True Love 365: Episode 14

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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Mrs. Lai finally launched an investigation as to what was really going on within the family. Or more specifically, what was really going on with Jun Jie and Yu Xiang’s current plans that had caused her husband to be so furious. The first candidate to ask? Her brother, Yang Bo Wen. (I swear that was more legit than asking someone at the person who didn’t even live with them.) Yet the most hilarious thing was how Yang Bo Wen had no idea what was going on with the two ‘kids’. (But I swore he was right, come on now, he was babysitting?) So after unable to extract information from her ‘useless’ brother, Mrs. Lai stormed off, stating that she was better off relying on herself.

As the next scene came forth, the answer to my question about Yu Xiang’s plan of taking Bi Ting to Paris was answered. No, he was not doing that. He was using Jun Jie’s name to order those tickets and have them delivered to Jun Jie’s company–with the intention of patching things up between Jun Jie and Bi Ting. (I swore that was a shocker. And I’m not ashamed of admitting that I didn’t see it coming. Based on Yu Xiang’s many arrogant and spoiled attitude in the past, it wasn’t too much to assume that he would take aggressive actions.) Yu Xiang’s only downfall was not able to see how Shu Xin had stepped in and claimed she was Bi Ting to accept the tickets on Jun Jie’s behalf. After the delivery man left, Shu Xin was forced to reminisce back about Bi Ting’s biggest dream about going to Paris and pursuing further education. It was only until then that Shu Xin felt shattered and cried out. That was also when Jun Jie came back. A confrontation soon ensued with Shu Xin confessing that she knew about Jun Jie and Bi Ting’s relationship, but she had pretended not to, etc. Yet she had tested Jun Jie first about how she wanted to go back to Singapore to start over–and insisted Jun Jie go with her. Right around the time that he said he didn’t want to give up this company that she snapped, stating that it wasn’t the reason why he wanted to stay. She even told him how she had accepted the plane tickets for him. Jun Jie, of course, had no idea what was going on. (For once and not faking it.) Shu Xin, unable to take it anymore, confessed all her doings in an attempt to break Jun Jie and Bi Ting apart, no longer caring that he knew what she’d done. And omg, for once, I felt so sorry for Shu Xin too. After all that was said and how she had repeated many times that because she loved him, he still asked why she did all those sabotage schemes? Despite all that was said and done, I must agree with Shu Xin that Jun Jie knew both she and Bi Ting liked him, why he kept hesitating, not making a decision? She nailed it with saying that he was using her connections to help with his career; and though she didn’t mind all of those, still hoping one day he would be touched and that he realized she was more suitable for him, BUT he was still keeping things so ambiguous with the both of them. (She seriously should just dump him and find someone else. There would be no drama BUT come on now, even I’m feeling bad for her.) So Shu Xin finally decided to return to Singapore alone, storming off altogether and Jun Jie was left behind, trying to explain still. (I swear it didn’t matter with this time’s plane tickets misunderstanding since he kept dodging and lying to her so it wouldn’t matter if he got misunderstood this time.)

And as Jun Jie finally chased after Shu Xin, she was gone. (God, she was seriously a good runner. But she had some martial arts background so it made sense she was fit.) Jun Jie was actually met with that Bi Jing Ye and Gao You Da out front. (YES, I guessed right again. Those two were really in it together with the schemes.) It was disclosed by Bi Jing Ye to Jun Jie that Gao You Da was the one who was willing to help Jun Jie out with the hard situation he was in at that point. Apparently, Gao You Da was willing to help–on some conditions. (No surprise, he wasn’t going to toss some money down the drain just like that.) Anyway, Bi Jing Ye jumped in to talk about the Lai family’s company and the big ‘pie’ involved (aka all shareholders and its stocks, etc). It was also revealed that Bi Jing Ye had already acquired two of the biggest shares from Charmain Wang and Chairman Yan. (Cue, suspense music around then.) Yes, at this point, Bi Jing Ye was the most influential person because it was up to him if Charmain Lai could still hold that position. Though he soon assured Jun Jie that if he had wanted to be chairman, he wouldn’t wait until now–and that he was planning something bigger than that. So to get to the main point, if Jun Jie wanted Gao You Da to help him with buying out all the ‘bad’ lands that the other clients bailed out on, he must sign a certain piece of document. (Nice and easy, right? Yeah right… But at this point, Jun Jie didn’t have a choice if he wanted to ‘pursue his dream’ and prove to the world he could do it.)

