True Love 365: Episode 11

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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The episode continued with the usual 411 with Yu Xiang. He was telling them the changes in the new company and how they were going to be affected, who was going to be assigned to what department. The usual steps they have to go through when businesses get changed. They were already lucky that their jobs were still secured. At least at this stage. But the memorable moment of the whole meeting this time was after Yu Xiang was done talking, he approached Bi Ting and stopped in front of her, flashing out his usual teasing smile, causing jealousy from others nearby. They had no idea what game both were playing.

As news traveled through the ‘gossip fields’, Jun Jie and Shu Xin were sitting around talking about Yu Xiang’s latest move (aka collaborating with Mr. Gao). To think that Jun Jie was saying he was surprised that Yu Xiang would take such actions, I don’t know what to say about him at all at this point. Well, for both of them actually. They could make their moves to advance their careers/love life YET was judging Yu Xiang’s move? Wow, really? (NOT trying to stomp on them on purpose here, but I swear it proved even more that the packaging on the outside is always so misleading. At least Yu Xiang had been upfront about stuff that he wanted, just up to them whether they take him serious or not.) But I guess they shouldn’t gossip about other people’s life much since Jun Jie and his pal, Xue Ming, had more crucial things to take care of. (Side-Note: It was interesting how Xue Ming had pointed out that he and Shu Xin shared the same last name during their first meeting. Hinting much? LOL…)

On lighter note, or not so lighter note, the first official meeting of the new company had finally commenced. With Yu Xiang still being mean and arrogant yet he wasn’t going off-topic with the discussions. (But to get random, wow, Yu Xiang was really surrounded by the girl population, whether beauty or not, still felt like he was the emperor all right, lol.) Yu Xiang’s plan got everyone’s face longer and longer. Even if he was right with mixing everything into the package and expanding their business, but that was too much. Even the arrogant Shen Xin Ru couldn’t say anything. And even if he was right, only to some extent, since they had pointed out, how could anyone discuss those matters during the happiest moment of their life? And omg, I thought Yu Xiang was only being mean to Bi Ting, but he didn’t even spare Shen Xin Ru of an embarrassing moment. She actually brought it onto herself by trying to kiss up. Back on track, I sort of find it cute that he always looked at Bi Ting after some meeting event or sending her secret signs–even if they were supposedly at work. That caused Xiao Q to stare at Bi Ting, wondering if something was indeed up with them. (Even if Xiao Q knew too well of Bi Ting and Jun Jie’s situation.)

Back on the Jun Jie front, he was like Yu Xiang at this point, trying to seek out some answers. He had to swallow back some pride and go back to his father’s company. Not to apologize and take back his job though. But more like trying to investigate into the matter of how all his projects were now belonging to his father’s company. Or more like regardless of future projects, including the current one. Again, I wonder if it was really his father commanding other departments to take action or that certain ‘friend’ had done it on his own to cut off their paths. Sure, it started with their parents, but did someone take advantage of the situation to mix in their own batch of dramas?

That night, at Sam Brunch, Sam was being overworked because Tian Cheng had taken Xiao Die out. Poor Sam. I can’t blame him for chasing Yu Jie, Yu Xiang, and Jun Jie out. If they can’t help, they would only distract from his work while they chattered on. Tian Cheng still had the nerve to criticize the lack of the ‘welcome’? It was his fault that Sam had to take charge of the whole situation. YUP, poor Sam fainted and Tian Cheng still had time to brag?

Back at home, or more like back at their uncle’s place, Yu Xiang and Yu Jie were talking about their latest luck. Of course, squeezing in some banter as well. And like before, the scene at Sam Brunch repeated itself, with the three siblings walking in all excited–one after another to announce their good news. Yet this time, the fight was between the three of them. At least until their uncle couldn’t stand their arrogance (mostly Yu Xiang) anymore and had to enter the house to tell them off. Of course, that also included some lecturing time for all three, mostly Yu Xiang though. Only Yu Jie was able to get past their uncle’s ranting since she managed to persuade him otherwise and he finally went upstairs, unlike the other two who had to run off on their own.

So the next day, Tian Cheng finally decided to employ new ‘help’? Since he was conducting interviews at Sam Brunch while his uncle drooled over some girls. (Poor the girls, this could call for harassment.) At the same time, Jun Jie was also celebrating at the company with Shu Xin, Xue Ming, and other shareholders. Apparently, this was supposed to be ‘hush-hush’ from Yi Ru, so it can’t be good. Was Tian Cheng turning this place into some nightclub instead of the usual cafe? Yet as the day dragged on and on with their interviews, I didn’t feel as sorry for some of the girls, especially those who purposely flaunt their stuff in front of those two perverts. Like they could hide it from Yi Ru since she walked in later and confronted Tian Cheng. Lucky for the uncle, he wasn’t around at the moment. (But even if he was, he would have dodged out of it in no time.)

On the Jun Jie front, he could no longer dodge from Shu Xin since she invited him in for coffee that night. (Coffee isn’t ‘coffee’ in the middle of the night. God, they just have to ruin coffee like that.) And then Jun Jie had the nerve to be ambiguous again, trying to delay the answer, especially how he brought up the topic of his new company just taking off with the project, etc. (She was indeed so forward with her style and I thought it was daring yet I still don’t feel right that he was deceiving her. Or was her refusal to believe he would like Bi Ting the catalyst for her downfall? Yet she couldn’t lose in the end, so not possible?) I swear Jun Jie’s so playing with fire. (She sounded crazier than ever.) Somehow, Jun Jie managed to dodge from the situation completely (via Xue Ming’s oh so convenient call in the middle of the night to discuss matters) and went out shopping for a new watch. He was indeed celebrating his latest victory. Yet was that too early of a celebration?

