True Love 365: Episode 17

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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Though Yu Xiang had suspected that there was some hidden agenda, he agreed anyway upon discovering that she must have seen the red folder already. Bi Ting took him to one of those shops at the side roads. He wasn’t a bit amused about it and showed his unwillingness. When he tried to leave, Bi Ting quickly grabbed him and pushed him into a seat. She managed to persuade him to trust her for once. OMG, it was so hilarious. It was one of the moments where it somewhat returned to the old days when they were hanging out. She was pitying him for never trying that dish before? (LOL) He was soon convinced because he wolfed that bowl of food down faster than her. To think that he was unwilling before. Or did they finish at the same time? Yet it was so funny and cute that they called for a second bowl at the same time with the same expression. Three more bowls later and Yu Xiang seemed full. Bi Ting requested for the bill at that time and insisted on paying since it was indeed to thank him for accepting her proposal, etc. They soon moved on to discuss about Jun Jie with Yu Xiang admitting that though he was mad at Jun Jie but Jun Jie was indeed a good man and a good brother so he really wished for Jun Jie to find his own happiness. Bi Ting told him that she understood, even going on to say that she didn’t really know what was going on between both brothers but Yu Xiang shouldn’t be like that anymore, always wanting to ‘save face’ and let things stay in his way. She also promised to talk to Jun Jie about it as well. Yu Xiang told her that the only thing standing between him and his brother was that Jun Jie feared he (Yu Xiang) would snatch Bi Ting away from Jun Jie. Yu Xiang continued by saying, of course, that was true because he…(he paused a bit to make the atmosphere even more intense) was so handsome and his ‘enticing’ vibe was so strong hence she would be affected by him. He, of course, clarified that he wouldn’t choose her, stomping on her ‘pride’ once again. (Yes, he was trying to make light of the situation at the end but was that a subtle hint when he paused a bit?) Though he was pointing out the impossibility with him choosing her, she wasn’t upset but laughed out in awkwardness, agreeing with him it was impossible between them.

As Yu Xiang sent Bi Ting home via Taxi, Jun Jie was seen across the street about to call her up. Yet he soon stopped and decided to spy on them instead upon seeing them exit the Taxi together. (A familiar scene? Well, let’s see how he liked it now that he was being misunderstood before. Yet he probably didn’t think about that. Probably thinking poor of Yu Xiang again.) And what in the world was Yu Xiang doing, leaning toward Bi Ting like that? Um…he spotted some food remnants still stuck on the corner of her mouth hence wanting to clean it off for her. She thought he wanted to kiss her initially and had closed her eyes yet soon realized it wasn’t so when he used his handkerchief to wipe the smudge off for her. He even chided her for not knowing how to clean up after eating. After the usual thank you, goodbyes, and other well-wishing words, Bi Ting walked to her apartment building with Yu Xiang staring at her to make sure she was safely in before leaving himself. Only Jun Jie was left behind and fuming across the street, still staring and wondering about them.

As Bi Ting was just finished with changing out of her work clothes, she heard her doorbell rang. It wasn’t Jun Jie coming upstairs to rupture the peace. But it was Mrs. Lai, Bi Ting’s new neighbor, coming over to share a midnight snack. Yet what Jun Jie did was interrupt their heart to heart talk by calling Bi Ting. (He was probably trying to investigate the matter subtly?) Anyway, Bi Ting told him she would give him an answer soon. She needed to discuss with her mother about the whole going overseas matter even more before making a decision about overseas education. After getting off the phone, she was teased by Mrs. Lai about being pursued by two men. Yet Bi Ting said it wasn’t exactly like so. She finally confessed to Mrs. Lai that her heart was changing a bit. (A bit?)  Though Bi Ting soon apologized for complaining about her situation. Mrs. Lai didn’t mind and said she was willing to listen to Bi Ting’s troubles. So Bi Ting now had someone else to share her feelings, not just needing to run to her ‘tree’ to pour her heart out anymore (and risk being overheard by Yu Xiang again, lol).