That night, Shu Xin called up Yu Jie to say that she was going back to Singapore the next day and would contact Yu Jie afterward. However, Yu Jie went into one of her ‘Bi Ting being the hateful third party’ rants again. Though super annoying with her not knowing the whole story, it proved that in real life, stories/recounts like these would end up influencing the overall story. And that people often support one side blindly without caring for a full version. (I do understand that’s showing support for friends BUT it’s the other side of making situations worse and slandering others’ reputation just because of a distorted picture of the story.)

So round two was up with Bi Jing Ye’s schemes as Jun Jie probably already signed the document, because Bi Jing Ye rushed into Charmain Lai’s office to tell about an important piece of information. Yup, Jun Jie sold them out. Or more like one of their big cases got passed onto Gao You Da. Chairman Lai, being hot-headed that he was, immediately wanted to open a press conference (or something like that) and severe the connections with his sons. Yet Mrs. Lai interfered and told him to calm down while she tracked out the two ‘kids’ to sort things out. (Good idea, why didn’t anyone think of that one first?)

That night, at home, or more like at Yang Bo Wen’s resident, the fight finally began. Or was that a continuation from last time that they didn’t finish yet? Before that though, Yang Bo Wen had arranged a meeting with Jun Jie and Yu Xiang as they walked in. Even if he had claimed with his sister that he wasn’t their babysitter, but he was part of the family after all, so how could he not investigate the matters, right? So, how did the fight began? It started with Jun Jie saying things that seemed to imply he wasn’t part of the Lai family. Then Yu Xiang finally snapped after being called a hypocrite. (Wow, really? Like Jun Jie was any better in the ‘honesty’ department. In fact, Yu Xiang was more outspoken, even if overly confidence bordering the arrogant side at times.) And despite the fact that they were arguing over who was right or wrong and whether Yu Xiang was plotting to snatch Bi Ting away from Jun Jie or not, they still managed to yell for their uncle not to interfere. Yet what fused the situation, even more, was Yang Bo Wen taking Yu Xiang’s side since Jun Jie’s supposedly “unveiling of Yu Xiang’s schemes” seemed too outrageous, even if Yang Bo Wen had scolded Yu Xiang previously–if the initial part was true. So Yu Xiang finally said what he wanted to say OR more like in the heat of the moment, he said he didn’t want to see Bi Ting together with such a person like Jun Jie. That had ignited Jun Jie’s anger, even more, leading to Yu Xiang receiving the first blow. Yang Bo Wen had reacted too late, but he was soon trying to separate the two. Even if Yang Bo Wen knew Wing Chun, he couldn’t handle two fuming guys at the same time. Yu Jie finally entered the scene and blurted out that it was enough already that he had hurt Shu Xin, now he was hitting his own brother as well. So Jun Jie was definitely feeling inferior to their family (aka Bi Jing Ye had hit the right spot) or whatever, but he finally said that Yu Xiang and Yu Jie were definitely siblings–and that he wouldn’t want to stay in the same house as them anymore. Yu Xiang had yelled out that he didn’t want to stay in the same place with such a hypocrite like Jun Jie anyway, and that he didn’t want to see Jun Jie again. (We’ll see how long that one last.) The conclusion? Yang Bo Wen sucked big time with being the peacemaker. Even if the argument would take place sooner or later anyway, it still showed they were definitely having issues to allow Bi Jing Ye and Gao You Da to manipulate their lives. Yang Bo Wen’s version of the whole fight? They weren’t teaming up to go against their father, they were fighting over a girl. (True to some extent, but it had to do with Bi Jing Ye and Gao You Da’s manipulation as well. Wish they would see that faster though.)