While stating that he had some business to take care of and Shu Xin should rest, Jun Jie didn’t stop with his watch purchase as a sign of celebration for his new achievement. He went further by going over to Bi Ting’s house and sought her out to celebrate with him, sharing the moment. It was indeed different from when he tried to wing it through with Shu Xin. (It still gave him no right to use her like that though.)  After some encouragement from Bi Ting for him to continue accepting new challenges, it was revealed that he didn’t just buy one watch. It was a pair. (It made sense though.) It was so priceless that Jun Jie got interrupted at the most important moment. (Hey, he did bail out on Shu Xin with some excuse regarding a business call. It was only right that karma went right back. It was really Xue Ming calling at an incidental time and I’m not siding with Shu Xin, but I’m still mad that he didn’t clarify matters with Shu Xin, kept stringing her along and trying to secure his business connections.) How convenient it was that Shu Xin called too. Well, it would make sense it was about business but in the middle of the night? Trying to test the water? These people were making me laugh too much with their schemes. And I will forgive Bi Ting this time for believing Jun Jie wasn’t so fussy anymore, because she was seriously in the dark and had no idea that he was still stringing Shu Xin along.

Another day and they were having breakfast at Sam Brunch again. Yet there was some good news to share, mostly Yu Jie’s popularity rising after her collaboration with Long Tian Xing. But there were also awkward moments. Luckily, someone shut Yu Jie up before she could go on and on about Shu Xin again. Well, when the focus was on her career, of course she would gladly switch topics. The course of the conversation soon turned routine with their uncle’s bragging and each one of them leaving to start another day at work, except for Tian Cheng of course since he was already working.

And even more good news greeted Jun Jie that day as he went to meet with Pi Shu to sort out the so-called misunderstanding. It seemed like the man had managed to score some deals for Jun Jie and he was more than glad. Yet I don’t like the look on the man’s face because he apparently was up to something. After all, their father was still on his trip so he wouldn’t be around to know of the current situation. Who knew if Pi Jing Ye had passed the words along to the father or he was just putting on his own show. (Or I’m just plain to suspicious of the whole situation. It’s just too weird. The look on Pi Jing Ye’s face after Jun Jie left was super suspicious also.)

As Jun Jie fled to Bi Ting’s company to tell her the latest good news, Yu Xiang stepped into the picture once again. Though I was slightly touched that he said he wanted to tell Bi Ting first, still haven’t forgiven him. (Since he was able to outright tell Yu Jie off and how her connection to Shu Xin wasn’t so yet he was still stringing Shu Xin on and using her.) Gotta love Yu Xiang for keep sabotaging them. (Yeah, in a mean way but it was his place after all so it made sense he was walking around. Just like when Shu Xin was there, it was up to her benefit to stalk them.) That was so funny that Yu Xiang was saying the words that Bi Ting said earlier regarding how there were too many people around this place, etc. (He had no idea since he was just teasing them, but it was funny how things turned out.)

Moving back to the Tian Cheng front, it was so cute that he was taking Xiao Die out again. And somewhat hilarious that Tian Cheng was jealous of Guan Shi Cong. He refused to let Xiao Die accept gifts from the guy. (It reminded me of what their uncle said, how Yi Ru and Tian Cheng were already divorced, did Tian Cheng expect Yi Ru to stay single for the rest of her life?) So cute that Xiao Die was feeding him priceless information without realizing it. It was indeed eating Tian Cheng inside that someone was acting intimate with Yi Ru. Yet he couldn’t just get all riled up in front of his cute daughter. It was cute how he finally convinced her to only accept his gifts, not others.

On Yu Jie’s side, she was out shopping with Shu Xin again. Or was just using that excuse to chat up a storm and celebrate over Yu Jie’s latest success in her career. After some more boring girl talk between them, they part ways because Shu Xin was called back to work on the latest case with Jun Jie. Yet the juiciest part of the scene must be Long Tian Xing being stalked by the paparazzi and then Yu Jie used that opportunity to stalk him as well. Long Tian Xing was with an older woman and it seemed like a field day for the paparazzi. (Yet I think that was either his mom or some other family member.) Yu Jie though quite pro with her stalking technique, somehow, lost him along the way. (Tough luck. Just admit she like him already.)

Talking about luck, Bi Ting’s day wasn’t going as well as she had expected. Or perhaps she already expected the worse because of how she tried to squeeze in Yu Xiang’s little proposal and managed to score herself one less customer. Indeed, it was like the others had said at the meeting, no one in their right mind would agree to such a proposal on their supposedly blissful event, even if there was some added benefits. But Bi Ting wasn’t discouraged, still trying to keep her spirits high, not wanting to give up. She couldn’t anyway–unless she wanted to search for a new job.

Oh, I was wrong. Luck wasn’t so cruel to Yu Jie since she managed to find the older woman and had a chat with her. Indeed she was Long Tian Xing’s mother. The paparazzi would be in for a good laugh this time (aka people laughing at them). So it was Yu Jie who told them about the paparazzi following them and that was why Long Tian Xing managed to leave first and divert attention from his mother. Yu Jie had definitely scored some points with both mother and son this time. (Or would Long Tian Xing just treat this as celebs looking out for one another and nothing more?)

Back on the Bi Ting front, Yu Xiang was definitely fuming. Well, almost there since he was checking their progress for that day and it seemed like Bi Ting’s luck was really running low. But the girls did tell him during the meeting already. He didn’t listen. And how in the world did Shen Xin Ru get one? She must be mad good with her persuasive skills. Gotta give her that. No wonder she was so arrogant, she had some major skills to back herself up.

And we don’t have a chance to hear Yu Xiang scold the poor girls since that was the end of the episode.

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