True Love 365: Episode 18

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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The episode continued with Bi Ting stepping into the break room to give Yu Xiang a bow of gratitude as he was taking off his makeup. Yu Xiang, being himself, shrugged it off and told her not to be so touched. He even threw in some words of teasing. Yet he finally admitted that it was him showing his appreciation for her help these past few days too and stating that she should treat it as his wedding gift to her. Before Yu Xiang realized it, Bi Ting was already breaking into tears. Alarmed, he got up from his seat, abandoning his mirror and told her to not cry. She told him that it was just that no one had anything done anything like that for her before hence she couldn’t help but be moved to tears. He only knew to wrap his hand around her shoulders and told her not to cry at that point. It was also at that moment that Min Ling walked in. The interesting thing about the whole scene was Min Ling wasn’t the least bit jealous of the two. She had flashed on a knowing smile after the initial surprise worn off upon the discovery of their embrace inside the break room.

On the Jun Jie front, Chairman Lai finally went to his company to confront him about the whole ‘betraying the company’ incident. They were finally having a face to face talk and not beating around the bush anymore. As words intensified with how Chairman Lai was accusing Jun Jie of betraying their family, Jun Jie returned with how Chairman Lai didn’t believe him because he wasn’t Chairman Lai’s real son hence not giving him a chance to explain. Things got uglier as Jun Jie reminded Chairman Lai that Chairman Lai had also betrayed the family by cheating on Mrs. Lai. At that point, of course there was no way to ‘talk things out’ so Chairman Lai just declared Jun Jie dead to the Lai family and stormed off.

Opposing to the previous scene’s hectic confrontation, Yu Jie was at a restaurant celebrating with the cast and crew. It was their wrap up party and it was said that Long Tian Xing wasn’t able to make it to the party because he wasn’t feeling well. However, as Yu Jie was parting from the group and opened a certain door, she saw a set of candles in front of her forming a question. Yes, Long Tian Xing had a surprise for her. He had worked out a proposal really good with the romantic candles as well the crowd cheering him on, urging Yu Jie to accept him. Yu Jie, more than touched of his words at that moment, was not only moved to tears but even nodded her acceptance at last. And as they shared a hug after Long Xing placed the ring on her finger already, the crowd cheered even louder for the newly blessed  couple.

Back on the Jun Jie front, he had contacted his new father “Bi Jing Ye” to talking things over. Bi Jing Ye, being the mastermind that he was, quickly jumped into empathizing with Jun Jie and continued to condemn Chairman Lai even more. (Well, in a way the old man deserved it for being so trusting of Bi Jing Ye.) He finally got Jun Jie to help him in overthrowing Chairman Lai altogether at the next “big” meeting.

Meanwhile, at Happiness Began, Bi Ting walked back into the office to find Min Ling still around. She immediately questioned Min Ling about it, pondering if the latter was crazy. Yet Min Ling was only smiling her ‘secretive’ smile, not caring if Bi Ting was upset or accusing her of other possible ‘crimes’. As Bi Ting was chiding Min Ling for not showing up to help her and wondering why Min Ling was still around when it was now off work, Min Ling continued to smile on. After Bi Ting was finally done with her series of questions, Min Ling spoke up at last to unleash her own series of questions. Before Bi Ting could defend herself with the ‘intimate’ hug, Yu Xiang stepped in to clarify of the situation, telling Min Ling not to think too much of it. Though Min Ling didn’t say anything more yet she was far from convinced there wasn’t anything going on between the two of them. Bi Ting’s guilty expression while Yu Xiang was explaining the situation had said it all. What ruined the whole somewhat routine yet fun atmosphere for them was Bi Ting’s declaration of her early departure because of some changes in the school schedule in Paris. That really got to Min Ling and Yu Xiang as their expression changed. Yu Xiang’s calm state was ruptured (and could be seen through his eyes) as Min Ling took a glance at him to see how he was holding up. Min Ling, not wanting to leave things on such a note, stepped out from her desk and apologized to Bi Ting for her previous joke. Yet Bi Ting brushed it off as nothing and told Min Ling not to worry about it. As Bi Ting collected her bag and was leaving, Min Ling tried to rush after her, still disturbed by the turn of events. Yu Xiang finally stepped out to stop Bi Ting, telling her that he would send her home for the last time. Unexpectedly though, Bi Ting turned him down stating that since he didn’t send her home on her first day of work, it was all right that he didn’t send her home on the last day of work. Before she left, Bi Ting reminded Yu Xiang to take good care of the person beside him (Min Ling). After she was gone, Min Ling turned to stare at Yu Xiang, still worried. Yu Xiang was still in a confused state and soon turned to stare at Min Ling as well. He finally let out a sigh at last.

