True Love 365: Episode 16

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

(image credit: captured by DTLCT)

Following the previous episode’s cliff hanger, Bi Ting questioned Yu Xiang’s presence after realizing he was like right there, and how long had he been there, etc. He answered three days–and then quickly clarified that he was joking. (Of course, it was way too obvious since they’d just met at the office and all.) Anyway, Yu Xiang placed the spotlight back on Bi Ting, questioning her if she was talking behind his back hence not wanting him to know. Yet she resorted with saying that she wasn’t senseless, and got up to leave after that. Yu Xiang chased after her and blocked her path, asking why she was running away each time she saw him. She denied that and told him to stop giving her a hard time but should pay attention to Min Ling, considering how she (Min Ling) treated him so well yet he kept yelling at her (Min Ling) all the time with his boss attitude. Yu Xiang didn’t back down though, stating that there were lots of girls chasing after him so if he treated them all nicely, wouldn’t he end up tiring himself out? Bi Ting had enough so she said whatever he wanted to do it was his problem and walked off at last. He reminded her that she hadn’t gotten any coffee yet. But she said she didn’t want to drink it anymore. He just had to have the last word because he said but he wanted it. (LOL!)

Back on the Jun Jie front briefly, Jerry (Shu Xin’s father’s friend) finally gave Jun Jie a second chance with listening to his proposal and even complimented him on it. He even disclosed that it was Shu Xin who had persuaded him into letting Jun Jie have a second chance at it. However, Jerry also said that Shu Xin had told him not to tell Jun Jie, but Jerry thought it was only right that Jun Jie knew about it. And indeed, Jun Jie was grateful for Shu Xin’s help, even asking about her well-being. Jerry told Jun Jie that Shu Xin was currently busy with setting up a business with her father’s friend in Singapore. Jun Jie was glad to know that she was doing just fine.

Meanwhile, at Sam Brunch, Tian Cheng showed off to his uncle about his latest progress at the restaurant. When Yang Bo Wen saw the new waitress that Tian Cheng hired, he went into full panic mode. It was indeed that one, crazily, obsessed girl that had sabotaged his chance that one time at his studio. Tian Cheng thought Yang Bo Wen was exaggerating again and told him that he should be glad there was such a young girl after him, etc. Yet Yang Bo Wen wasn’t the least bit amused. He said that he would find out what the girl was up to because he didn’t want to end up like Michael Douglas’ character in Fatal Attraction.

At Happiness Began that night, Bi Ting and Min Ling had completed another day of exhausting calls. Min Ling was indeed quite incredible with her 120 calls in one day record versus Bi Ting’s only 97 calls record for both days. Regardless of what happened, Min Ling still declared that she would ‘advance or withdraw’ along with Yu Xiang if Chairman Gao wasn’t happy with their performance during the next day’s meeting. As Min Ling left to buy some coffee, Bi Ting got up to go search for some documents in a room in the back. It was also then that Jun Jie appeared and surprised Bi Ting of his presence. As she asked him what he was doing there, he closed the door behind him and was ready to bring out his latest surprise for her. Bi Ting was beyond shocked when he told her he was going to give her a house–and went into full panic mode telling him not to since she preferred to buy it with her own hard-earned money. Yet he told her she should wait and see it first before turning him down. Indeed, it was the house model that he made for her previously and had told his ‘pal’ about it. And while Bi Ting was still ‘touched’ by the thoughtful item, Jun Jie went further and went down on his knee, asking if she was willing to go with him to Paris so he could fulfill her wish of going to Paris to study, etc.