Downstairs, Jun Jie finally walked toward Bi Ting’s apartment building and wanted to ring the bell. Yet he stopped himself. Stepping back a little, he looked up to what was supposed to be a window and left.

Back on Chairman Lai’s front, he was finally back. Or more like he just got off from a plane. No one was there to greet him this time. Or was that it? As he was walking toward the Taxi area, someone called to him, asking if he needed help calling a Taxi yet he responded with saying that it was fine, he could do it himself. It wasn’t until he turned around to face the other person that he realized it was Yu Jie. It wasn’t just Yu Jie though because even Yang Bo Wen, Tian Cheng, and Yu Xiang were there to welcome him back.

The next day, Bi Ting was paying Mrs. Lai a visit as Mrs. Lai was getting ready at her place. Bi Ting was coming over to help Mrs. Lai cleanup. After receiving some round of tease, she finally agreed for Bi Ting to help her.

On the Jun Jie front, specifically his company, he walked in on one of Xue Ming’s weird phone conversations again. Was Xue Ming up to something once again? (I thought he had repented after the previous downfall and was soon forgiven by Jun Jie and was also given a second chance.) But the random conversation between Jun Jie and Xue Ming had to subside for something else. Yu Jie was coming in to see Jun Jie. He didn’t look happy upon seeing her presence there. Yet Yu Jie seemed to have cooled down after the last heated encounter already?

At the Lai resident, Chairman Lai was seen looking devastated by the dining room alone. Yu Xiang soon entered the house, asking his well being. Chairman Lai informed Yu Xiang that he had asked Yu Jie to go look for Jun Jie and bring him back for breakfast as well since he had something he wanted to announce. After understanding the situation, Yu Xiang said that they just have to wait for Yu Jie since Jun Jie wouldn’t come back anyway. He soon explained his words, stating that Jun Jie didn’t treat them like family because he had misunderstood that Chairman Lai only cared for his ‘real’ children. Chairman Lai was saddened by it but wasn’t defeated because he believed Jun Jie will one day understand and come back to the family. The conversation quickly steered toward how Yu Xiang was still upset over the whole ‘manipulating’ them matter and treating them like a bunch of kids hence this current state, and he went on to saying how it had given Bi Jing Ye a chance to jump in. Chairman Lai didn’t want to hear about it, especially telling Yu Xiang not to be suspicious of Bi Jing Ye. (Wow, really? After all of what the other lady said, it wasn’t enough to incriminate him? Well, from his point of view, she could be upset and wanted to blurt all those out, but still, it should make him want to exhaust all possibilities instead of just shrugging it aside.) And after some more heated words, Chairman Lai dismissed Yu Xiang, considering how they weren’t able to eat breakfast together anymore. Yu Xiang was more glad to oblige since he couldn’t discuss the whole Bi Jing Ye matter with his father anyway. (I take his side this time.)

Back at Jun Jie and Xue Ming’s company, Yu Jie was seen talking to Jun Jie. He seemed to be less unwilling to talk to her at this point? Considering how he had complimented her for her current mature state. Soon, Yu Jie was apologizing for her fierce attitude at their uncle’s place that one night. Jun Jie said he had forgotten it already. (Oh really?  Or was it because Yu Jie wasn’t a guy and couldn’t ‘snatch’ Bi Ting away from him like how he claimed Yu Xiang to be?) Yu Jie was back at it again, wondering what kind of person Bi Ting was that her own pal wasn’t able to win over and even Yu Xiang would speak up for her (which Jun Jie had frown when Yu Jie mentioned how Yu Xiang had spoken up for Bi Ting). Yet when Jun Jie said that he was able to be himself when he was with Bi Ting and how he and Bi Ting were from the same world, Yu Jie soon gave in and said as long as her brother was happy, she was all right with it. (I guess she would drop it now? Or not….)