Round 3 began the next day when Yu Xiang opened up a certain package that had pictures of his father carrying a kid, and some related pictures with the same kid. It seemed like an extramarital affair? Even Yu Xiang knew his father was in deep water this time. Meanwhile, Yu Jie met up with Mrs. Lai at the Lai resident to play catch up and how Yu Jie’s career was finally taking off since she was more serious about her work now. The main point was finally discussed because Mrs. Lai went into mentioning about scheduling a meeting with the two brothers to sort things out. Yet Yu Jie said she would talk more next time, claiming work commitments. Mrs. Lai teased her daughter for falling for the leading actor before Yu Jie left. But that wasn’t the earth-shattering moment, because the earth-shattering moment arrived with a special delivery package for Mrs. Lai. She got a similar package as Yu Xiang’s. Before Mrs. Lai could comprehend the whole situation, Jun Jie was seen opening a similar package at his company. Then he was ranting about something like he finally understood. (HUH?) Still, the scene moved to the Lai’s business building, specifically Chairman Lai’s office. Bi Jing Ye had entered and informed Chairman Lai he was done preparing, etc. Chairman Lai soon confronted Bi about how a piece of certain information had been leaked. And Bi Jing Ye soon diverted the whole thing toward Mrs. Lai, claiming she might have been responsible. It was no surprise he was targeting Mrs. Lai since she was too smart for her own good. He had to eliminate her to forgo his plans. But anyway, the paper included in the package was a DNA test. (So it would make sense that Bi Jing Ye said Mrs. Lai might have investigated the matter.) No wonder Bi Jing Ye said he didn’t have to be chairman, it was too fun manipulating the chairman at the moment anyway.

Back at the Lai resident, Mrs. Lai was doing her own investigation with the help of Jin Gang. As Mrs. Lai was preparing to leave and ‘deal with the situation’, Yu Xiang and Yang Bo Wen also had a meetup. It seemed like that Yang Bo Wen also received the package the others had gotten. But as they were on their way, Chairman Lai was seen getting out of a Taxi nearby. Though Yu Xiang had seen to be the calmest upon receiving the package, his reaction when spotting his father had said it all. So their destination was actually the Lai resident since this was the outside view so it was not that easy to spot at first. As Jin Gang drove Mrs. Lai out of there, the other three tried to stop her. Yang Bo Wen attempted to talk Mrs. Lai out of leaving by stating all the irrationality of it all and it was probably a trap, listing all the reasons why that ‘woman’ wouldn’t be someone Chairman Lai would be interested in. Indifference to their pleas, Mrs. Lai told Jin Gang to drive, stating that if he started to drive, they would move out of the way. Well, it was that or she would fire him. Yet Jin Gang stated that his job was to protect people, not harm them so he would rather be fired. Having no choice, Mrs. Lai stepped out of the car and was forced to hear Chairman Lai’s mushy pleas. She asked if he was trying to act out an 8’oclock drama (LOL). Not being able to turn down his wife’s request, Chairman Lai finally stepped out of the way. As it was, Yu Xiang soon followed, calling to his uncle. Yang Bo Wen, not wanting to be isolated, told Chairman Lai goodbye before taking leave as well.

As coincidental as it was, Mrs. Lai was going to the airport. Shu Xin came into the scene and was seen sitting next to Mrs. Lai on the other side of a booth. Shu Xin’s sigh had caught Mrs. Lai’s attention and both parties turned around to spot each other. And they were indeed proving the phrase ‘misery loves company’ true since they were in similar situations, except Shu Xin was leaving an unhappy place to go home while Mrs. was leaving her supposed home.