Outside in the working area, Yu Xiang came back with Min Ling, asking where Bi Ting was, considering how Min Ling had told him that Bi Ting was working overtime as well. Yu Xiang and Min Ling soon discovered the door to the storage room was slightly ajar. Yu Xiang, thinking that he could give Bi Ting a good scare, launched forward and pushed the door open, calling out Bi Ting’s name loudly. However, Yu Xiang soon realized what he’d done. It was because Yu Xiang’s attempted prank that had caused Jun Jie’s model house to turn into a total mess. To backtrack a bit, when Yu Xiang pushed the door in, the door had slammed into Jun Jie, causing him to fall forward and that had caused the model house to fly out of his hand and crashed. Yet Yu Xiang, upon knowing what he’d done, apologized for it. But that had triggered Jun Jie’s anger even more after realizing the person charging in was Yu Xiang. Of course, he thought Yu Xiang had sabotaged him on purpose.  And though Yu Xiang was apologetic for it, he still kept a strong front, stating that Jun Jie shouldn’t be bothering his employee at such an hour, etc.  Jun Jie, of course, went insane and almost wanted to strangle Yu Xiang–if it wasn’t for the girls getting in the middle and trying to break the fight. That wasn’t a success though since Yu Xiang’s mouth was still running and that had caused him a blow from Jun Jie. (Honestly though, I don’t care at this point. It wasn’t Yu Xiang’s fault. It was really an accident. AND it was his company after all so of course he was there and he thought Bi Ting was in there by herself. It was in the middle of the night after all, who had thought Jun Jie came over? Why should Yu Xiang cave in about the other matter anyhow? Because Jun Jie had chosen to severe his ties with the Lai family first.) And Yu Xiang had it already, he fought back, stating that he was indeed helping Jun Jie and Bi Ting, like how he had bought the tickets for them to go to Paris. Yet Jun Jie was stating like Yu Xiang kept sabotaging him and trying to snatch his girl when Yu Xiang could have any girl he wanted. Oy, getting out of hand but I guess it had to come out after all these times of conflicts. Jun Jie even threw out the ultimatum with wanting Yu Xiang to swear that he had no other intentions with Bi Ting. That had caused a brief exchange of glances between Yu Xiang and Bi Ting. But Yu Xiang soon recovered and asked Jun Jie why he had to swear on it or anything for that matter. Yu Xiang went on to ‘clarify’ things for Jun Jie, stating that Bi Ting was secretly in love with him (Yu Xiang) anyway, and that it was Jun Jie who had pursued her insistently and he (Yu Xiang) hadn’t really responded to her feelings so Bi Ting had no choice but to slowly fall for Jun Jie. (OMG, I love Yu Xiang’s response! Although it wasn’t exactly like that, honestly, Jun Jie lost major time because he kept being ‘wishy-washy’, misleading both girls so it was about time that he got some pressure to work harder.) Bi Ting, of course, couldn’t stay quiet anymore. She had to speak up and told them both off, telling them that they could argue with whatever but don’t bring her into it or taint her reputation with it. Jun Jie wasn’t about to give up since he said he was willing to compete with Yu Xiang for Bi Ting’s heart. Yet Yu Xiang said there was no need since he and Min Ling were already together. (What? Okay, I know that was a move to save Bi Ting’s reputation and it was one thing with getting pissed off at his so-called brother, but he still didn’t want to go too far. But seriously? I would love him with Min Ling too but I rather Bi Ting be with any guy out there than Jun Jie at this point.) Min Ling, of course, was equally shocked by the turn of events. When Min Ling questioned him, he had winked at her, trying to send her a secret message to play along. And it seemed like she didn’t quite get it yet so he had to wrap his arms around her and told her to be brave and tell others about ‘their’ supposed relationship. (Her smile was priceless!) Min Ling was seriously clever. She recovered as quickly and put on a bright smile, telling the others of the ‘good’ news. (Omg, she was so in-sync with Yu Xiang that it was so cute.) And after they left, it seemed like Bi Ting wasn’t too happy about it? Well, she was quite upset when she and Min Ling had to break up the fight between the brothers. Yet she was even more disturbed since learning that Yu Xiang and Min Ling were ‘together’? (Or was that just my own imagination?)

At Sam Brunch, Yu Xiang apologized to Min Ling for using her as a shield to get away. But he also complimented her for her fast reaction and acting skills in order to finish that little skit. She said that she didn’t mind and stated that she really wanted it to be a ‘real’ relationship. Yet he brushed her off and reminded her that she shouldn’t act on her impulse since she should find a more suitable candidate that was closer to her age range, even stating that he was too old for her. She told him that she was already so ‘clear’ on stating her position yet he still pretended to be dumb–and even questioned him if he was like his brother aka also interested in Bi Ting. Of course, he profusely denied it, saying that it was impossible he would like such an ‘unlucky’ girl. Because of Min Ling’s persistence, Yu Xiang was willing to give in and give them both a chance. She was more than glad of this proposal and even walked over, clinging onto his hand happily. (OMG, they were so cute! Look at his face! He was wondering if others would notice, lol.)

