True Love 365: Episode 10

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

(image credit: captured by DTLCT)

The start of the episode and Yu Jie got some good news. Apparently, she didn’t need to learn the required dialect for her part yet she was misled into studying by Long Tian Xing. However, he wasn’t doing that to sabotage her. He was just trying to test her attitude. Seeing that she had already toned down her arrogance and was willing to cooperate, he was more than glad.

The conversation between Jun Jie and Bi Ting resumed itself also. Though the strangest thing was Bi Ting asked for Yu Xiang’s workplace’s address instead of talking about their situation first. And it wouldn’t be a complete conversation without Shu Xin spying nearby. (Yes, sarcasm here.) Lucky for Shu Xin this time, it was in front of her office so she had the right to spy as Jun Jie inquired Bi Ting about her intention of searching for Yu Xiang. It wasn’t an unreasonable question, because after all the two were sworn enemies. The more surprising part of the whole thing was Bi Ting wanted to thank Yu Xiang. What for? (Oooohh, a week gone by and I totally forgot about it.) Indeed, if it wasn’t for Yu Xiang’s quick-witted words, they would all be in a very awkward situation at that moment. If it wasn’t awkward enough already. Okay, it was even stranger now (like it wasn’t before) was that Bi Ting didn’t let Jun Jie finish whatever it was that he wanted to say. She actually encouraged him to go resume his business rather than let him talk about their matter right there. (At least it seemed reasonable in a way because it was her workplace after all, too strange to talk about the personal stuff.)

On a more promising front, Yu Jie was actually praised by the director and was able to respond with a more reserved attitude than her usual smart-aleck self. She took it a step further by personally thanking Long Tian Xing for his guidance thus far. However, not accepting the credit, he claimed he was only doing his job and that he was just fulfilling his goal of making sure every part of the production he was involved in would be to its best. Contrary to her past self, she didn’t snap or lose her patient, even emphasizing on showing her gratitude and even hoped for more guidance in the future. They did a little glare down, like somewhat in a challenging way. Yet it was hinting there might be some future relationship between the two aside from being co-stars?

Just when I thought I could get into Yu Jie’s character and see how she could be so picky and spoiled yet needed some wake up call for her to understand the importance of keeping good relationships with others, I just want to give up all together because of how she assumed Bi Ting was the fake type who was into deceiving rich guys. Sure, she was showing loyalty to her friend by saying those things and rooting for Shu Xin and Jun Jie, but it was just too much irony to think that Bi Ting was the flaky type when Shu Xin was the ‘flaky, manipulative’ one. Besides, she was also looking down on Bi Ting just because Bi Ting wasn’t the so-called ‘perfect’ type like her friend.

On the Yu Xiang front, it seemed like he was really concentrating on his work. At least until his ‘cute’ assistant let it known that she was ‘secretly in love with him’. How did he like it the other way around? (Aka he was the one being targeted instead of assuming and teasing Bi Ting about her ‘secret admiration’ for him.) Seriously, he honestly could twist the situation into his own advantage. Because when the assistant complimented him on his change (of how he was more polite and would show his appreciation for their help with a simple ‘thank you’) and insisted on liking him even more, he wasn’t even moved by it. He could still draw up some reasons as to her ‘sudden’ admiration for him and dismiss it as just a ‘temporary’ matter (aka she would eventually move on). (Tough luck! Look at her, all worshiping him, no way is she changing her mind anytime soon.) Yet it was indeed cute with how she interrupted him to tell him that the part with him ‘exaggerating on and on’ hadn’t changed. Despite his clever words, he was unable to entertain himself after the assistant left for the day. He was quite bored and finally understood why Master Ling loved to hide in the coffin and frighten visitors.

Back on the Bi Ting front, she succeeded in finding the address Jun Jie sent her. Upon entering the place, she called out several times but there was no response. Only a coffin opening to be exact. Two guesses who it was. Not frightened at all (for the time being, that was), Bi Ting called out to give him a chance to surrender before she stroke. Wait, if he was sneaking up behind her then who was the one in the coffin? It got even better for her nerves because he confessed that he just came back from somewhere and found the door ajar, thinking there was a thief inside so he entered to check it out. I swore it looked like he was putting her on yet he was even more scared but was still ‘kind’ enough to grab her hand to run out of there together, not abandoning her out of fear of the unknown. (But that was seriously funny though.) Never mind, he was really putting her on since I figured it around the time he pretended to be possessed by some unknown spirit. OMG, he was so going to get it when she finally found out that he was faking the ‘ghost’ thing. Since ‘the ghost’ did request for her to list three good traits of Yu Xiang to redeem himself. ‘The ghost’ went even further by forcing Bi Ting to accept that she ‘secretly admired him’ or Yu Xiang was dead for good. YUP, she used the old tactic with letting her shoe do the deed again. Yet he reminded her of the last time so she used her handbag to attack instead.