Soon, Chairman Lai called for a meeting with the rest of the family members. Yang Bo Wen and Yu Xiang came together. As Yang Bo Wen pondered what the meeting was about, Yu Xiang said it probably had to do with Mrs. Lai because there wasn’t anything else that important at this point to call for a meeting. Tian Cheng soon showed up, but still no Yu Jie. Yu Jie showed up several seconds later as Tian Cheng clarified that he had already called her and she should be on her way. Yu Jie was pondering why he knew she was coming and Tian Cheng replied with how Yu Jie’s footsteps were so loud, it would be impossible not to know. The only person not present was actually Jun Jie–though Tian Cheng had already messaged him. Bi Jing Ye appeared at that time, escorting them into the meeting location. They soon found out it wasn’t a meeting with the chairman to find their mother as Yu Xiang had previously guessed. They were actually in a meeting with the board of shareholders. Chairman Lai soon arrived with Jin Gang in toll. So everyone received the ‘helpful information package’, not just the Lai family. Chairman Lai soon launched into explaining to everyone what happened. The side commentaries from Yang Bo Wen and Tian Cheng didn’t help move things forward either. The look from Yu Xiang did shut Yang Bo Wen up though, and Yu Jie had to stop Tian Cheng. (So who was it that just told Yu Xiang to behave out front earlier?) After the explanation and apologizing to everyone, including his kids, Chairman Lai was faced with questions from both Tian Cheng and Yu Xiang. Yet Bi Jing Ye interfered, not allowing Yu Xiang to blurt out what Chairman Lai had supposedly done in an attempt to ‘mold them into better persons’, because those weren’t even what Chairman Lai had in mind. Of course, Bi Jing Ye would be nuts not to stop Yu Xiang from bringing some details into light, explaining clearly more why he and Jun Jie were in the current state, even seeking out the enemies for help. Bi Jing Ye, being sinister that he was, cleverly used himself as a gamble, stating that he was the one who’d issued all orders so it had nothing to do with the chairman. Yet Chairman Lai fell right into his trap, stating that Bi Jing Ye was only doing what he was told, and even stating he knew everything about the ‘plans’. (Really? It was harder and harder to believe that he had managed such a successful business all these years.) When Yu Xiang wanted to explain that he didn’t steal the ‘client list’, Yang Bo Wen had stopped him. (Though Yang Bo Wen’s intention was to get Yu Xiang to calm down so things wouldn’t turn into a much worse situation, not like Bi Jing Ye’s agenda.) And the final statement from the chairman: handing all powers to Bi Jing Ye. (Did anyone see that coming? Yeah, sarcasm here. People must be nuts to think that Bi Jing Ye wasn’t after power.)

Back at Yang Bo Wen’s house, they all came back with much-troubled faces. Yet Jun Jie was seen indifference, claiming he was moving out. While Yang Bo Wen interrogated Jun Jie, Yu Xiang–in his worst mood–had his own interpretation of matters. Yu Xiang soon blurted out that Jun Jie didn’t even care that he had hurt two people who loved him dearly, so how could he care about their parents’ well-being. And Tian Cheng was still able to take a jab at their uncle during such a time? (He was asking why Jun Jie was taking after their uncle’s bad habits, lol.) Things escalated as Yu Jie blurted out that the others should just let Jun Jie leave, and that she didn’t want to be his sister if he didn’t care for them. Yu Xiang added more oil to the blazing fire by stating that he didn’t want to be associated with someone so cold-blooded, so selfish, etc. Jun Jie finally left after having the last word. Yu Jie soon followed but it wasn’t because of some unreasonable, stubbornness moment. She actually wanted to seek their father out to accompany him while their mother wasn’t around. Yang Bo Wen for once looked proud at one of the ‘kids’ for a mature moment.