As Bi Ting made it home, Jun Jie was in front of her apartment building waiting for her. Bi Ting was more surprised than ever to see Jun Jie there. Though it would be natural that he would show up at her place at random times, right? After all, they were going to get married soon. Yet Jun Jie didn’t answer her, he just grabbed a hold of her and hugged her to him. Alarmed and worried, she asked what had happened. Not only was the day so bad for Jun Jie already with Chairman Lai severing his ties off with Jun Jie but he also found out that Xue Ming had betrayed him ONCE AGAIN and ran off already. (Wow, no one saw that coming, right? YES, I’m being sarcastic here. But it was somewhat off that Xue Ming did it again. I meant after he was so touched that Jun Jie was willing to give him a second chance when Jun Jie chased him down that one time and was even willing to forgive him. But it was indeed not too far-fetched since it was in Xue Ming’s nature to pull another fast one.) Bi Ting, being her strong and independent self all these years, quickly comforted Jun Jie with her enlightened words. (But I swear the scriptwriters really set it up bad for Bi Ting. She would be a monster to leave him now–IF she was going to change her mind that was. It didn’t matter if he had done all of that stuff to hurt her in the past, it was all on her now–according to some people since she’d already forgiven him for the other thing and moved on. So YES, good luck on getting out of this one.)

Back in her apartment, Bi Ting was feeling worse than anything at the moment. (Well, her face said it all.) As she was sorting her turmoil thoughts though, someone rang the bell. She had to pull herself together again to face the other person. Yet she was more than relief that it was Mrs. Lai coming over to share some snacks with her. Mrs. Lai was able to detect Bi Ting’s mood immediately though she had forced a smile on her face. After Bi Ting confessed of her ‘sticky’ situation that she had gotten herself into, Mrs. Lai–so unlike her usual helpful, enlightened self–said that she was not able to give Bi Ting any types of advice at the moment to forgo the decision into the right direction. She, indeed, had her own worries after that confession from Bi Jing Ye. But have no fear, because Mrs. Lai was willing to give her a suggestion to solve her own obstacle. Bi Ting quickly thanked Mrs. Lai for her suggestion and also broke the news that she was leaving for Paris soon. Mrs. Lai was more than shocked by the news. It was indeed quite fast with the move. Though she was more than happy for Bi Ting upon learning it was ‘Mr. 20 Seconds’ who had helped Bi Ting turned her dream into reality. But she was pondering why Bi Ting looked so sad and even joked that Bi Ting was not willing to part from her. Bi Ting, her guard off at that point, said that she was unwilling to part from “Lai…” (fill in the blanks here). She soon turned it into something else that would fit with the character ‘lai’ and said that she was unwilling to part from her mother. What she was willing to confess to Mrs. Lai was that after she had finally made the decision, she was feeling even sadder than before. Mrs. Lai quickly reminded her she was listening to the voice of her heart and she emphasized that whatever Bi Ting decided, Bi Ting must let Mr. 20 Seconds know because the more she delayed the situation, the more she would end up hurting the other party.

Days later at Happiness Began, Min Ling was saying how she had already cleared out Bi Ting’s stuff and was going to send it to Bi Ting later. Min Ling even went on saying how it was a pity that Bi Ting left because it was getting even more lonely around there. Yet Yu Xiang quickly assured her with the naturalness of life, people coming and going. Soon though, their boss–Gao You Da–walked in. Chairman Gao was breaking some news to Yu Xiang. Definitely bad news. Yu Xiang’s reaction? He quit. Even if he didn’t want to, but he honestly wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he had gone forward with Chairman Gao’s plans.