Back at Happiness Began, Bi Ting was seen patching up Jun Jie’s model house–or whatever was left of it. She apologized for his effort being wasted, etc. Yet he said it was all right. He moved onto asking her if she was willing to give him a second chance. She got up from her seat and replied that she still have some reports to finish. As cliched as it got, he got up and grabbed a hold of her, planting a kiss on her lips. (I hate this formula the most, thinking it’s so romantic or whatever. NOT blaming Johnny here BUT more like the person who thought of using this plot device in here as well.) Of course, after that brief kiss, Bi Ting seemed to have softened and was willing to give Jun Jie a second chance. Their embrace and the song completed the scene.

So, shifting gears, somewhere in the U.S., a lady was seen reading and her son, Ken, walked in telling her that someone was there to see her. It was none other than Chairman Lai. It was shortly revealed that this lady was the ‘other woman’ in question. (It was explained previously that it was an accident since he got drunk that one time at some celebration event of the company years ago and wasn’t really trying to cheat. He even took whatever responsibility he could to patch things up and even sent both ‘mother and son’ off to the U.S. for the son’s education.)

Still, elsewhere, Mrs. Lai was seen reminiscing back to the first meeting with the ‘other woman’ and how she had used another identity to meet up. It seemed like the other lady wasn’t in the know with the whole schemes happening back in Taiwan. She only wanted to live a peaceful life in the U.S. with her son. At first, she initially thought Chairman Lai wanted his son by his side hence sending over someone to bring Ken back. (We, as the audience, know very well it was Bi Jing Ye who was the hand behind the whole scheme of tearing the Lai family apart, but at least now Mrs. Lai had something to go on regarding that matter.) And what had she chosen? She took her ring off and left the restroom.

Back in Taipei, Yu Xiang was seen sitting next to the ‘tree’ and thinking to himself. This time, it was a reverse situation because Bi Ting was the one walking up behind him and spotted him there. The only saving grace for him was he wasn’t talking to the ‘tree’ like Bi Ting usually would. The typical teasing and exchange of words ensued. Yet it wasn’t that harsh like the last few times. After that though, they continued on their way. It was a big day for them indeed. Or more like him, because he was so sure of getting fired, considering how Chen Guo Long had been gaining some edge with the boss of recent.

Zooming toward the U.S. front again, Chairman Lai had finished dinner with his ‘other’ family and was happy to learn that his son had turned out to be a good kid. He thanked the lady at the door. Yet seriously, something shouldn’t be taken at face front because the lady soon turned insane with saying that Chairman Lai was still his selfish self and that it seemed like her son could never ‘return to his roots’ , implying that they still have to keep their identity a secret, etc. (It seemed like her words of current were contradictory of her previous one with Mrs. Lai.) So was she in on the whole scheme with Bi Jing Ye after all? Or no? Though she had told him that Bi Jing Ye had all the photos and other ‘incriminating’ evidence and that she had nothing to do with it, but at this rate, it was mad confusing to me whether she was truly clear of this mess or not. (Of course, she had every right to be mad after that ‘accident’ but previously showing traces that she was all right with stating there and living a peaceful life and then turning around to scold him for not caring about them? Really?) Regardless of this current situation though, the lady told Chairman Lai to go ask Bi Jing Ye, not interrogate her. Chairman Lai was indeed quite shocked and was thinking the whole situation over. So would he just plain suspect Bi Jing Ye already?

