ru’s divorce party. YES, this was a breakup party hence Bi Ting’s comment about them having too much money to toss around for such an event. Also, it made sense with how Lai Xiao Die was so depressed while she witnessed her mother getting ready for the upcoming reception. Aside from those bizarre characters of the Lai family, there was also Yu Xiang’s twin sister Lai Yu Jie–an actress and a supposedly spoiled brat of the family (not far from her brother’s bad attitude at times). Then to complete the whole scene of madness, there was also the uncle Yang Bo Wen, a famous womanizer of the family. And it was none other than the strange uncle to come up with such an event.

The supposedly “separation ceremony” turned out to be the joke of the century, which no one could blame their father for interfering. After all, he felt it was ridiculous anyway. While he was on a roll for throwing an ultimatum at them, he decided to trash every one of his children as well. Starting with the oldest one, Lai Tian Cheng, not knowing how to set an example among other lists of items he did over the years. The second son, Lai Jun Jie,  was spared from being slammed with a ‘player’ title like his oldest brother. Instead, he was dubbed as a workaholic. So what was the third son, Lai Yu Xiang, being guilty of? Being picky. YES, Yu Xiang was out searching for the perfect girl. Yet his father was indeed getting impatient. The youngest one, the princess of the family, Lai Yu Jie, was not able to get away from their father’s wrath either. As a recap, the father called out each one of the three sons as oldest one = not suitable for marriage, 2nd brother = doesn’t have time to get married, 3rd = doesn’t want to get married. What about the youngest princess? She was dubbed as not knowing who to get married with. What was the purpose of embarrassing his children in front of the guests? Trying to push forth with telling them to mature up and settle down. And while he was attacking his children, he might as well talk about his brother-in-law, right? Yet according to Yu Xiang’s words to Wu Shu Xin, the person whom they were all afraid of was their mother, not their father who was only acting fierce in front of the general public. So the point of the scolding marathon was? If they didn’t all mature up within the next 365 days, the parents would donate all of the family’s assets. Nice deal? This actually tied back to the title of the drama–True Love 365, the time limit they have to find true love and seek approval from the parents. This also explained the reason for the siblings and the uncle’s meeting at the shop the next day.

What was their grand plan at this secret meeting? Well, aside from stabbing at each other, Jun Jie seemed the calmest as he didn’t care to engage in conversation as much and even excused himself after eating somewhat of his meal. It was like he didn’t care if he was to be left out from their parents’ fortune. Jun Jie was probably the most compassionate and calmest among the 4 siblings. Yet their uncle completed the circle of the remaining abnormal siblings more. Actually, aside from the abnormal factor, the remaining siblings seemed less concerned about inheriting the wealth than their uncle. It was driving their uncle crazy as to why they could still remain so calm. Perhaps it was because all of them have some sort of career going on and didn’t feel the heat on them as much as the wandering uncle? And Yu Xiang’s narration really shedded light on why they didn’t care for the family fortune as much as the uncle. So will he learn to establish something for himself or would he sit around and wait for the inevitable to come?

So while the Lai siblings and the uncle were dealing with the family’s crisis (or what the uncle exaggerated it to be and called for the meeting in the first place), Bi Ting was met with her mother’s presence upon returning home the previous night. Her mother came back to visit so it was supposedly good news but still suspicious. Next day (which was the same day the Lai siblings had the meeting with the uncle), Bi Ting came to work like usual and had to meet up with her boss, who was none other than Wu Shu Xin. (Wu Shu Xin as we previously learned was Lai Yu Jie’s good friend.) Being called in by the boss could mean good or bad. Yet knowing your mistakes after the lecture gave way for future improvements. Wu Shu Xin seemed like a strict yet reasonable boss. So how long would it take before she gives Bi Ting the shove out the door?

What could be called good news for Bi Ting, even temporarily, was encountering Jun Jie once again. It seemed like their feelings for one another were mutual at this point because the stare lasted a tad too long to be just her delusional views. But that stare was interrupted by Wu Shu Xin stepping out of her office and was ready for the meeting with Jun Jie. Bi Ting wasn’t upset over that since she was in Lala-Land at that moment, and even Xiao Q couldn’t rouse her out of it. The comedic theme soon gave way for some news from Bi Ting’s mother. Her mother’s boyfriend had proposed to her so she was seeking Bi Ting’s opinion regarding that. Yet as interesting as it was, Jun Jie had overheard the whole conversation between mother and daughter after he dropped Shu Xin off that night and was about to get into his car. The end of the episode hinted a possible reason for Jun Jie not looking for marriage anytime soon.

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