True Love 365: Episode 15

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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Another meeting with Chairman Gao You Da among the new staff to show the results of the past days and proved to him that Yu Xiang’s plan wasn’t just rubbish. However, he had already made up his mind, it didn’t matter if Yu Xiang’s ideas were good or not. Though hectic, but the funniest part was how Gao You Da was disclosing of his intention to sell the place off at a high price and then be done with, Yu Xiang was asking why wasn’t he informed and the former actually apologized before realizing he was the boss and didn’t need to tell Yu Xiang anything. He soon recovered but still a priceless moment.

As fate would have it, Yang Bo Wen managed to discover another secret among all the secrets around town that were waiting to be discovered. He actually managed to run across Guan Shi Cong and pretended to not see the latter at first. (Clever move because what he was about to do suggest that he should take caution and not act too suspicious like he was around to extract information.) What was Guan’s secret? He was actually quite a player and wasn’t any better than Tian Cheng yet he pretended to be all ‘role model’ type in front of others, especially Yi Ru–who he was currently pursuing. OMG, I never liked Yang Bo Wen as much as now. (Actually, despite his perverted moments, I quite liked how he was able to look out for families regardless of the situation.) He pretended not to know Michael Kwan (Guan Shi Cong) at first and forced the latter to help with resurrecting his memory. Michael seriously had no idea what he was in for while Bo Wen pretended to be friendly and recorded their conversation at the same time.

That night, Yu Xiang walked home with Bi Ting. As they stopped in front of her place, he hesitated. (Yup, he has it really bad for Bi Ting since he used to say a lot more than this.) In fact, they both were struggling to find words to fill the atmosphere. Then when they finally spoke up, both spoke at the same time. As cliched as it got, he let her speak first. (But I don’t mind those moments at all since love these two’s cute scenes.) She actually wanted to thank him for walking her home. He opted with apologizing for his over-reaction the other day. He said if she wanted to love anyone or be with anyone, it was none of his business. Yet she returned with, “Of course it has to do with you because you’re my…” Okay, that got interesting. Or shall I say even more interesting? She patched that up with saying how he was her boss so it made sense that she listened to him, etc, quoting one of his mantras. He jumped back to his original theory, asking if she was ‘secretly in love’ with him. She retorted by asking if his narcissism was acting up again. (He was actually right this time since she’d been acting strangely in front of him, not just him.) She ignored him and retrieved her keys from her bag instead. Yet he continued with pestering her about admitting that she was ‘secretly in love’ with him, and he had clumsily knocked her keys out of her hand, causing her to scramble down to retrieve it. But before he could continue with his smart-mouth, he spotted some dude riding a bicycle on the sidewalk hence pulling her out of the way in time. After scolding the dude, he returned his attention to Bi Ting, asking her if she was all right. She checked and said she was fine. He said he was fine too when she asked but he had scratched his hand on the ground when he pulled her aside. So what now? She insisted that he go upstairs with her so she could apply some ointment for him. He protested, claiming they couldn’t do that, what if others see them. She said she wasn’t scared of anything, so why should he be. He returned that one by telling her to be more gentle or she wouldn’t be liked by anyone yet she said he should talk less to be a real man.

As interesting as it was, I remember that this was indeed the second time Yu Xiang got hurt and needed to be tended to by a girl. But this time, he quickly declined after seeing the state of her living room. Or more like the contents on her table. Oh yeah, this was also the second time Bi Ting apply ointment for him but the last time was on his waist (and she wasn’t shy about that). Wow, someone was bossy all right. He said he was better off going home, but she shoved him to sit down and won’t let him go until she was done with applying the ointment. Yu Xiang’s mouth was still running as she applied the ointment for him. It would be too much if his mouth didn’t run. Though he finally stopped and stared. It was hard not to–like there was anything else to do except stare at what she was doing. (Or more like stare at her, lol.) Soon though, they were both staring since she was done with the task. But, of course, they both looked away, finding other things to distract themselves with.

As Yu Xiang cursed the person who bought lunch for them today and rushed for the restroom, promising to get to the bottom of it, Bi Ting received a call from Jun Jie. He was asking her if she was done with overtime, he would come to pick her up. She said no, he didn’t need to since she was already home. Then he asked if she’d eaten yet. (This guy must be going down the list, right? Yeah, it was typical to ask but it was so much fun to see him struggle. Because seriously after all these times Bi Ting was in turmoil, wondering what was really going on, it was about time he suffered a bit. Or more.) As Bi Ting was saying how she’d already eaten and that she was….Yu Xiang had to poke his head out of the bathroom and ask for toilet paper. Busted, I guess. But then again, I couldn’t care less at this point if he misunderstood. Bi Ting was getting really good at this, lol. He was asking if that was Yu Xiang’s voice and she replied with it was the TV’s sound. Busted again, he said that he knew Yu Xiang’s voice AND that her house didn’t have a TV. (Darn, busted major time.) Anyway, Jun Jie was wondering what Yu Xiang was doing at Bi Ting’s house so late at night. OMG, I thought she was busted but she was still moving down her own list, fixing her excuse with it being the computer’s sound, not TV. She rushed to say that her stomach hurt so she can’t talk anymore, and she would just have to call him tomorrow. She hung up on him! OMG! That was crazy but funny.

