True Love 365: Episode 7

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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So Bi Ting finally headed off to work after she was done daydreaming about her prince charming. Yet Yu Xiang wasn’t the least bit lucky when he attempted to chase down Meng Xuan and explained the situation to her. It was indeed quite pathetic to watch as he struggled to explain and she stating that she wasn’t as dumb as he thought, kept falling for his words. (He totally deserved it though, kept acting all high and mighty when she was chasing him yet now he was begging because he was in a difficult situation.)

On more serious grounds, Bi Ting and Shen Xin Ru’s most important day was finally coming. They have a meeting with Shu Xin that morning to discuss about the promotion. Shen Xin Ru was still exuding her arrogance and giving Bi Ting the challenging look–even in front of Shu Xin. The table actually turned for both girls as Shu Xin called one of their other co-workers, Zhou Si Yi, in and let the girl tell them herself that she was the one who got promoted. (The way I see it, it was better than letting Shen Xin Ru do it, considering her arrogant attitude.)

Talking about luck, luck seemed to turn upward for both Jun Jie and Xue Ming as Jun Jie persuaded Xue Ming to start over again, changing the agency’s name to “Jun Ming” instead of just changing to his name like Xue Ming insisted. Xue Ming, of course, planned to go to the police and confessed of his misdeeds to compensate Jun Jie. But after this offer, it seemed like Xue Ming was indeed turning a new leaf again. Not only that but Jun Jie also managed to get a past client’s backing for his current company so now he was very much on his way up again. Though he wasn’t too overly optimistic to forget Chairwoman Song’s words about watching out for Xue Ming. Yes, the lady boss didn’t really trust Xue Ming and she was indeed right with his past scores.

Failing to convince Meng Xuan, Yu Xiang have no choice but to go back to the ‘creepy house’ as his final path. Or perhaps his only path because there was no other option after he gambled all of his money away. Time to beg Master Ling to take him back. If only he survive with the almost heart attacks first.

At “Happiness Began”, it seemed like Shu Xin already got wind of the situation between Bi Ting and Jun Jie hence she was really out to prove to Bi Ting that her relationship with Jun Jie was WAY closer and WAY more intimate than Bi Ting could ever imagine. Pretending to talk on the phone and walking out to search for stuffs, but she was just wanting to walk by Bi Ting and blurt out Jun Jie’s name, and the intimidating look. Apparently, Jun Jie wasn’t just setting up a date with Shu Xin but also with Bi Ting to discuss about work-related stuffs. So what would come out of it? If only Xiao Q would pipe down with her mouth. It was somewhat touching that she was supporting Bi Ting. Yet having Shu Xin hear more out of it and possibly making Bi Ting’s future more miserable wouldn’t help matters. (And for once I wasn’t annoyed with Bi Ting’s nervousness about fearing others know about her relation with Jun Jie or some other party. Because she was really worried for Jun Jie’s career more than her own reputation at that point.) Xiao Q was indeed right when she said that Shu Xin purposely let it slip about her date that night with Jun Jie. Not only that, but it might have somewhat affected her decision in promoting Bi Ting or not as well. (I do understand that with Bi Ting’s attitude at times and her clumsy mistakes had caused her promotion and it was reasonable that Shu Xin promote a more suitable candidate. Yet that little action with her tossing Bi Ting’s paperwork into the trash bin–and with those bold words on top–made it even more suspicious as to why or how she had changed her decision in the end. AND Xiao Q was so cute with her conjectures yet I swore it might as well be true. I love Xiao Q more and more since she seriously was trying to help Bi Ting with listing all of Bi Ting’s good points yet it might as well be stomping on Bi Ting’s taboos. It was still hilarious. Bi Ting seriously was too naive in thinking Shu Xin was professional and all. Yes, she was indeed quite professional with other matters, but with her own situation? Yeah right.)