Meanwhile, at the airport, Bi Ting and Jun Jie were heading toward the terminal to catch their flight. As she was walking and still not paying attention to her surroundings, some music finally came on to wake her up. (Was that in her mind or around the airport?) Anyway, Bi Ting was reminded of all the things that Yu Xiang had done for her in the past. It was also at that moment that she realized her true decision. And yes, it was all in front of her all these times yet she wasn’t able to see it. (AND this time, I swear I don’t blame her because they got off on a very rough start so how in the world was she supposed to know that her true fate was actually Yu Xiang?) A tad later, Jun Jie finally realized that Bi Ting had stopped and wasn’t following him anymore. He turned around and called to her. She returned to the current moment, no longer in her trance, but she looked determined. It indeed was a very hard speech to deliver, but she had mustered up all her courage to explain to him that there were too many things that she couldn’t let go yet so she couldn’t go with him to Paris. She even told him that she should have told him earlier. Yet his expression turned from sad to anger within seconds, asking if what she was stating that she was unable to let go was actually Yu Xiang. Yet she denied it, stating that she couldn’t let go of her mother, Xiao Q, and her work. (I seriously don’t blame her for dodging at this point. It was already a miracle that she was admitting fault and everything; and it was too sticky at the moment to mention anything like that, considering how ugly it was with the fight at Happiness Began previously.) What was surprising about the whole situation was how Bi Ting’s courage recovered faster than anything when Jun Jie said that he knew there was something going on between Bi Ting and Yu Xiang. She was indeed offended and hurt that Jun Jie didn’t trust her, because like she stated there wasn’t anything going on between them YET. Then she recovered and told him to forget it since if he couldn’t trust her, they couldn’t walk the rest of the way together anyway. He returned that one with a smart-aleck response by saying that Yu Xiang had finally succeeded. Yet she was determined to explain herself, she said that the reasons why she couldn’t go with him to Paris were numerous. She nailed it when she asked him why he kept picking on Yu Xiang–because Yu Xiang didn’t do anything. Jun Jie, being even more upset than before, asked if Bi Ting was speaking on Yu Xiang’s behalf. What? Jun Jie dared to say all of those? Oh yeah, he thought he was right hence saying he was really disappointed in her for speaking up for ‘those’ people who had hurt him so badly. He even told Bi Ting that she didn’t have to worry about him bothering her anymore since his feelings for her had ‘died’ along with the betrayal. He was determined to find Yu Xiang and confront Yu Xiang, even telling her not to meddle into it.

As interesting as it got, Bi Ting bumped into Shu Xin (literally) outside and exchanged a few words before rushing off. Shu Xin was back for some business trip. Or was it settling some old and personal scores? Regardless, Bi Ting had promised to keep in touch after she apologized for needing to rush off to tend to some matters.

Back at Happiness Began, Yu Xiang was packing up and preparing to leave the place. Min Ling was helping him pack. He was telling her that it was just a matter of time before he left since he didn’t want to force himself into doing stuff for Chairman Gao anymore. He would be able to do his own things now. It was also then that Yu Xiang took the time to thank Min Ling for being so supportive of him. He even apologized for using her as a shield all these times yet she said she didn’t mind, and he didn’t have to be so serious about it since she was really enjoying those moments and that he didn’t have to blame himself for it. Later, Yu Xiang was returning a box of files back into storage. On his way back to his desk, he was ambushed by Jun Jie storming in when he had his back turned. Min Ling soon jumped to the rescue, trying to push Jun Jie out of the way. Jun Jie yelled out that Yu Xiang deserved it. (What happened to ‘the talk’. I guess you couldn’t trust some people.) So after all those rants at Yu Xiang, Jun Jie left so Min Ling turned around to ask for Yu Xiang’s well being. Some ‘talk’ that was since Yu Xiang was only able to jump in to yell out that Jun Jie shouldn’t ‘pin some random crimes’ on him.