After she calmed down, she finally expressed her gratitude toward him for that one night with the awkward encounter with Shu Xin and all. Yet Yu Xiang was still pulling the card with her wanting to come see him and that she was still holding a torch for him hence wanting to use such a reason to come in the first place. She finally played along, stating that she ‘secretly admired him’. But she ended up staying quiet after that brief admittance, even he wasn’t used to it. (Except for that one time witnessing a touching moment between her and her mother and then the silent ride home afterward.) Hearing what Bi Ting said regarding Yu Xiang, it really got me thinking too. In fact, if everyone was like Yu Xiang, being able to say or do whatever without a care in the world, it would be so good. Not like her or others who have to think things through or assume matters. Seeing her so serious, Yu Xiang launched the whole ‘secret admiration’ thing once again, wanting to rile her up–instead of possibly having to deal with her sad, troubled face. Bi Ting once again told him off and walked away, leaving him standing there smiling and even admitting that she was actually quite cute. (YES, finally some signs of his acknowledgment. Even if it was nothing at this point but it was still a start of a turnaround for them. At least he saw her in a new light, instead of assuming she was just some ‘not worth mentioning girl’ like previously. Hey, she already listed his supposedly ‘good traits’ so it wasn’t like she was the type to just shrug him off as some ‘jerk’.)

Mystery solved. It was Ling Li Fa (Master Ling’s son) in the coffin earlier. He ended up confronting Yu Xiang when Yu Xiang returned from the meeting with Bi Ting earlier. Yu Xiang wasn’t the least bit scared when he was tapped on the shoulder. Seriously, it was getting old so it would be strange if he was that scared.

After a day of worrying and whatnot, Jun Jie was finally given a break with his business plan succeeded in persuading the panel of decision-makers. Yet he also received some sad news that Happiness Began would be closing soon, or more like transferring owners. When Jun Jie got home, Yu Xiang was already there working on something. What Yu Xiang said to Jun Jie was very true though, why leave Shu Xin hanging like that? Or was it like Jun Jie had confessed to Bi Ting previously with kind of using her connections to advance his career further? Because honestly, leaving her hanging like that was more torturous than telling her exactly what was going on. In a way, it was the pure reason why I’m not really in favor of such a character like Jun Jie, way too nice on the surface yet could be quite indecisive. Unlike Yu Xiang, who was more upfront and straightforward about what he wanted. To think back to what Shu Xin said earlier to Yu Jie, she wanted a man with a stable future, not a wanderer like Yu Xiang. Yu Xiang might as well abandon his dream of pursuing Shu Xin already and go for Bi Ting.

The next morning, Jun Jie was shocked yet not speechless when he spotted Yu Xiang already up and was eating at the kitchen counter. It was indeed a surprise since Jun Jie was usually the more hardworking one versus Yu Xiang the laid back one. Yu Xiang’s response? Didn’t want his father to be right about him.  It was a good enough reason and a surge of encouragement for him to push forward. Then Yu Jie also surprised Jun Jie by getting up early. Yet it wasn’t because of proving anything to her father, but she was up to catch Jun Jie before he walked out the door. Of course, it was none other than confronting Jun Jie about choosing Shu Xin over Bi Ting. (Though I got it that she was loyal to her friend, I didn’t agree with her principle in Shu Xin treating him so good that he should like her back. It was his fault in not clarifying matters before it got complicated, but it was a lame reason to say that ‘one should like someone just because that someone did so much for him/her’. And I’m so not just talking about this drama, but those principles being talked about in other dramas also.) And what in the world was Yu Jie ranting at? It was so stupid with her stating that Bi Ting was the third party when technically, Jun Jie and Shu Xin never even started dating yet. If anyone was the third party, it was Shu Xin–if Yu Jie wanted to go on such a scale with everyone at a stalemate at this point.