On the comic relief front, Yu Xiang was forced to dress as a woman and had to sing as well. He was indeed in the worst spot ever imagined. Or was it? He managed to get past his uncle’s mocking when the uncle spotted him in the new look already. What about the coming days?  (The singing part was indeed really funny though! They drove one another crazy.) Yet Yu Xiang didn’t have to wait for the coming days to see what other miserable circumstances he could stumble into. He just have to bump into Bi Ting when he was on his way to buy some coffee at Sam Brunch. Bi Ting was also there because she was helping Jun Jie with providing more details regarding to weddings and whatnot. They just finished their lunch and Jun Jie was done paying upfront. When he excused himself to go to the restroom, that was when Yu Xiang walked in. It was hilarious how Yu Xiang thought Sam couldn’t even recognize him so Bi Ting wouldn’t either. It served him right for the public humiliation. Since he kept shoving his face into hers so now it was hard to forget his image even if she tried. And the fun was halted once again because Shu Xin jumped in to sabotage them with dragging Jun Jie away as he and Bi Ting were on their way back to the office. Luckily, this time, Bi Ting was able to complete her date with Jun Jie before the interruption. (It was actually quite a riot to watch because the supposedly ‘perfect beauty’ lost her grace and acted like a jealous brat. I’m not trying to insult her here, but she chose to act like some perfect person, not because others thought of her that way, so it was fair game to make fun of her. And I guess it was because she realized it really suck that NOT every man was worshiping her hence the apparent anger? In a way, she was like Yu Xiang, couldn’t take the blow.)

Even if Bi Ting was disappointed that she wasn’t able to walk back to work with Jun Jie, but she didn’t let that affect her. At least not for the time being. Perhaps it had mostly to do with her curiosity in finding out what was up with the pamphlet that Yu Xiang dropped at Sam Brunch earlier. So yes, she ended up making a trip to the site to witness for herself of the event. And of course she didn’t pass up the opportunity to make fun of him after the ceremony was done and over with. She wasn’t the type to interrupt and show disrespect in the middle anyway. (Except for that one time with the cat’s funeral and it was an accident so she did apologize afterward.)

Shu Xin’s schemes were really unraveling itself at a fast speed because she had somehow managed to get herself drunk and got Jun Jie to take her home; and had somehow along the way texted Bi Ting so that she would come by at the right time to witness Jun Jie walking out of the apartment building, adjusting his outfit just slightly. Suspicious much? Yet it was obvious Shu Xin planned it all. She wasn’t the least bit drunk–even if she did drink at one point. She only let on that way to make Jun Jie take her home. (Though too bad it was only visible by the viewers because it was impossible for Bi Ting to comprehend the whole situation at this point.) The interesting bit that the script-writer(s) actually enforce with the plot device was letting Jun Jie see Bi Ting after he got into the Taxi. Yet what was the point? And it was more obvious that Shu Xin planned it because after both Jun Jie and Bi Ting already left, Shu Xin appeared by the curtain and took a peek out. (I seriously didn’t want to hate her at first since I do like Queenie and because she was so cool with her martial arts moves earlier and I just wanted some of my earlier assumptions to be wrong. Yet she was really flaky with pretending to be all ‘gentle’ in front of others and ended up crying out that she had no choice. Really? Thus I hope they do a really good turn around for Yu Xiang later because I keep pushing him into the middle zone because of his spoiled brat attitude. Because he liked and was after such ‘perfect, flaky’ girls like Shu Xin, I just hope they make it really hard for him later with trying to win Bi Ting’s heart.)

Flashbacks really confirm my previous suspicion that Shu Xin must have spotted Bi Ting out with Jun Jie somewhere to be so jealous of them and unleashed her full plan the next day. Yet the scene that she saw was Bi Ting being carried by Jun Jie to the Taxi and he even accompanied her home. She went even further by spying on them the next day at Bi Ting’s place, thinking that they must have spent the night together. It was so cool that the flashbacks went even further with showing how Shu Xin purposely walked out toward Bi Ting upon saying Jun Jie’s name earlier in the day, trying to make Bi Ting jealous. In fact, flashbacks went all the way to connect the dots for the rest of us viewers, seeing how Shu Xin had changed so fast from a ‘perfect beauty’ to this being when she was met with a possible threat. The end of the episode revealed what Shu Xin was capable of when she encountered some major ‘obstacle’, what would the next one bring?

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