True Love 365: Episode 5

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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Not only was Yu Xiang ignored by the boss of the place, but he was also literally tossed out by the security guards. At the same time, Tian Cheng realized he lost his chance of buying the lotto tickets hence he could only cry out pitifully with his uncle witnessing the pathetic scene. If only, right? Back on the Yu Xiang front, he was still ranting on and on about how they would regret it deeply in the future of the current action–with tossing him out so cruelly.

Contrary to Yu Xiang’s unfruitful quest, Jun Jie was already settling into his new office. It wasn’t hard to predict because he already met up with his friend previously and they had reached an agreement of some sort. It wasn’t too far-fetched like how Yu Xiang had planned out his career, expecting everyone to just kneel by his feet and worship him like ‘those girls’ had. It was too funny how Jun Jie’s friend insisted on giving Jun Jie the best of everything and wanting him to be as comfortable as possible at the new workplace.

Yu Xiang’s second attempt seemed as unfruitful as the first one. Though he wasn’t kicked out like the first time with his father’s buddy. But he was forced to wait on this one ‘sleeping beauty’ for possibly several hours. A second time leaving in a huff, would Yu Xiang eventually give up and crawl back to his father’s place to apologize? Or would he continue? If he honestly wanted to fight it out, he had to curve back his arrogant attitude first. Capability was one thing but sincerity gets one ahead more smoothly. (So it was a patience test with the second interviewer because he was only making sounds like that to see how Yu Xiang would react.)

It seemed like as Yu Xiang’s luck was running low, Bi Ting’s luck was coming back. Because what she thought to be another lecture from the boss and possibly a shove out the door after the previous warning actually turned into a new opportunity. In fact, a chance for a promotion. Would she get it? Xiao Q was playing devil’s advocate because another co-worker, Xin Ru, was really a strong contender for the job as well.

Indeed, Yu Xiang’s luck drained low as the day drew to its closure. Yet he wasn’t giving up anytime soon. His method was also improving because he finally know how to control his temper and even exuded some sense of grace, confident yet still managed to appear sincere in front of the interviewers. Finally, one of the bosses was willing to point him in the right direction, despite his father’s interference. This was his actual effort taking effect instead of just the usual arrogance that turned others off previously. Or was this just another random chase and a possible test? At least this was a start.

Apparently the person whom Shu Xin wanted to recruit to help her with testing Xin Ru and Bi Ting was none other than the arrogant young master Yu Xiang. He was looking for an opportunity to get back at Bi Ting so he was the more eager to help Shu Xin in this. Well, he was willing to help Shu Xin regardless.

Luck really reversed for Jun Jie again as his friend wasn’t so ‘helpful’ and ‘supportive’ like he had thought previously. Yet the ‘friend’ just wanted to latch onto him to snatch some of the cases from his father’s company. Now what? Jun Jie was upset for the second time as viewers witnessed. (The first time was over his father’s words, but it wasn’t so outright because it was his father after all and the old man was only stating what was true of others’ views.) Would he eventually work his way out of this mess or would he go back to his father? Yu Xiang wasn’t easily defeated because of his stubbornness and not wanting to prove his father right. Jun Jie was always so hardworking and persistent in his career. He wouldn’t be defeated this easily, right?

The next day at lunch, Jun Jie went to Bi Ting’s workplace to seek her out for a talk. (YES, he was actually looking for her this time, not Shu Xin.) Though it was about work-related again. Just some general questions about weddings and marriage, etc. He needed to do some research. However, that could be an advantage for Bi Ting because she was able to spend time with him without needing some other excuse to cover up for her own intentions.

On the Tian Cheng front, he was really thinking of searching for a job? What type of job though? He needed to prove to his daughter that he could earn money to buy her a birthday present, not use money that he borrowed. And it seemed like Jun Jie and the other dude were best friends again. Yes, it was always about money talk. Yet could the other guy be trusted? After all these years of not seeing each other or knowing if anyone change, could Jun Jie take the risk? The stake was too high at this stage because he couldn’t just run back to his father to admit defeat so soon.

Yu Xiang finally went to meet up with the contact the other guy referred to him. But seriously? Was his luck running that low? He expected more than a somewhat rundown place with only the lack of some gloomy lighting to complete the creepy atmosphere. Indeed, it was a miracle that Yu Xiang was talking to the pair of weird father and son for so long. But according to the older man, he would return soon, so that meant he was that desperate for a job?

Another day went by and another night arrived. While Yu Xiang was savoring his new grand plan to conquer the world (or so it seemed the way he exaggerated), Tian Cheng was busy drinking away his sorrow. (Though no one knew how he could have money to carry on that type of life–or was that from his uncle’s fund?) What else? Jun Jie couldn’t wait for that ‘best buddy’ to come back so he had to turn off the lights and call it a day. As for Bi Ting, she was more pitiful than ever because Xiao Q had to sabotage her little dream by bringing up the possibility of Jun Jie’s lunch visit to be a favor for Shu Xin–with testing her on her knowledge and/or capabilities for the upcoming promotion.

And Yu Xiang’s grand plan was no longer in place. He had gambled away all of his funds and could no longer take it back. Because of this setback, his temper had gotten better of him again and he ended up aggravating some guys out in the streets after refusing to apologize to them for kicking a can to that had landed on those guys. (And I thought he was smarter than that to rely on those ‘hearsay’ stuffs to win some ‘big ones’ to establish his own company. If it was that easy, everyone would use that as a get rich skit already.) That also led to the next incident, running for his life and using Bi Ting to get out of the big mess. He got what he deserved yet that didn’t earn back Bi Ting’s first kiss either. Still on the run, he finally caught a break. No one knew that the ‘perfect beauty’ knew how to fight, right? Yu Xiang was more than stunned at that point. Even if he was glad Shu Xin was able to save him from death at that point. (Yet I guess it was rather refreshing–at least somewhat from recent dramas–that the ladies were kicking asses in here instead of the typical hero saving the beauty scenes. It wasn’t too exaggerated either since it would make sense that the woman population in here knew how to take care of themselves to some extent, i.e. with Bi Ting’s self-defense moves and Shu Xin’s martial arts.)

Strangely enough, Shu Xin poured out her heart to Yu Xiang after applying some ointment on his wound. Why was she confiding in him like that? Wouldn’t she rather share those details with Jun Jie? So I don’t even blame him for taking a leap forward when she had just given him an opening with her choice of words at that point about love and whatnot. So would she take his offer?

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