So about 38 minutes and 46 seconds later, Yu Xiang was out and relief. He was holding a record for using her bathroom that long. Yet he didn’t care at this point. More like he couldn’t anyway. She was done cleaning up her place and even managed to seek out some special medicine for him. He asked what type of special family remedy was that and she was wondering how he’d guessed. He said the ‘smell’ was hard to forget. It didn’t matter how he was trying to quip, he still had to drink it. He tried to pull a fast one on her by diverting her attention from him and switched the pills to his other hand, pretending he’d already drunk it, even downing some water to forgo the scheme. It would be too much if she didn’t see right through it. It was time to open up his other arm so she could check, lol. So funny yet cute that he was so reluctant but still listened to her and drank the pills for real this time.

After he was done with downing the pills for real this time, he questioned her about the call. She rushed to say that it was just the sound of the movie she was watching from her cell phone. He exposed her, revealing that he knew it was Jun Jie and yelled out on purpose. Okay, after another round of ‘thanks for saving my life today’, he launched into another round of suggesting that Bi Ting was in love with him like many times before. Before he left though, he repeated the whole “don’t love him too much” mantra again.

The next morning at home, the others wanted Yu Xiang to go with them to send their father off since he was flying somewhere to search for their mother. Though Yu Xiang seemed like he didn’t want to go at first, he soon rushed to the airport after taking a certain call. OMG, Tian Cheng was seriously so clueless. Yu Jie wanted to cover for both so their father wouldn’t worry yet he exposed her, even quoting what Yu Xiang said regarding their father earlier. Even Yang Bo Wen who was standing at the side couldn’t stand it. Yu Jie quickly rushed to patch things up again. (Indeed, Yu Jie was really maturing after all these tolls of dramas unfolding.) It was a nerve-racking wait yet Yu Xiang finally managed to catch up to them as their father submitted his ticket to one of the flight attendants. Their father was more than happy that Yu Xiang came, one more child came was better than one less, right? He was even happier when Yu Xiang cheered him on, telling him to bring their mother back. Yu Jie was so happy that she hugged Yu Xiang, feeling like she could forgive her brother for his past misdeeds these past days.

Yu Xiang finally caught a break when he went to meet a certain someone at a park. It was one of the employees who said that he was just a spoiled young master. Yet the other guy called him out to say that he indeed admired Yu Xiang’s current hardworking attitude and his firmness on sticking to his principle. Even more so, he got a gift for Yu Xiang, bringing out a flash drive that had proof that Chen Guo Long had stolen the client files (and not Yu Xiang). (Yu Xiang better keep the proofs safe.) Yu Xiang seriously took after his mother. (Well, it was hard to blame Chairman Lai for believing Bi Jing Ye since the dude did work for him all these years.) Because Yu Xiang asked who had disclosed to the company that he had stolen the clients’ records and if it was Gao You Da. Yet the other guy replied that it was Bi Jing Ye. Now Yu Xiang knew where to look.

On the Jun Jie front, he went to the Lai family’s company, thinking that the man was looking for him. Yet he was more than surprised to see the person behind the desk was Bi Jing Ye. Suddenly, Bi Jing Ye was disclosing to Jun Jie that he had a son yet had lost contact. The pieces of the puzzle seemed to fit now. How he was plotting revenge because he claimed he’d lost so much, especially his family, putting in so much effort for this company. And while he was at it, he wedged in some more fuel between Jun Jie and the rest of the Lai family so that Jun Jie would continue to side with him.

Back at Happiness Began, Yu Xiang tossed the flash drive on the table with the intention of confronting Chen Guo Long. (Was he crazy? What if he lost it?) It was around then that Yu Xiang learned another lesson. Gao You Da didn’t care, claiming it was a small matter. And what was worse, he played the wrong card. But was that his intention all along since he was thinking while Gao You Da revealed even more information to him.

Bi Jing Ye was definitely extending his power to the max at the company, wanting to bring it down with whatever manipulation he could. Yet the guy who had informed and handed over important information to Yu Xiang earlier, Si Wei, was now attacked. No surprises, he wanted to eliminate all threats that could thwart his plans. So Si Wei finally quit–after not being able to take it anymore with Bi Jing Ye’s words. It wasn’t about getting mad because of difference in opinion but he didn’t like how Bi Jing Ye was approaching things on the business front, claiming that he didn’t think Chairman Lai would agree with it, etc.

