True Love 365: Episode 4

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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As the last episode projected, the interrogation began with Yang Bo Wen, the ever cunning uncle whom the others didn’t care to disclose of their plans to. However, Mr. and Mrs. Lai have no idea it was just one big coincidence that their three sons decided to quit on the same day. And the fact that Mrs. Lai was planning to threaten her brother by revealing some past secrets didn’t help matters either. What was he supposed to say when he didn’t even know or could control what the other three were doing? Yet he was able to provide them with some ‘credible’ information that was discussed during their breakfast meeting that one time. Of course, that little information from the uncle didn’t discourage the parents a bit. Plan B was very well on its way into unfolding. What tactics would their children face this time?

After letting Jin Gang send out text messages to call the three sons back, Mr. and Mrs. Lai were ready for the upcoming battle. However, Bi Ting was going through turmoils of her own as her mother collapsed on their way out of the building. Luckily, Jun Jie was around and come to the rescue. Despite this incident with Bi Ting’s mother, one wondered if he was there to meet up with Shu Xin like last time when they went to that one bar drinking or was he searching for a chance to talk with Bi Ting? Yet whatever he was about to say to her hinted that he was actually looking for Bi Ting and not Shu Xin? This was interrupted by Jin Gang’s text message so the conversation will have to wait.

Yang Bo Wen’s betrayal of his nephews and niece didn’t sit well and he had to pay for it big time. Because the next morning, he was roused up by them wanting to move in with him. What had happened? That was what the uncle was seriously still trying to figure out. They were all dividing up the rooms and negotiating among one another that didn’t allow one word in for him as he was still rushing back and forth, asking questions. Even the most obedient, most polite person like Jun Jie (as the uncle had put) didn’t bother to address the questions being tossed out. Instead, he was answering Bi Ting’s call hence ignoring the uncle altogether.

One of the crucial pieces of the puzzle unraveled itself during Bi Ting’s lunch date with Jun Jie later that day. Which was? It was interrupted by Shu Xin. And the answer from what happened last night wasn’t what was expected. (Or more like my assumptions again.) Last night, Jun Jie was really looking for Shu Xin, not Bi Ting when he arrived at the “Happiness Began” shop. The new information to which he was about to reveal to Bi Ting had to wait until another time. And what was that wave from Shu Xin for? (I swore she was intimidating Bi Ting, like not the usual friendly smile she would exude toward Yu Jie when they were hanging out as friends and would tease each other. But it was like she wanted to tell Bi Ting that Jun Jie had chosen to leave with her instead of finishing the lunch date with Bi Ting. Her eyes had reflected that. OR here I am assuming away once again.)

That night, Bi Ting went to Jun Jie’s workplace with the sole purpose of returning his handkerchief to him. However, as unlucky as she was, she bumped into Yu Xiang again. He finally found out who she actually like instead. Yet he had received a blow first and even landed on the ground once again. It was his fault for sneaking up on her. She had disclosed that she learned self-defense awhile back. But that didn’t stop him from teasing her about the new learned secret either. Though he soon abandoned the plan of teasing her and his brother, and went back to his previous ‘sabotaging’ plan aka chanting the same mantra with ‘she liking him’. It was funny though that while the two were using their eyes to communicate, even Jun Jie jumped in because he was used to communicate like that with his brothers in front of their parents since they were young. Once again, their little conversation was interrupted by Shu Xin. She, of course, wondered why Bi Ting was there. But have no fear, Yu Xiang was there to rescue her once again–with the same reason he gave everyone. (I’m starting to think he wants to claim her, regardless of how he despise her on the surface. Or was that his attempt to sabotage her? Was she that easy to tease hence doing it? Or he just have too much time on his hands. Yeah, that would help with his recent unemployment status, but still…I thought he liked Shu Xin, so the teasing Bi Ting should end there? And it was indeed very funny, but poor Jun Jie upon realizing Yu Xiang might not be kidding?) Despite all his attempts to tease Bi Ting, Yu Xiang was able to make her feel better that Jun Jie wasn’t currently interested in Shu Xin. It was all about his work. Though Yu Xiang stomped her down, he offered to help? (Oh, so now he was thinking for himself? YUP!) Even if the offer sounded juicy (after all, Yu Xiang was Jun Jie’s bro so receiving his help would gain more points), Bi Ting still turned it down and left.

After all the madness, the next day arrived full of hope for Yu Xiang. He was heading toward a new place and was in full confidence that he would be able to find a job without a problem. Aside from his overly arrogant attitude at times, which could be his eventual downfall, he was quite capable within the business field. It was like a piece of cake for him. Even if he was out of line, he was already established, he didn’t have to worry about trampling on other people’s feet. Or should he? Because unlike what he expected, his father had contacted all the business partners or related connections and severed all his paths. How was he supposed to step forward? Back to the drawing board? This was just one downfall. How worse could it get, right?

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