Back at Happiness Began, the inevitable meeting commenced. Chen Guo Long indeed was having one of the biggest moments of his life by humiliating Yu Xiang in front of the employees, especially Chairman Gao. Unfortunately for Chen Guo Long, before he could announce the news of Yu Xiang’s soon to be unemployment status, Chairman Gao stopped him. It wasn’t because the man was changing his mind, he was just wanting to do the deed himself. Yet the unexpected happened once again because Yu Xiang wasn’t fired like everyone had expected, but he was promoted to be the general manager. That was indeed a slap in the face for Chen Guo Long. Yu Xiang was as puzzled as to Chairman Gao’s move. (But of course, it could be guessed that Chairman Gao wasn’t favoring Yu Xiang or anything in that matter, he was just setting up the stage for the upcoming battle between Yu Xiang and his father.)

After the meeting, Min Ling was expressing her shock to the other two, stating that it was indeed quite strange. Yet she didn’t want to ponder too much, telling Bi Ting that she was going to go buy a cake to celebrate. After a few more words exchanged, Min Ling went on her way for real to buy the cake, leaving Bi Ting and Yu Xiang behind for the time being. The whole while the two girls were chatting among themselves, Yu Xiang was deep in thoughts. Bi Ting, of course, was worried since he seemed unusually quiet. After asking what happened, he revealed that he was pondering whether he should quit. Bi Ting, more shocked than ever, asked him why. He had stated that the employees had been saying how he was the son yet didn’t help his father, it looked quite bad for Chairman Lai at this point. Yu Xiang even admitted that, if it was the past him, he would just focus on his own goals but now that his parents weren’t around, he should be the responsible one. Bi Ting was quite impressed with his current mature thinking, so she complimented him. Yet Yu Xiang used that opportunity to tease her about showing interest in him more when she was currently with Jun Jie. She brushed off his lame joke attempt again and walked off in a huff. He yelled after her that he was just kidding and that she was the senseless one, not him.

Back on the Yu Jie front, it seemed like Long Tian Xing was getting more and more unease. It was hard to blame since he was torn between his possible ‘true’ feelings for Yu Jie and his father’s revenge schemes. Coincidentally as it got, one of the details of the script that Yu Jie had to follow was discovering a certain person’s revenge scheme. (What are the odds, right? Or was that put in to make Long Tian Xing realize his unease?)

Another day at Sam Brunch, but not any typical day. Because Yi Ru had some good news to announce. She was getting engaged to Michael Kwan soon. Tian Cheng, upon hearing the news, had somehow injured his finger from a knife lying nearby in the kitchen. It was an accident and because of the crowd gathered, the others didn’t notice. But the new girl had since she was standing right next to him.

Bi Ting was working overtime again for the night. But it wasn’t because of Yu Xiang’s recent battle with Chen Guo Long. She was helping a fellow friend from the old school days prepare for the upcoming wedding. Yu Xiang stepped in and made some jokes about her being neglected by Jun Jie again. She told him to stop jinxing her. But he didn’t keep that in mind, saying that he was going to let her work on wedding-related cases only and won’t force her to work on the projects regarding to ‘funeral’ anymore. She was touched by this move but didn’t say it out loud. Min Ling soon walked in and their conversation was cut short. It wasn’t anything too out of it since she worked there after all. Min Ling soon nagged Yu Xiang to treat her a meal because of all the hard work she’d done. He hadn’t eaten yet so he agreed but also wanted to invite Bi Ting. Min Ling jumped in to say that Bi Ting wasn’t free for the night–to which Bi Ting was also surprised, asking Min Ling about that. However, Jun Jie walked in and apologized to Bi Ting for his unannounced presence–after a little glare down with Yu Xiang. Min Ling once again came to the rescue and told Yu Xiang not to be a ‘light bulb’, but he resorted by saying it was his place after all so the person being a ‘light bulb’ wasn’t him. Still, Min Ling dragged him out of there before anything could happen.

After Yu Xiang and Min Ling were gone, Jun Jie told Bi Ting he had something important to tell her and invited her to dinner so they could discuss further. She said she was busy yet he insisted, stating that it was really important. So they went to dinner at some fancy restaurant. Yet Bi Ting said that she wasn’t too hungry so if he wanted to say something, he better make it fast since she wanted to return to the company to finish the paperwork for her friend’s wedding arrangements. Jun Jie quickly whipped out the tickets for Paris and some information pamphlets to a specific school to show Bi Ting. (He blamed it on Yu Xiang for making him forget the last time.) Anyway, the paperwork also included some living arrangements as well. She quickly thank him for all the information but told him that she hadn’t saved enough for the trip to Paris yet so the whole tuition fees hadn’t been met either. He reassured her it was all right since he thought up of a solution so she didn’t have to worry about the ‘money’ situation anymore. The inevitable proposal came forward.