As the day moved on, Yi Ru and Xiao Die were sitting at a bench waiting for someone. Luckily this time, it was Tian Cheng, not Michael. Tian Cheng had rushed to the location and even apologized for being late. He said last night he had to go pick up his father from the airport hence being busy. Xiao Die, upon seeing her father, jumped up and called to him. Tian Cheng, like a typical model father, picked her up and swung her around a bit, cheering her up. He asked her if she missed him and she replied yes, even wanting him to bring her home since she didn’t want to live with that Uncle Kwan. Tian Cheng, realizing why Yi Ru was wearing the long face at last, turned to her and questioned her about not straightening it out with the kid yet. She immediately lashed out at him and said that he was probably satisfied now of Xiao Die’s current attitude. After some more words, she stormed off. (Again, the ‘storming off’ trend was definitely the in of recent.)

While those things were going on, Bi Ting was finally done with helping Mrs. Lai clean up. They soon settled down in the living room to rest and chat. Time for some tips from Mrs. Lai to Bi Ting. It was indeed hilarious to see the two getting along so well and her giving Bi Ting so much compliment. When she finally found out the truth, would she still stay calm and give Bi Ting such advice? (LOL) So it was finally agreed that they were both cooking dinner and eating together that night.

Yang Bo Wen, on the other hand, was busy getting his daughter settling into the house. Did he still have room? It seemed like a spacious house so probably he did? It seemed like Yang Bo Wen was serious about taking care of his daughter now so it wasn’t too bad. At least there was a new development for his story instead of the typical ‘old man player’.

Meanwhile, Tian Cheng was seen hanging out with Xiao Die at the playground. He was trying to cheer her up before asking her questions in regard to what happened. Yi Ru was coming back from somewhere but had chosen to hide nearby and listen in to their conversation instead of stepping forward. After learning the details, Tian Cheng quickly persuaded Xiao Die to be a good girl and listen to her mother. He explained to her that he wasn’t a good husband, causing her mother to grief hence it wasn’t a good idea for them to be together or it would be like in the past with them arguing each day. He also promised Xiao Die that he would always come to see her regardless of where her current home was. It was indeed a touching moment for the pair of father and daughter, and a mature moment for Tian Cheng, because even if he didn’t want it to happen, he didn’t want to sabotage Yi Ru anymore if that was what she really wanted. After shedding a few tears for the touching moment, Yi Ru finally stepped out and took Xiao Die home. The difference this time was that she wasn’t so fierce toward Tian Cheng anymore. She even thanked him for talking to Xiao Die yet he shrugged it off as nothing.

Back to Bi Ting and Mrs. Lai, they were indeed getting along quite well. Though Mrs. Lai had declared that she wanted to prepare a meal to treat Bi Ting for her help around the house, Bi Ting ended up cooking. Yet Bi Ting was more than glad, saying that Mrs. Lai did pay for all the supplies. And Mrs. Lai was back to complimenting Bi Ting and how rare it was for a girl like her to be able to help around the house like that, etc. She said it was a shame that Bi Ting already had a boyfriend. If not, she would tell her two sons to go pursue Bi Ting. She had no idea they were currently fighting over Bi Ting at the moment. Well, more like Jun Jie having some grudges against Yu Xiang, but it was somewhat along that line. Again, if Mrs. Lai found out, would she still be able to joke like that? But back to the situation at hand, Mrs. Lai finally confided in Bi Ting with her situation and how she got married, etc. Their conversation was cut short because Jun Jie called in. (Of course, he was calling Bi Ting since, at this point, he wouldn’t care about calling his ‘mother’.) Bi Ting didn’t want to pick it up, fearing that Jun Jie would pester her about the answer again. Yet Mrs. Lai told Bi Ting she should pick up to hear what Jun Jie had to say, not dodging the situation. Bi Ting couldn’t win over Mrs. Lai’s persistence so she picked up, allowing Jun Jie to say whatever he had in mind. Whether Jun Jie deserved this little push or not (aka a helping hand), it was indeed quite cute that Mrs. Lai was acting as Bi Ting’s love advisor.