That night, Bi Ting returned to her apartment like usual. Yet after lugging her stuff inside, she just sat there by the door, not even bothering to turn on the lights. Mrs. Lai saw the opened door and rushed in to check on her, and finally turning on the lights. Only turning to look at Mrs. Lai briefly, Bi Ting returned to stare at the ground. Mrs. Lai didn’t mind but had on her usual motherly smile, sitting down at the bench next to Bi Ting. Mrs. Lai just calmly asked Bi Ting all the usual questions to narrow down the list of possibilities as Bi Ting nodded away at every single question. When Bi Ting finally spoke up though, she said that what she hated the most was hurting others. Yet Mrs. Lai told her she couldn’t make the decision for Bi Ting but told Bi Ting that Bi Ting shouldn’t ‘force’ herself into anything. She also told Bi Ting that Bi Ting should seek out Mr. 20 Seconds later to have a good talk after everyone calmed down to clear the air so they could at least be friends. (Seriously?) Bi Ting promised Mrs. Lai she would do that later. Mrs. Lai soon moved onto the next topic of conversation, stating that Bi Ting should accompany her to go eat. (Awww…)

Yu Xiang returned home that night with a box and bumped into Yu Jie–who questioned him about the mark on his face. Yu Jie wouldn’t let him off with the ‘nothing’ answer but soon ended up taking care of his wound instead of rushing out for her ‘date’. (Yu Jie was indeed growing up now since she was caring toward others more than her own situation.) Yu Xiang finally came up with the answer that he had bumped into the door. (What? Nice one…) Yu Jie didn’t believe him. But he soon moved on to tease her about her ‘date’ again. She let it loose that she was getting married. His teasing continued on, though he soon stopped and asked her about the upcoming wedding ceremony. She told him she wanted a simple wedding within the family only, etc. He pondered why the rush and even blurted out of his suspicion of her pregnancy. Of course, she hit him. Wild guesses all right. But he quit it and congratulated her at last. Yu Xiang soon learned that Yu Jie was actually having a girl’s night out that night with Shu Xin. Yu Xiang mumbled something about a coincidence. Then he told Yu Jie to go talk to Jun Jie later. As Yu Jie launched into another round of interrogation, Yu Xiang brushed it off and said he was going upstairs.

Soon, Yu Jie was heading to Jun Jie’s workplace to see him. But according to his words, he was the one who called her. He admitted in hitting Yu Xiang previously but said he was too upset at that time to think it through. (Really? Nice dodge. Okay, it did make sense since he was really upset at that point, but if he didn’t let Bi Jing Ye get to him, then he wouldn’t keep picking on Yu Xiang. Have to give Bi Jing Ye so much credit for perfect execution of his plans though.) Wow, look at Jun Jie talking like an expert. Oh yeah, he was indeed an expert in that field since he played the card in the past already so he knew it when people were doing it, right? But anyway, moving on, Yu Jie was really maturing since she was discussing in a more matured perspective than before. (Okay, again, I get it that she was supporting her friend in the past, but this time, she took it further with trying to dissolve the matter more than pointing more fingers to intensify the situation.) After all that was said, Yu Jie finally broke it to Jun Jie that she was getting married. He was more than happy for her. After some teasing from him, she said she would introduce a friend to him. It was none other than Shu Xin. She had returned and it wasn’t for a visit. She was thinking of doing business with him. Then Yu Jie broke it to Shu Xin that the other two had already broken up so no one had to worry about causing misunderstandings anymore. It seemed like Jun Jie was more than happy to see her (Shu Xin).

After the meeting with Jun Jie and Shu Xin, Yu Jie returned home to a surprise planned by Yu Xiang, Tian Cheng, her uncle, and her cousin. It was indeed a joyous moment and worth celebrating for. A change of atmosphere for once after all the initial teasing from one to the other. Yu Jie was indeed the leading lady of the night so they shouldn’t talk randomly. It was time to tease her and her soon to be husband. Yet Yu Jie didn’t let them off so easily for teasing her.

A new day yet some old moods were still in place. Bi Ting was seen at her tree, talking to it again. She was still beating herself up for being a horrible person. Like usual, as she was getting up to leave, she spotted Yu Xiang standing right there. Had he heard? His first question to her was why she didn’t go with Jun Jie to Paris. She could only see the mark on his face thus asking him about it. He sharply responded that it was none of her business and she should answer his question. After some staring between the two of them, Bi Ting finally answered him. Not the top one, but one of the other reasons. He blamed her for not telling them earlier hence causing everyone’s unhappiness at that point. What was even more surprising was how she lashed back at him, stating it was his fault for doing all those stuff for her before she left. She stormed off after saying what was on her mind. He chased after her, asking her about her future job situation but she told him it was none of his business and left for good, leaving him behind still unsure.