The proposal was cut short because the scene had shifted gear to Yang Bo Wen’s resident. Yu Xiang was seen on his laptop, typing away while Yu Jie walked by in high spirits. Yu Jie had disclosed that she was in love and received some words of congrats by Yu Xiang. The fun atmosphere of the two teasing each other soon turned into some conversation about Shu Xin and Yu Jie was trashing Bi Ting again so Yu Xiang had to ‘clarify’ things for Yu Jie. (I so hate the whole ‘doing a bunch of stuff for someone that meant the girl/guy have to return to feeling’ so of course, I hated Yu Jie’s rants. Of course, like I said before, it was Jun Jie’s fault for causing Shu Xin and Bi Ting to suffer YET Shu Xin was a smart girl–scheming even–so she was able to look after herself. Yeah, I got it with Yu Jie supporting her friend BUT I couldn’t help being annoyed each time those subjects were brought forward with whoever doing more for the ‘girl/guy’ should get ‘him/her’. Annoying ‘prize claiming’ concept rather than talking about feelings.) But anyway, Yu Jie had Yu Xiang cornered with asking if he had feelings for Bi Ting hence kept coming to Bi Ting’s defense. Yet Yu Xiang wasn’t tongue-tied–almost though, he immediately jumped in to say that he had a girlfriend. Yu Jie’s interrogation was cut short with Yang Bo Wen arriving home with a very drunk Tian Cheng.

The conversation was cut short again once more regarding their investigation into Tian Cheng’s drunk state. This time it was because of Bi Ting calling Yu Xiang. It got me laughing literally when Bi Ting told Yu Xiang that Jun Jie had proposed to her. What? She called to ask him what she should do? NICE…. And the priceless part of the whole matter was how Yu Xiang was all like, “Oh, that’s it? Um…I’m busy right now, we’ll talk about it tomorrow.” Wah! Bi Ting was more than surprised that Yu Xiang had hung up on her. Well, she was probably more upset. How dared he, right? (LOL) But the most worrisome matter after realizing he had hung up on her was why in the world did she tell him about it in the first place, lol.

Bi Ting didn’t have time to gripe over that matter anymore since upon going back to her apartment, she encountered Mrs. Lai trying to find her own apartment. Yes, as interesting as it got, Mrs. Lai had somehow decided to move. (After all, she had left the other house, right? So now she needed a place to stay.) According to Mrs. Lai, she was seeking out Mrs. Liu’s help hence residing at this place as of now. Mrs. Liu was their landlord. Funny thing was Bi Ting was calling Mrs. Lai “Big Sis” instead of ‘madame’ or something. Or perhaps she was used to calling her own mother ‘Big Sis’ as well so this was a habit? After some more side talk, Bi Ting offered to help with transporting Mrs. Lai’s luggage. Before leaving Mrs. Lai’s apartment, Bi Ting told Mrs. Lai whenever she needed help, just call. Mrs. Lai indeed had a good first impression with Bi Ting since she was so helpful and kind. But will her attitude change upon learning about Bi Ting’s relation to both of her sons? At least how it could possibly cause future feuds between the two guys?