Brushing aside all of those matters, Yu Xiang was seen on a biking date with Min Ling. He was scolding her for covering up all over yet she said she was fearing that she would turn all ‘black’ if she didn’t cover up. (Um…night time? Okay….they must have ridden till sundown or something so it would make sense with their talk about the sun, etc.)  They actually arrived at that one shop with all the plants again. Min Ling demanded that he gave her a ‘birthday tree’ this time. Yet he said that she was so naive, thinking that those were special since he said ‘birthday trees’ were like “Valentine’s Day”, all made up by those people to create hype and make money. (What a nice way to dodge.) The priceless moment was when the lady boss stepped out to ask about ‘their birthday tree’ and how fast Min Ling’s hair had grown long already, etc. Of course, Min Ling gave Yu Xiang the evil glare. But Yu Xiang tried to dodge out of the whole situation by shutting the lady boss up, saying that she must have remembered wrong, dragging Min Ling away from the scene to avoid any more dramas from unfolding. Min Ling wasn’t dumb since she already detected the ‘tricky’ situation behind it, confronting Yu Xiang. Yu Xiang, of course, was still sticking with the original answer (aka the lady boss had remembered wrong). He told her if Min Ling were to bring up the whole ‘birthday tree’ thing again, he would severe his ties with her before riding off on his bike. She had no choice but to ride on as well, mumbling her protest.

Next morning at breakfast, Yu Jie confronted Yu Xiang about his argument with their father. He said he didn’t want to do that either yet he couldn’t stand it that their father believed in Bi Jing Ye so much rather than believing him. Before they could say anything, Yang Zi walked downstairs with only a shirt that barely covered her legs. Yu Xiang was really pondering about matters, but he wasn’t able to investigate further. Yang Bo Wen came down the stairs at that time and scolded Yang Zi for not putting on proper clothes. She told him she had a tiresome night so couldn’t function properly, etc and that she was just down there to get a glass of water. He scolded her to dress properly before coming back down as she made her way upstairs again. Yu Xiang continued to stare and was putting his own version of the story into place. It was hard to blame Yu Xiang for misunderstanding since Yang Bo Wen’s past girlfriends were quite revealing too. When Yang Bo Wen sat down for breakfast, Yu Xiang and Yu Jie were both staring him down. It was funny how Yang Bo Wen exploded on them and told them the truth since he couldn’t stand Yu Xiang’s pestering and scolding anymore. Yet when the truth was finally revealed that Yang Zi was his daughter (aka their cousin), both weren’t the least bit surprised. Considering his past records with so many women, it was inevitable before he ended up having a bunch of ‘kids’ elsewhere.

Another meeting between Bi Jing Ye and Long Tian Xing revealed that he had paid the crew to toss those boxes down hence leading to the accident. It was indeed suspicious at the time so it made sense. Bi Jing Ye was more than happy to know that the plan was going smoothly. He soon told his son to proceed with the next step of the plan, which was proposing to the Yu Jie and then getting married within a month, etc. Long Tian Xing seemed to have a change of heart about the whole scheme already since he was saying how Yu Jie was actually a kind-hearted girl and he didn’t want to hurt her. Bi Jing Ye went ballistic, reminding his son of all the things that the Lai family had caused him, losing his family, etc. Long Tian Xing didn’t forget what happened but still didn’t want to hurt Yu Jie so badly. He was now stuck, unable to convince his father to back down.  Bi Jing Ye, seeing his son was uncontrollable at this point, gave Long Tian Xing the ultimatum by stating that Long Tian Xing should listen to him and proceed with the plan unless Long Tian Xing didn’t want to acknowledge him as a father anymore. (Nice?)