Back on the Tian Cheng and Yang Bo Wen front, Yang Bo Wen managed to extract some more information to help his cause. But it was more like extracting it from Tian Cheng this time. He was pondering why Michael Kwan was so into Yi Ru despite knowing she’d already been married once and even have a daughter. (Not that their uncle didn’t treat Yi Ru like family as well, but he just felt strange, considering how Michael seemed to be exuding the good reputation and could seek out any girl he wanted, etc.) Tian Cheng had listed how Yi Ru, though had had a kid but was still in good shape, not to mention her good family background and education. Yang Bo Wen finally knew why Michael was so into her, he was into her money more. At first, Yang Bo Wen wanted to forget about it since it was none of his business anyway, considering how Yi Ru and Tian Cheng were already divorced. Yet he soon refuted his statements and said that if Xiao Die’s step-father was such a bad person, it would be harsh on Xiao Die thus causing problems for Tian Cheng as well and then finally traveling back to him (Yang Bo Wen) so he must interfere. Tian Cheng, of course, didn’t know what in the world his uncle was mumbling about. He said he had promised someone not to say it out, but he didn’t promise “not” to let someone else listen in (LOL). Clever. So, of course, he took out the audio clip and let Tian Cheng listen for himself.

While Jun Jie’s luck was turning with cases finally coming his way–thanks to Bi Jing Ye’s recommendations, Yu Xiang was on his way in to confront Bi Jing Ye. Bi Jing Ye, not seeing who was coming in but only hearing footsteps (since he was reading some files on his desk) thought it was Jun Jie coming into the office to thank him. Yet Yu Xiang finally spoke up to tease him about his ‘interest’ in sitting in the chairman’s spot, and how he had liked Jun Jie the most, etc. Of course, Bi Jing Ye dodged right out of it, stating that each of them was like his own kid. (Smooth, like Yu Xiang would believe that. He could have in the past but he was too arrogant. Now? He was seeing things from a different perspective. No way was he that naive.)

Just when I thought they were winning, Michael Kwan was definitely a pro. It made sense since the stake was so high with pursuing Yi Ru so how could he let it slip like that? YES, he told Yi Ru it was a group of models he was working with. Now that Tian Cheng brought out the audio file for Yi Ru to listen to, Yi Ru, of course, was upset with what Tian Cheng was doing, thinking that Tian Cheng was trying to frame Michael for it. So Michael approached Yang Bo Wen on purpose to plant his own trap. No wonder he seemed so sloppy. But it was because he was prepared to discredit Yang Bo Wen and Tian Cheng. It was hard to blame Yi Ru though. With Tian Cheng’s past records, he had crushed her heart and it took a while for her to take him seriously again, seeing how hard he was working. Yet now she thought he was pulling such a scheme to win her back. And with the uncle’s record, it was also hard to take him seriously as well. Yet there was one thing that was his restoring point, which I had stated in the past already, he was always looking out for his family.

Big discovery! Bi Jing Ye’s son was actually Long Tian Xing. It explained some scenes in the main theme. But now that it was revealed, some more light was shed into the whole matter. So Bi Jing Ye had planned for his son to meet up with Yu Jie. (I was wrong after all, he was planning to spring all sorts of tricks toward the Lai family, not just the ones involving with the Lai family business.) Well, from Long Tian Xing’s words, it seemed like his father sent him out to teach Yu Jie a lesson? Since he mentioned the “Princess’ Illness” that Yu Jie possessed. Bi Jing Ye was worried his son would fall for Yu Jie for real. So maybe Long Tian Xing wasn’t all bad but got tricked into helping? Well, anything was possible. (Or I’m just deceiving myself since I actually quite like Long Tian Xing’s cool exterior yet sweet person at heart.) Further into the conversation, it seemed that Bi Jing Ye had recruited Long Tian Xing to help him by stating that it was the Lai family’s fault that they were separated all these years. Oooh, something else. Getting more and more complicated and it was not surprising though since Bi Jing Ye had really high aims. He wanted Long Tian Xing to marry Yu Jie so that they could take all of the Lai family’s fortune in case his other plans failed.

Back on the Tian Cheng and Yang Bo Wen front, Yang Bo Wen wanted Tian Cheng to stop Yi Ru and Michael’s progress while he sought out his good friend to help them. Yet Tian Cheng turned him down, stating that didn’t the uncle tell him not to meddle anymore but Yang Bo Wen had said that he didn’t want to see Xiao Die with such a bad step-father. Before anyone could move though, they spotted Yi Ru and Michael hugging outside hence fueling Tian Cheng’s bad moods even more. He ended up bringing out a bucket of water to spray Michael’s car and getting Michael wet as well. Michael, beyond enraged, wanted to get into a fight with Tian Cheng. However, his face turned 180 degrees upon seeing Yi Ru coming back out. He turned on his gentlemanly attitude again. Okay, I now credit Tian Cheng for faking innocence this time around, considering how he’d always seemed to not get it. This time, it was his situation so of course, he was pulling out all the tricks.