The next day at work, Bi Ting was already at her desk as Min Ling walked in. Bi Ting soon confessed to Min Ling that she couldn’t sleep last night hence coming to work early. That was also around the time Yu Xiang walked in to tease her. Min Ling was so happy for Bi Ting upon learning the news that Bi Ting would soon become Mrs. Architect. (Hinting at Jun Jie’s title here.) Before Bi Ting could clarify the matter about last night, Yu Xiang jumped in to warn them that it was ‘working hours’ and even if he was in the ‘know’ about certain things didn’t mean he was willing to gossip with them. He went further by telling them to wait for after working hours to discuss such matters and stomped off to his office. Bi Ting was wondering about his strange behavior yet Min Ling told her not to pay attention and wanted Bi Ting to reveal more juicy details. Bi Ting finally told Min Ling that Jun Jie proposed to her all of a sudden and she hadn’t responded to his proposal yet. Min Ling was shocked and pondered why, and told Bi Ting if she didn’t hurry, someone else would snatch him up. Bi Ting still insisted on thinking it over carefully since it was one of the biggest matters of her life after all. She brushed it off, wanting to get back to her paperwork first. Min Ling, seeing how anxious Bi Ting was, let her off and went to her desk. Her last words being that Bi Ting should think carefully and should remember her warning.

Back on the Yu Jie front, they were finally acting out the scene that the director had mentioned previously–after the director gave some additional information. Long Tian Xing was still against Yu Jie doing the scene but she reassured him that she would be fine. So he had no choice but to step aside and wait–along with the others. It seemed like Long Tian Xing was right after all about precautions because when Yu Jie got pushed into the bookcase–as it was supposed to be with the scene, some of the boxes on top of the bookshelf toppled over and Long Tian Xing jumped in in time to shield Yu Jie away from it–with the main lead having jumped out of the way already to save himself. It was too fast yet no one was sure if it was because someone had carelessly placed the items around or because the main lead had used too much force hence knocking the boxes down from high above.

All of that dramatic sequence had to subside as another dramatic moment was taking place on the Yang Bo Wen front. Or more like his studio. It seemed like Sammy wasn’t able to forget Bo Wen hence coming back to talk to him. Yet they did more than talking. But she soon came to her senses and told him off and that they couldn’t be together. He asked her why and tried to convince her otherwise. It wasn’t until the doorbell rang again that she had a chance to escape. The strange new girl was at the door again. Bo Wen, beyond upset at this point, confronted her and said if she was so interested in him, he would fulfill her wish. Yet she soon yelled out he shouldn’t do that (aka advancing on her) because she was his daughter. Huh? Okay, that was a new one. But not too impossible. It would explain the constant stalking and how she really wanted to get to know him by working at Sam Brunch.

Still another shift in the story. Tian Cheng was seen at the park again, spending another father and daughter day with Xiao Die. Though Yi Ru was also nearby watching them. Soon, Tian Cheng walked over and sat on the bench with Yi Ru, letting Xiao Die play along on the wooden horse. They reminisced about how they first met and their first date was there, etc. Tian Cheng truly wanted her to find her own happiness yet he soon clarified that it had to be a better person than him, not someone like Michael. Of course, they were back at it, but Yi Ru thought he was throwing a tantrum again hence not bothering to explain anymore. He then told her she could do whatever she wanted but she shouldn’t hurt Xiao Die. Yet she was offended (and probably rightly so) since Xiao Die was her daughter as well. After some more words, Yi Ru stormed off, leaving Tian Cheng behind. (It was indeed very hard to blame her, considering his past records–and how Michael was so cunning.)

Back at Yang Bo Wen’s studio, the investigation continued with him asking about her mother, etc. Upon learning of the mother’s name, Yang Bo Wen, so unlike his usual self, turned insane and told the girl to stop lying. Though the young girl tried to explain and convinced, Yang Bo Wen was unmoved. He further told her to stop this nonsense and stop interfering with his life. He also sent some words to her mother before storming off. (The ‘storming off’ trend was definitely in at that moment.)