On the Bi Ting and Jun Jie front, she accompanied him to someplace. (I wasn’t paying attention so actively at this point since I was bored.) Then later when he was talking about his future plans. Or more like their ‘future’ plans, she finally agreed to go with him to Paris. (WHAT?!) He was so happy that he wanted to call his friend yet she told him not yet because she really wanted to stay to prepare for her friend’s wedding. He was so happy and was willing to oblige with her every demand at this point, even hugging her.

Elsewhere, Xiao Die was seen drawing away after her shower and her mother walked in to ask her what she was drawing. She was drawing a gift for her mother. Cute picture.

Back at Happiness Began, Bi Ting was having a headache over the latest obstacle her friend threw her way. At least the supposedly future bride and groom. They both loved dogs very much and wanted to involve the bride’s dog into the wedding and even have someone sing a song. (Um…getting crazy….but whatever floats their boats.) Min Ling asked Bi Ting why didn’t she turn their request down so she didn’t have to deal with the headache-y situation. Bi Ting answered that she and her friend were such good friends so she would want to fulfill her friend’s wishes instead of delivering the ‘rejection’. (Or was she stalling for time? Then she shouldn’t have agreed to go with Jun Jie to Paris.) Min Ling suggested that Bi Ting should seek out Yu Xiang for help since he was able to sing in ‘cat’ language before so he should know ‘dog’ language too. Bi Ting ended up in a laughing fit because she was reminded of a past incident. (Yes, that one time at Xiao Q’s cat’s funeral.) But she told Min Ling she would go look for Yu Xiang to discuss the matter. Yet she was able to detect Min Ling’s unhappy state so she asked for the details. Min Ling told her what happened and even asked if Bi Ting was the one receiving the birthday tree (since she realized Bi Ting also had short hair–and could be the ‘short-haired girl’ that the lady boss was talking about). Yet Bi Ting said it was impossible since Yu Xiang hated her so much, how could he bought her such a gift? She even went further by stating that, “Besides, what is birthday tree anyway? Probably just something made up by the flower shop owner and shouldn’t be taken seriously.” The funniest thing was Yu Xiang said that same thing last night so Min Ling had to ponder why Bi Ting said the same thing as him. Bi Ting said, of course, it was made up, etc and even went on about how it was the same as “Valentine’s Day” (and unknowingly had said the same thing Yu Xiang said again). Min Ling still thought that it was quite romantic if she was given a birthday tree, and how she was feeling like Yu Xiang didn’t like her at all. Bi Ting tried to reassure her before Min Ling headed back to her desk. Yet it made Bi Ting wondered more and more about matters.

Bi Ting finally sought out Yu Xiang to help her with the situation about the ‘dog’ language. Yu Xiang said it would be hard to find and would cost even more. The company couldn’t afford it so Bi Ting said she was willing to pay out of her own pocket. Yu Xiang was more than shocked by Bi Ting’s willing to put out so much for her friend. Bi Ting stated that one of the reasons was indeed to do what was best for her friend and the second was because it was going to be her last case since she had agreed to go to Paris with Jun Jie. Yu Xiang’s expression had changed slightly, but he soon recovered and said he understood. Yet he said that the company could only do so much so she will have to think up of her own solution. She understood that as well and left.