Back on the Jun Jie front, he was definitely falling deeper into Bi Jing Ye’s traps. Or was it? Because even though he was believing Bi Jing Ye’s words with how Chairman Lai was active on bringing him down, he told Bi Jing Ye he was quitting. What? That was strange. Bi Jing Ye was off his game all right. He quickly rushed to convince Jun Jie about how they should join forces and reclaim what was theirs. Jun Jie said that he didn’t want to sever all ties with the Lai family just like that. (Okay, this was strange since he was really pissed off before. Or was it because of how Yu Jie had treated him like a brother still and others still worrying for him that he decided to not go forth with bringing Chairman Lai down?) Bi Jing Ye was indeed cunning all right since he managed to drag Jun Jie back into the game again just seconds later.

At the Lai resident, Yu Jie wasn’t just coming back to see her old man, but she had also brought Tian Xing along. It was only after she broke the news of her upcoming wedding that she confessed that Tian Xing was outside at the moment, waiting to be seen. Of course, the old man was more than happy to hear some good news and looking forward to the upcoming wedding. He only needed a word of assurance that Tian Xing would treat Yu Jie well and take good care of her, etc. The usual talk from a concerned parent. Still touching moment. (And somewhat of a hilarious one.)

At a restaurant somewhere, Bi Ting and Min Ling were catching up on the latest developments. Min Ling was asking Bi Ting about her next move and whether she was returning to Happiness Began, etc. After that, they were moving on to the juicy part of the conversation–Yu Xiang. Bi Ting quickly went into full panic mode and told Min Ling not to say those things, etc. Yet Min Ling clarified that she wasn’t going to go ‘there’, why was Bi Ting panicking for. Min Ling soon relieved Bi Ting of her worries since she clarified that she and Yu Xiang weren’t together, and she was just playing along with Yu Xiang’s schemes so Jun Jie wouldn’t misunderstand Bi Ting and Yu Xiang, etc. Bi Ting was surprised yet she said that Min Ling did indeed like Yu Xiang. Min Ling denied it, stating that she only treated Yu Xiang like her idol. It was funny how she was saying how if she was choosing someone to date, she wouldn’t choose such a bad attitude guy. Min Ling moved on to saying that Bi Ting should consider Yu Xiang. Bi Ting said that so many things had happened, it was better that they didn’t see each other again. Yet Min Ling said it was weird that they both said the same thing. That got Bi Ting thinking. So, would they have a chance later? (YES, it was killing me how slow they were getting together. I do understand the current situation with it being too inappropriate to get together but I sort of am impatient with the scriptwriters for throwing in too many obstacles for them.)

Back at Sam Brunch, Yi Ru got some visitors. They had introduced themselves as Michael Kwan’s friends. Yet they looked too threatening to be ‘friendly’. Tian Cheng wanted to come along for the talk but Yi Ru told him he didn’t need to. Still, it was hard for Tian Cheng not to worry. And it was one of the good calls Tian Cheng made to follow them, because they were indeed not that ‘friendly’ like they tried to let on. Though it had worked against him, Tian Cheng would rather be there at the moment than regret later for not taking any actions toward the suspicious signs seen from the other parties. The person stealing the show, in the end, was the uncle, Yang Bo Wen. Though Tian Cheng couldn’t complain since he would be beaten to a pulp if Yang Bo Wen hadn’t come out in time to spot them.

Back inside, Yang Bo Wen was helping Tian Cheng toward a chair while Yi Ru rushed to get the first aid kit. And in a way, the beating that Tian Cheng took was worth it after all since he was able to enjoy the moment when Yi Ru applied some ointment onto his wounds. It seemed like Michael had fled or something since Yi Ru was still unable to locate him. Though Yi Ru was touched by Tian Cheng’s previous courageous acts, she also chided him for acting rash, not thinking of Xiao Die in the first place. Yet he stated that he only thought of Yi Ru’s well-being at that point.