Meanwhile, on the Bi Ting front, Jun Jie came to her company to seek her out, wanting to chat. As Jun Jie tried to explain, Bi Ting brushed him off, stating that it had already passed and it wasn’t important anyway. She soon clarified that she had been thinking these past days and accepted that they were two people from two different worlds. Jun Jie thought that she was still mad hence the ‘cool’ talk, but she stated that he shouldn’t ‘force’ himself into doing these things. Yet he stated she wasn’t forcing him. Then he got right to the point, asking if it was because of Yu Xiang. She clarified that she and Yu Xiang were just co-workers and friends, nothing more. He then said if it was so, then give him a chance to explain before she decided. As they were walking out of the place, Yu Xiang and Min Ling were seen walking together. Min Ling soon spotted Bi Ting and Jun Jie hence calling Yu Xiang’s attention to them. Correction, it seemed like Jun Jie was still chasing Bi Ting down in an attempt for a chance to talk while Min Ling was still trying to figure out who the other guy was. Yu Xiang (of course knew who it was) blurted out that Bi Ting was right in ignoring him (the guy)–and that Min Ling should take note. (LOL) Yet Min Ling had pointed out that they seemed so happy together thus causing Yu Xiang’s good moods to turn 180 degrees. Min Ling directed her attention to Yu Xiang again, realizing he looked terrible and questioned him. He claimed he indeed was feeling uneasy, and she then teased him about his jealousy. He sure was getting riled up. Was this leading to some future sabotage scene? At this rate, I welcome it whole-heartedly since I’m like not caring about Jun Jie’s happiness anymore. (It was his fault for hurting both girls. It was their choice to like him, but his fault for kept playing the ‘ambiguous’ card. And all the crap with his career could only go so far as an excuse for his behavior.)

At a fancy restaurant, Jun Jie was asking Bi Ting’s opinion of the place. She said he didn’t have to bring her there since the place wasn’t as important as the person she was with. Yet he claimed it was a compensation for her birthday celebration. (Okay, his explanation with Shu Xin kissing him first didn’t slide with me. At least from an audience’s point of view so can’t blame Bi Ting. But like seriously? He had promised to kiss her. It was an attempt to send her off but still a tactic that he was willing to pull.) When Bi Ting said that she believed him but that misunderstanding had changed their relationship, etc. Jun Jie jumped in to say that he had already explained to Shu Xin clearly. (Again, really? Shu Xin had to do all the ‘outburst’ herself and told him in the face that she was leaving, he didn’t say anything in that nature.) Again, the story perspective matters major time. From Jun Jie’s point of view, he was the hero; from Yu Jie’s point of view, Bi Ting was the witch that hurt her friend; and Bi Ting and Shu Xin both lost–regardless. After a silent moment, Jun Jie asked Bi Ting for another chance. While it seemed like Bi Ting wanted to cave in, she soon withdrew her hand from Jun Jie’s–at least tried to. She outright told him (again) that their problem didn’t lie with Shu Xin. She indeed nailed it again (like how Shu Xin said those things to Jun Jie when she confronted him). Bi Ting finally said it–after some hesitation–that their problem had to do with him. He recovered quickly and told Bi Ting that he knew it was his fault for not making the decision hence causing her pain yet he promised to never let it happen again. Bi Ting had to ‘clarify’ things even more by saying that his career was always #1 and that she would have to take a second seat. It didn’t matter if Shu Xin already left, there would be another one down the road. He needed a person who could advance his career, not her. As he was letting things sink in, Bi Ting finally succeeded in withdrawing her hand from his. Jun Jie was really a master of his game (more than some people would give him credit for it) since he soon told Bi Ting that his sole purpose of working so hard was so he could prove that he wasn’t a young master but could rely on himself and could have his own world (aka wanting to be able to provide and protect the person he loved). Then he asked Bi Ting for another chance, grabbing onto her hand again. She was indeed wavering and said she didn’t know since he never told her those things before. So now Jun Jie was really playing the ‘third party’ card. (Really? I don’t know why I’m surprised.) He was asking her if it was Yu Xiang. She didn’t answer him yet asked why he kept driving that point. They were definitely playing ping pong here since he didn’t answer either but asked why she didn’t promise (to give him another chance). (NICE….so he couldn’t take it that other people have choices too to choose him or not yet it was all right that he chose?) Bi Ting politely said that she wanted to think it over since a lot of things had happened recently. She asked him to give her a little more time. Of course, he was willing to wait.