While Chairman Lai was out searching for his wife, Mrs. Lai was only around the corner and had spotted him first. She fled the scene after some spying. Yet unfortunately for them both, he didn’t see her at all or even catch a glimpse whereas Bi Jing Ye had seen her since he was sitting in a car nearby. Bi Jing Ye sought her out as she was going up to her apartment. She invited him in for a cup of tea. (Or water?) So what did Bi Jing Ye do? Badmouthing Chairman Lai and scoring more points with Mrs. Lai of course. (And I forgot to state it earlier but Bi Jing Ye had pursued Mrs. Lai once upon a time when they were younger, way before Chairman Lai came into the picture. So his excuse for the revenge scheme was only part of the power overthrow? And could it possibly be he wanted to get back at Chairman Lai for the lost courtship?) OMG, yup! I paused it to take a guess but it was indeed true that Bi Jing Ye was still harboring feelings for Mrs. Lai and was asking her for a second chance–after she sort of joked about how she should have chosen him instead of that ‘fat’ guy. She, of course, was shocked by how the situation turned and asked if he was joking. He said he wasn’t joking at all. (30 years, wow…) Being the intelligent woman that she was, Mrs. Lai quickly told him that her heart was in a mess at the moment and asked for some more time to think it over. He was more than glad to give her time since he had waited for 30 years already so months didn’t mean much to him. He excused himself and left the apartment at last. Mrs. Lai was more than relief after he left. PHEW…close call indeed.

On a more positive front, the others threw a celebration for Yi Ru and Michael at Sam Brunch. It was a surprise party but still quite lively with the others blessing them both. Even the rest of the Lai family were in on it. Whatever it was with Michael’s schemes or motives, they didn’t care anymore. It was all a matter of being happy for Yi Ru. She was more than happy to have all of their support.

Back at Happiness Began, Yu Xiang was seen in his office enjoying some sort of melody on his computer. Or more like a piece of a certain opera. (It sounded like so, lol.) Min Ling saw his concentrated state and tried to play a prank on him. She was scolded since he hated people covering his eyes with their hands the most. Min Ling quickly apologized and asked him to help Bi Ting with the other matter. He told her to worry about this month’s performance first before poking into other’s business. She exposed him with trying to act cool when Bi Ting was more important to him than that. Yet he brushed it off and said whatever since Bi Ting did help him in the past and how she was going to be with his brother so he could help her a bit. Getting some more teases from Min Ling, he was definitely feeling bummed. He told her to go home since he was going to head home himself. Yet she asked him if he was going to send her home, and he responded with saying she wasn’t a 3 years old kid, why did he have to send her home? He also blurted out about being tired so she should leave.

After some touching speech with his uncle and then somehow a talk with Yi Ru, Tian Cheng wanted to pursue Yi Ru again? What? It seemed like so with his question to Xiao Die.

At Happiness Began again, Bi Ting was seen talking to Min Ling. They were probably on one of their breaks since they weren’t at the desks area anymore. Bi Ting was saying how she would get into contact with Min Ling once she settled in Paris. Yet Min Ling said she wouldn’t want to keep in touch with a heartless person like Bi Ting. That shocked Bi Ting all right but she rushed into explaining how it happened so fast so she couldn’t prepare for it properly, etc. But Min Ling brushed her off and clarified her stand by stating that Bi Ting matched better with Yu Xiang, and was her good sister, why did Bi Ting have to leave with Jun Jie? (Wah, loving Min Ling more and more. She liked Yu Xiang yet wasn’t oblivious to block Bi Ting out.) And the funniest thing was she previously told Bi Ting not to let Jun Jie go since he was a good man. Now? Or was that because she wanted a chance for herself yet she could see how hopeless it was with Yu Xiang not budging? Bi Ting admitted that she was good sisters with Min Ling yet denied the matter regarding Yu Xiang. Min Ling seemed even more depressed after Bi Ting left.

Bi Ting’s friend’s wedding finally took place with the bride and groom all happy–as expected to be for the occasion. Bi Ting stepped forward after the ceremony to congratulate Xiao Xue but to also apologize for not being able to find someone to sing the ‘dog’ language for her. Yet Xiao Xue said she had seen the other person inside previously, and suspected that Bi Ting was trying to give her a surprise. Bi Ting was the person even more surprised at the turn of events. Xiao Xue soon stepped away from Bi Ting’s side, all smile and was waiting for the show while Bi Ting was still standing there displaying her shocked expression. Soon, Yu Xiang walked out in his dog costume to entertain the others. Yet the episode was ending hence the rest of us will have to wait for further developments with the next episode.

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