At the Lai resident, Yu Xiang and Chairman Lai were having one of those arguments again. YES, still the Bi Jing Ye talk. Yu Xiang wanted to tell him about Gao You Da’s plans and how Bi Jing Ye must be the mastermind behind it all. Yet Chairman Lai told Yu Xiang not to attack Bi Jing Ye anymore, etc. (He was seriously in for good this time.) Yu Xiang said the upcoming important meeting would prove his words right and that his old man should be careful before leaving. After Yu Xiang was gone, Chairman Lai received a call from Bi Jing Ye. Still unsure of what his next move was, but Bi Jing Ye had disclosed of Mrs. Lai’s whereabouts to Chairman Lai, urging him to come upstairs and persuade her to come back home. Mrs. Lai, thinking that Bi Ting was coming over, opened the door to her husband.

Back at Sam Brunch, Yi Ru was still trying to locate Michael. Tian Cheng finally told Yi Ru that Yang Bo Wen had spotted Micheal earlier with a girl and they said they were going to the south to see his mother. Yet Tian Cheng suspected they were fleeing. Yi Ru, unable to take the news, said she wasn’t feeling well and headed home. Things were definitely falling apart all around.

Jumping to Chairman Lai and Mrs. Lai again at her apartment, she asked him if it was Bi Jing Ye who had disclosed her place. He admitted it and launched into his apology speech. It was too crazy yet funny at the same time. (He had no idea what Bi Jing Ye was planning at the moment.) Mrs. Lai was definitely not letting him off. Served him right for trusting Bi Jing Ye too much and falling into all those traps. The last trick? Um, not tricks. She told him to sign a certain paper. Yes, it was the divorce papers so she could have her freedom again. After he left–devastated, Bi Jing Ye called Jun Jie up to tell him to go forward with their plan. YUP, it was unfolding. When Jun Jie finally received the address from Bi Jing Ye via text message, he realized it was also Bi Ting’s place. What now?

Talking about Bi Ting, she was at home, still lost in thoughts. With her door ajar, it was easy for Mrs. Lai to come in. She launched into asking of Bi Ting’s well-being as Bi Ting rushed to make space for her on the sofa. While she confided in Bi Ting, both heard Mrs. Lai’s doorbell being rung. Mrs. Lai was more than determined not to be caught so she sent Bi Ting out to chase Mr. Love At First Sight away. She had no idea. Yet it was Bi Ting’s turn to panic hence Mrs. Lai rushing forward to rescue her from ’20 Seconds Guy’. They had a plan! It was so cute, lol. Mrs. Lai said she would volunteer to investigate and if it wasn’t anything along the line of ‘friendliness’, she would chase him away. Yet the person the most surprise of the outcome was Mrs. Lai since she opened the door without looking through the peephole and called out his name when she somewhat recovered. He, of course, called her ‘Mom’ so Bi Ting was able to hear them because she was just behind some screen hiding. Bi Ting, not giving herself a chance to digest, jumped out from behind the screen and confronted the pair of mother and son. Mrs. Lai quickly asked Bi Ting if Jun Jie was really ’20 Seconds Guy’ and then she quickly introduced him as her second son. (OY! It was getting too complicated again.)

Stopping the coming dramatic moments temporarily, Mrs. Lai took Jun Jie to her apartment instead. She let him settle down and talk with her. They discussed about their family matters briefly. They soon moved on to how he should ‘represent’ her to sign papers with the upcoming important meeting. (WOW, really?) It was hard to blame her since she really trusted him. He was there with her way before she entered the Lai resident so it was only reasonable to trust him. And it was only Bi Jing Ye’s crafty planning that had allowed the plan to go toward this point. All business aside, Mrs. Lai was thinking of moving again. It was more like she didn’t want to stick around with how things were going with Jun Jie and Bi Ting. Yes, she had her own reasons for defending her son after all.

Back home that night, Yang Bo Wen was helping Tian Cheng inside. He called for Yu Xiang and Yu Jie to come help. Those two were reading inside yet they abandoned their books to go help. Not to mention investigate about the matter in general. That wasn’t all for the night’s tale, because Chairman Lai soon showed up at their door, crying out tearfully that their mother wanted to divorce him.

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