What Bi Ting said during the lunch date with Jun Jie made me like her character even more. Well, or more like starting to respect her more than actually just rooting for her and Yu Xiang because that was the supposed outcome. Her previous actions with secretly liking Jun Jie until recently made me feel like she was too silly at times. (But then it fitted with her falling in love and acting foolish at moments with daydreaming.) What she said to Jun Jie was how he should clarify his and Shu Xin’s relationship and/or situation before actually moving forward with his and her own matter. She even went on stating that the whole situation at this point made her feel like she was the third party. (YES, it was indeed a very uncomfortable feeling. This is why I’m starting to like Yu Xiang more and more, because of his outspoken nature.) Jun Jie was so stalling because he said he would clarify matters to Shu Xin when the appropriate time came. Bi Ting finally cornered him by asking: “To you, is career more important or love?” He still didn’t get it and asked her what she meant. And Bi Ting impressed me once again with her quick reaction. She tried to dodge out of it–or perhaps delay the matter even longer–by shrugging it off and telling him to pretend he didn’t hear her question. Yet his next words made her realized that she wasn’t listening to the answer when it was right in front of her. She didn’t need to ask, he didn’t answer her question yet had said that the meetup today was to celebrate for his success. (Too obvious he was choosing career. It wasn’t like it was wrong for people to choose their careers. But to sacrifice love and use others to his advantage? Perhaps he and Shu Xin were a good match in heaven all right–with the fake nature, exuding goodness and perfection. Or he didn’t get it? He so didn’t get it because he still thought everything was fine in paradise when Bi Ting excused herself to head back to the company–and even asked her if he could ask her out again in the future.) I actually was quite proud of Bi Ting (once again) for walking away like that and not be so blind with accepting his words and then crying like a pathetic girl in the future. (Aka she was acknowledging the reality of it all and didn’t want more backlash from others when things were still so ambiguous between him and Shu Xin.)

Not sure if I should take back Yu Xiang’s points or not. But because of the pressure and how his path kept being cut, he finally agreed to his father’s rival’s terms and decided to go work for the opposite side. Was it really the doings of his father’s commands or were the other employees using this opportunity to severe his path in general without the old man knowing? It didn’t matter because Yu Xiang was already on a roll, even disclosing the plan with Jun Jie while they were exercising. Yu Xiang went a step further by exaggerating that the next person to which their father was striking was Jun Jie. That didn’t scare him–or did it?

So the day come when Shu Xin have to sign over the company to its new owner. Two guesses who came to oversee the paperwork signing process. Yes, Yu Xiang. Was Shu Xin surprised or what? But Yu Xiang was more surprised that she was willing to let go of ‘her baby’ for his brother. After a little round of teasing, Shu Xin wanted to introduce him to all the employees there. Yet he was fine with taking a tour by himself. Upon his departure, a mischievous smile was apparent. Again, it was a trademark by this time that he was ready to tease Bi Ting more than ever.  The comical act ensued when Xiao Q rushed to inform Bi Ting of their new boss yet it was Bi Ting’s fault this time for not wanting to hear anything regarding to the Lai family’s situation. She had no idea that she was getting off on a bad start with their new boss. It wasn’t until one of the other employees came to inform Yu Xiang Shu Xin wanted to talk to him that Bi Ting finally realized she’d dug a really big hole for herself. Bi Ting wasn’t the only one though since Shen Xin Ru was also mocking Yu Xiang earlier, taking it out on him that she was given false hope about the supposed promotion. It was both cute and funny that Bi Ting was smiling like insane at him now, like acting super friendly instead of the hostility exuded earlier. (Love the scriptwriters for this move. Not that it would be a plus point for Bi Ting in the long run with her career, but it was more like seeing them together even more at work.) That was hilarious with the three girls lashing out at one another after Yu Xiang was out of sight already.

After the side catfight and the embarrassment, they were finally able to meet their new boss, Gao You Da. That was a priceless moment when he introduced himself, everyone stared. His name couldn’t be more contradictory to his look. Even so, Bi Ting and Xiao Q were pushing it with their commentary of the new boss’ words. Another priceless moment was when he complimented Yu Xiang for being ‘handsome’ yet Yu Xiang could still ‘learn from him’. No one laughed when the boss left. They were indeed good at holding it in. (Oooh, so Yu Xiang’s special assistant’s name was Yang Min Ling.) Yet Xiao Q was still able to compliment Yu Xiang’s handsomeness at this time? That caused Bi Ting’s glare. But that was cut short, announcing the end of the episode.