Jumping back to Happiness Began, Chen Guo Long was coming over to pass on Gao You Da’s commands. Yu Xiang seemed indifference. Yu Xiang was given two days to complete a certain case or he would be out. And like Yu Xiang cared at this point. Yang Min Ling was really the ever hardworking force behind Yu Xiang because she tried to make as many calls as she could. Will they succeed? It seemed impossible since Bi Jing Ye was fighting them from all sides, using any techniques or persons he had connections with. Bi Ting came in with even more worse news, stating that Chen Guo Long had passed down some notice that other employees were not allowed to help them with this case. So it was all up to them now, all on the same boat. Yu Xiang had stated that the two girls could abandon ship if they didn’t want to suffer with him but Min Ling was determined to help him beat Chen Guo Long, that despicable being. Bi Ting even voiced her support, stating that it was better working for Yu Xiang than Chen Guo Long. That was when Yu Xiang launched into explaining why she shouldn’t compare like that because of all of his so-called good points, etc. OY…what a time to fight, lol. So after Yu Xiang stormed off, Bi Ting was still clueless as to why Yu Xiang had reacted so strongly. (Yup, they had more pressing matters than to be upset over trivial matters like that.) But Min Ling was smiling at Bi Ting’s reaction.

So as the day passed by, Min Ling managed to make sixty calls versus Bi Ting’s fifty calls. Yet both girls weren’t about to give up. They were just taking a break to drink water and cure their dry throats. Okay, then gossip a bit before getting back to work. Yet it was funny how Min Ling was getting onto the subject of Bi Ting’s love life. It was too funny to see Bi Ting’s reaction and her disputes of all signs as Min Ling listed all the nervous signs and other possibilities. Min Ling was indeed so cute, still not shy with her admittance of ‘secretly admiring’ Yu Xiang.

That night, at an undisclosed restaurant, Bi Jing Ye and Gao You Da were celebrating between the two of them–with Gao You Da being more vocal one than the former. Bi Jing Ye was pointing out how the plan just began so their success was still far and they still have more things to do ahead of them.

On the Jun Jie front, Xue Ming was teasing Jun Jie for spending so much time on a certain house model. The teasing soon passed and Jun Jie confided with Xue Ming as to why he was so into Bi Ting, etc. Now he was even dropping the big bomb by stating that he would use this particular model to express his feelings and propose to Bi Ting. Um…Xue Ming wasn’t the only one who wanted to fall down, I was surprised too. Xue Ming, after having been over the shock already, congratulated Jun Jie whole-heartedly and wanted to show support so he asked when. He almost fell again as Jun Jie said that night. And Xue Ming was still supporting him. (In all seriousness though, despite all Jun Jie’s clueless moments and cutting the corner at times, I felt I like his and Xue Ming’s friendship a lot. Though Xue Ming had wronged him in the past, now that the guy redeemed, he was still by Jun Jie’s side when others already left.)

The next day at Happiness Began, Bi Ting came into work to see Min Ling already making calls. After that call, they engaged in a side conversation–with Bi Ting teasing Min Ling about her ‘secretly admiring’ Yu Xiang again. But the conversation soon turned into Min Ling disclosing about how she didn’t get to confess to Yu Xiang at all, but was faced with Yu Xiang’s rants about wanting to find a way to expose Bi Jing Ye’s schemes and digging deeper. Not to mention how he had opened the conversation with wanting Min Ling to look out for Bi Ting and fearing that Bi Ting would be hurt by Jun Jie, causing her (Min Ling) to be a tad jealous of Bi Ting. Bi Ting was really thinking about it as Min Ling told her those words. Yu Xiang soon came into the scene and scolded them for chatting while they should be working. (Or more like they shouldn’t let that Chen Guo Long have a chance to laugh at them.) But just when Bi Ting wanted to go ‘work’, Yu Xiang called her back and made her even more nervous, causing her to make up an excuse to go buy coffee. He didn’t even agree yet she fled already, lol. As Yu Xiang was done mumbling about Bi Ting and walked off–like many times before, Min Ling had detected something since her smile said it all. Had she sprung the trap and watch Bi Ting fidget to test them both?

Bi Ting was forced to once again go to her tree and seek for advice since Xiao Q was still gone. She was definitely losing it, lol. She was admitting that she was having second thoughts. Or at least was so undecided lately, not believing that was happening to her. OMG, that was hilarious! Yu Xiang was right there when Bi Ting looked up again. What was his answer for her? And why was he wandering around when he just scolded her for not working just minutes ago?

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