On a more hilarious note, Bi Ting tried to convince Yu Xiang to go forward in accepting her proposal. Yet she got exposed, even after stating that the couple was willing to go with the whole ‘wedding and funeral’ combined plan. Bi Ting was silently scolding Min Ling for being such a big mouth (and disclosing to Yu Xiang about her fellow friend from school). Yu Xiang was willing to negotiate though, he used Jun Jie’s proposal to Bi Ting as the bargaining chip. (Yes, he told Bi Ting if she was willing to tell him all the details regarding the proposal then he would consider her current project proposal.) She agreed and said that he shouldn’t go back on his words–to which he nodded. (But he was so unpredictable at times that we wouldn’t know, right?) Bi Ting quickly summarized the situation for Yu Xiang. After she was done, Yu Xiang immediately scolded her for the rejection. Yet he retaliated with asking if she was fearing that if Jun Jie knew the truth, things would turn ugly. She even dared to ask what truth? (Hadn’t she learned from his past tactics? Always diverting back to the whole ‘secretly in love with him’ as an answer to everything. And I was right. Sort of since he did say that it was probably because Bi Ting couldn’t let go of him hence turning down Jun Jie.) Not being able to discuss serious matters with Yu Xiang, Bi Ting left after some heated words. Yet Yu Xiang was still able to smile. (Of course, since he was the one doing the teasing.) Wanting to forget the whole situation, Bi Ting invited Min Ling to lunch. Min Ling had to turn her down since she said someone was waiting for Bi Ting. It was none other than Jun Jie.

Bi Ting took Jun Jie to the park to see her tree. Jun Jie asked her if that was Yu Xiang’s birthday gift to her and she nodded. Yet she also clarified that her not responding to his proposal yet had nothing to do with Yu Xiang so he didn’t need to think too much of it. He said that he wasn’t. (It was hard to blame her since he kept pushing that ‘point’ that one time.) Jun Jie’s answer to not worrying about it was because he believed in her and that he believed he wasn’t going to lose to Yu Xiang. (Oh really?) As Jun Jie went on and on about how the Lai family didn’t treat him like a family member, Bi Ting interrupted him by saying that he must have misunderstood since Yu Xiang was really concerned for him. Jun Jie shrugged her off however and said he didn’t want to talk about that anymore. What? I thought he said he wasn’t going to give her pressure and was willing to wait yet the following words contradicted itself. (Oy, I give up on them.)

Back at Sam Brunch, Yang Bo Wen was forced to face his own feelings once again as Tian Cheng ranted on and on about his daughter, Yang Zi. Yang Bo Wen didn’t want to hear it nor answer to Tian Cheng’s questions. Yet when he heard that his daughter was leaving and even cried when she was packing and said that her father didn’t want her anymore, he stopped. Was he starting to believe in her words? Or perhaps he already knew the truth but didn’t want to accept because of what happened in the past. And indeed soon, he was admitting to Tian Cheng that he was using Yang Zi as a punching bag, not considering how she was innocent–regardless of what happened between him and her mother in the past. Wow, I didn’t realize Tian Cheng had it in him to set Yang Bo Wen up like that. Because when Yang Bo Wen said he was willing to make up for what he couldn’t do in the past (considering how all these years he hadn’t taken care of her), Tian Cheng said it wasn’t too late. Soon, Yang Zi was walking out, calling Bo Wen ‘Daddy’.

That night, Jun Jie was talking on the phone with Bi Ting, telling her that he had to discuss some things with Bi Jing Ye. He also mentioned that she should ‘quit her job’ and if Yu Xiang gave her a hard time, he would deal with Yu Xiang. (What? When did that happen? OY, someone stop this madness.) After hanging up, Bi Ting discovered that her project proposal was on her desk again. She opened it up to see that Yu Xiang had already signed it (aka approved the project) and even left a message for her, calling her by her nickname (that he had given to her once upon a time). Another comedic episode rolled itself into happening as Yu Xiang walked in to ask Bi Ting why she wasn’t on a date with Jun Jie yet was there wasting the company’s resources. Bi Ting resorted with asking him why he wasn’t on a date with Min Ling yet was there wasting the company’s resources along with her. He responded by saying that Min Ling was out with her fellow ‘sisters’. Bi Ting, of course, said that Jun Jie was meeting up with Bi Jing Ye. Yu Xiang wasn’t surprised since it was Jun Jie after all. He reminded her to turn off the lights before she left as he was making an exit. However, she called him back. He turned around and scolded her for kept calling him ‘hey’ instead of his name. She invited him to a meal? This was getting interesting. Okay, possibly because she wanted to ease her way into ‘quitting’ somehow. But still, something to look forward to. He, of course, questioned her motives, not just accepting her invitation like that.