True Love 365: Episode 3

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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Both female leads were daydreaming at one point or another at the beginning of the episode. As that was happening, Lai Tian Cheng was seen taking his daughter, Xiao Die, out and about. It seemed like the cute little girl was recovering slowly from the incidental divorce because her interaction with her father seemed more willing and she even smiled, instead of the passivity exuded previously. And Mrs. Lai had a new scheme or as she called it ‘Plan B’ to reform her children, claiming her husband was too soft hence they weren’t maturing yet.

A new character, Wu Meng Xuan, finally came into the scene as Lai Yu Xiang was seen thinking about his new project. Wu Meng Xuan was actually quite fond of Yu Xiang and could be considered obsessed from her actions–and even to the point that she could endure his fierce words without storming out completely. No wonder the guy’s ego was so big, he practically had a fan club established already. However, some credit must be given his way because he wasn’t just randomly flirting and picking up girls to his advantage like his older brother, but still kept a safe boundary with Wu Meng Xuan.

Lunchtime brought forth more hilarious scenes as Bi Ting realized her date wasn’t how she expected it versus Yu Xiang also walking out on Meng Xuan as she chased him down. Incidentally, as it got, two kids fighting over some spilled candies had caused another scene for them. Yes, Bi Ting in her haste wasn’t really watching where she was going–or more like she was trying to flee from Xiao Q’s cousin. At that same time, Yu Xiang was also walking toward her direction with Meng Xuan still tagging behind, calling out his name. The interesting thing was the previews got quite misleading because Bi Ting was actually caught by Xiao Q’s cousin when she stumbled onto the candies while Yu Xiang was the one catching Meng Xuan. Meng Xuang was obviously glad of the incident while Bi Ting might have rather fell on the candies and be embarrassed. Yet it was funny how they were turning and looking at each other after having been caught/or have caught the other person already. But that wasn’t the end, because Yu Xiang soon tried to confront Bi Ting regarding what he just overheard Xiao Q’s cousin said. The way he was asking, one might have misunderstood his relationship with Bi Ting, whatever that might be. Xiao Q’s cousin indeed asked Yu Xiang about their relationship. This encounter could top all other encounters between Yu Xiang and Bi Ting. Though he was just using her to brush off Meng Xuan and Bi Ting was more than shocked by his reaction, it was still very cute. The shock on Meng Xuan’s face was even more priceless.

While that was taking place, poor Jun Jie’s new project was turned down by his father. Although it was indeed quite promising and even received praise from his father, he lost on the ‘feng shui’ ground regarding the building’s structural layout, etc. That was a big slam all right. Jun Jie, after all, worked so hard on it and was even willing to seek out different methods to adapt it toward a more realistic scale. That led to him drinking alone and somehow sought out Shu Xin to go hang out at a nearby bar. Or did she seek him out? It didn’t matter because that was where his uncle was luring at, even managing to find some ‘company’.

Another sad incident taking place that night was Yi Ru finally changing the way she addressed her mother in law from “Mom” to “Auntie”, which of course had saddened the other party. Yet she wasn’t able to do anything because her son was the one in wrong during the whole marriage after all. Yet Yi Ru’s changing her way of addressing her ‘mother in law’ was also a sign that she was finally willing to acknowledge the truth of the situation. There was no turning back from now on.

Adding to the already volcanic feud between Yu Xiang and Bi Ting, her special ointment had caused him even more troubles with the cops. She had offered to apply some ointment for him, which was caused by the crash earlier. He was ungrateful since the smell was too much to endure. Yet he accepted it anyway, just trying to get her out of his hair. On the way home, he was stopped by the cops and had to be bailed out by his mother. He, of course, wasn’t drinking and driving at the same time. But the ointment had contained some ‘wine’ hence the trouble.

Who would’ve thought the three sons quit on the same day on their company? It was not hard to believe that Jun Jie and Yu Xiang would eventually establish themselves and find their own ground as see fit. Yet what about Tian Cheng? Would he actually learn something out of it all? The end of the episode showed a crying Tian Cheng over his ‘failures’ and Yu Xiang comforting him. What was up next for them?

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