So Bi Ting, instead of thinking things on her own, went to the park the next morning and talked to her tree instead. Yu Xiang soon walked up to her and scolded her for talking to a tree. Eh…wait, who was the one who gave her that tree anyway? Why did he have to be so mean? (LOL) And like she wanted to talk to the tree, Xiao Q wasn’t around. (“We’re not acting in an idol drama.” <- He said that with a straight face? LOL!) Anyway, before they knew it, they were arguing over the name of the tree. How random but not so out of characters since it wouldn’t be them if they didn’t argue over things like that. How did the whole confronting him with eavesdropping turned into the name of the tree? OMG, he was feeling bad for the tree to have to deal with Bi Ting’s problems? (LOL) Oy, it was getting too personal. Well, he called her stupid first. Okay, she stormed off after blurting out some random reason why anyone was better than Ji Che Nan (機車男) for that matter.

As Jun Jie finally signed his soul away to Gao You Da, Chen Guo Long was seen walking into the company, ordering Bi Ting to make tea while he headed to Yu Xiang’s office for round 2 of their showdown. Chen Guo Long was definitely enjoying himself as he tried to pick on Yu Xiang and his ‘hare brain’ ideas. Before Yu Xiang could do a counter-attack, Bi Ting knocked on the door and brought in Chen Guo Long’s tea. She accidentally on purpose tripped and spilled the tea on Chen Guo Long thus causing the latter to rush out screaming. And before they knew it, Bi Ting and Yu Xiang were slapping each other high fives. They were a team all right. And the awkwardness didn’t settle in until after the high five. Outside, Bi Ting finally felt that ‘special’ heartbeat that she confided to her tree earlier. It was definitely scaring her that it was because of Yu Xiang.

On the Jun Jie front, he was moving into a new place yet it seemed like not really since there was a family photo of the Lai family once upon a time. And the phone call from Bi Jing Ye confirmed so since Jun Jie wished to find a place of his own in the future. After that call, Jun Jie called up Bi Ting to chat. Bi Ting was having her strange expression on, like she was testing herself? Anyway, Jun Jie was asking her if she was free that day and she said she had to work overtime. (How did he like to be on the receiving end, right?) And what did he do? He asked if Yu Xiang was nearby. (What? Well, okay, he was but it was because he was sneaking up on her again, NOT because he was the influence for her decision. Okay, that was partially it but he didn’t directly tell her to stay behind, etc.) Nice comeback. Min Ling was really funny too since she was as sneaky as her boss, not letting in that she was also spying on Bi Ting. The priceless look on Bi Ting’s face when she realized that both Yu Xiang and Min Ling had been listening in.

Back at the Lai resident, Yang Bo Wen was being bullied by his brother-in-law. Chairman Lai, surprisingly, wasn’t asking about if Yang Bo Wen knew of Mrs. Lai’s whereabouts. He was interrogating Yang Bo Wen if the latter had leaked out the information. And what? Yang Bo Wen also had a secret? What about that needed to be concealed? And they were back to Yang Bo Wen comforting him and telling him not to cry. It was indeed pitiful seeing Chairman Lai like that. Yet Yang Bo Wen indeed was smart like his sister. He was questioning the chairman if he had told anyone else aside from Yang Bo Wen and Bi Jing Ye of the secret. And then he managed to narrow it down to other ‘woman’ blurting it out to her son and then the son might have accidentally blurted it out somewhere else hence his enemies know and catastrophe unleash. Not a bad theory. After Yang Bo Wen was done playing the blame game, he was confronted by the chairman as of his sister’s whereabouts. It was about time. And Yang Bo Wen managed to narrow it down as to where his sister would be, considering how he wasn’t in contact with her. So the guessing game began, but was he on the right track?

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