True Love 365: Episode 9

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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Tian Cheng’s sticky situation was actually resolved by his uncle, Bo Wen, coming to the rescue. It seemed like the uncle really knew his way around hence he could always go to places as he wished, not fearing a thing. His Wing Chun skills were indeed helpful as well. It had allowed him to get out of dangerous situations more than once already. Yet would Tian Cheng learn from this one time and try harder to find a normal job instead of cutting corners? Tian Cheng still seemed so stubborn about the whole job search. He didn’t want to listen to his uncle’s suggestion of going to Sam Brunch to work for Yi Ru. In a way, it was understandable that he didn’t want to lean on his ex-wife. But couldn’t he try harder to find a job?

Yu Jie, not listening to her manager’s advice, still retained the attitude and managed to get herself in disagreement with Long Tian Xing. This time, she spoke up and not stay quiet like the previous day. However, because it seemed to be her last straw or more like the last chance, would she back down at last? Considering how she already offended all the producers and directors within the industry–whether big or small, it wasn’t too much that Long Tian Xing was attacking her and pushing her button even more. Indeed, Yu Jie decided to keep it in, and even apologized.

So not wanting to succumb to Yi Ru’s offer, Tian Cheng ended up working at the same place as Yu Xiang. He was also responsible for some ‘crying scenes’ at the funeral. Yet it wasn’t just Tian Cheng posing as one of the ‘crying party’, because Uncle Bo Wen was also part of the skit. And the reason for it was because Master Ling was hospitalized already and his son had to go take care of him so Yu Xiang had to recruit the other two to help him with the current client. Since they’d already collected the money, it was hard to back down. They wouldn’t want to face the consequences. Yet it might have been better if they ended up getting beat up or worse by the gangsters than have Uncle Bo Wen and Tian Cheng mess up at the ceremony. It was indeed quite frustrating and pathetic that both tried to hit on girls while the funeral was taking place. (I seriously felt sorry for Yu Xiang then, having to handle the situation. At least during the ceremony, he was really professional and would do the best to his ability to pay respect as he had promised.) Their only escape route was only due to luck, because another unfamiliar woman arrived and stirred up a riot between several parties hence they managed to weave through the crowd in time before anything else happened. Yet that was one pathetic scene that shouldn’t be repeated.

Tian Cheng’s little game finally ended as he and Yu Xiang went to Sam Brunch for a meal again. This time, Yi Ru really sat down and had a serious talk with him. It was hard to dodge any longer. Though Tian Cheng needed to use some excuses to actually accept this offer so he had to lay out his own terms before accepting the job. And here Tian Cheng was thinking that his ex-wife was still harboring feelings for him hence wanting to help him time after time. He was beyond stumped when the ‘boyfriend’ walked in and greeted him with a confident smile.

The reappearance of Shu Xin marked more schemes unleashing. It first began with Bi Ting getting off of a night bus and heading back into the company to finish up a certain project. She spotted Jun Jie getting out of a Taxi across the street and wanted to approach him. Yet she soon realized Shu Xin was also with him and hid behind some tree. Unfortunately, Shu Xin already saw her and grabbed onto to Jun Jie, projecting the closeness image. Bi Ting, feeling disappointed, flagged a Taxi and embarrassingly rushed into it. She had no idea it was no use since Shu Xin already saw her anyway. Upon arriving home, she received a call from Jun Jie and learned that he wanted to meet up with her. However, another twist of fate interfered because Yu Xiang was seen walking down the street as Bi Ting was still talking on the phone with Jun Jie. Interestingly, this time they were somehow discussing as to why Jun Jie was with Shu Xin in the first place. Bi Ting stopped herself in time as not to disclose too much of what was on her mind to Yu Xiang, but of course, he could still tease her with his intimidating behavior. In fact, those usual rousing had worked because Bi Ting had accidentally let it slip that Jun Jie had spent a night at her place one time. But their humorous banter was interrupted by none other than the busybody Shu Xin. (Honestly, the only reason why I enjoy their bickering scenes and still tolerate Yu Xiang at times was because his time with Bi Ting never got interrupted by anyone. Yet now? That was going overboard.) While Shu Xin was struggling to find “whatever the reason she was appearing in front of Bi Ting’s house for” to say to Bi Ting, Yu Xiang managed to interrupt enough that Jun Jie finally appeared. Jun Jie was really in for a surprise. In fact, it was strange that even Shu Xin was surprised. (I swore I thought she somehow had backtracked and eavesdropped on Jun Jie’s conversation with Bi Ting hence arriving at the scene beforehand. Hey, she was so calculative before so it was hard to blame me for suspecting.) It was indeed quite priceless to watch Shu Xin’s expression as Jun Jie finally caught onto Yu Xiang’s attempt to rescue him from the sticky situation and played along. It was too obvious that Jun Jie didn’t know how to lie so, of course, he was there to see Bi Ting, not meeting up with Yu Xiang–like Yu Xiang had claimed. Not to mention the coming scene when Jun Jie’s expression had changed slightly when he saw his brother slipped a hand around Bi Ting’s shoulders like many times before. It wasn’t like Jun Jie never witnessed his brother trying to tease Bi Ting before, but the discomfort showed that he cared for Bi Ting too much to even tolerate Yu Xiang’s little joke. (I seriously love how Yu Xiang wouldn’t let go of Shu Xin’s loose words with seeking out Bi Ting at this time of the night just to discuss ‘business’. It was possibly due to the fact that he was sort of jealous and wanted to see if she was really interested in Jun Jie. But still, priceless to see Shu Xin struggle to answer or prove to others that she wasn’t there for some other ‘motive’.) It was hilarious how Yu Xiang was leaning forward to listen in to their ‘matter’ and exclaimed out that that matter could be said over the phone. Yet Bi Ting still wanted to save her boss’ face so she had to jump in and chide Yu Xiang for not remembering her boss’ words previously. (Of course, Yu Xiang didn’t mean that Shu Xin should call Bi Ting while driving, he meant Shu Xin could’ve called Bi Ting up from home to pass the words over instead of driving all the way over here.) Yu Xiang managed to use fatigue and drowsiness as an excuse to disperse the party. Yet Shu Xin just had to have the last word or more like a dramatic exit, because she managed to give Jun Jie a kiss on the cheek and words of farewell before leaving. It was obvious that Bi Ting was drawing a line between her and Jun Jie since she no longer called him by name but by the usual formal address. Yu Xiang had no other choice but to drag his brother home at that moment.

Back home, Yu Xiang was still posing as the burnt-out person, wanting to go to sleep as soon as possible. Yet Jun Jie stopped him and thanked him for the previous matter. Of course, Yu Xiang shrugged it off as nothing since they were brothers after all. But Jun Jie still didn’t let Yu Xiang off. Instead of questioning Yu Xiang about his presence at Bi Ting’s place, he ended up pondering why Yu Xiang wasn’t questioning his behaviors. So the brothers were finally confronting the matters instead of playing dodge ball like previously. Yu Xiang’s question to Jun Jie was simple: Why did Jun Jie choose Bi Ting over such a perfect person like Shu Xin? (They were brothers after all so of course he already figured out Jun Jie liked Bi Ting.) Jun Jie, contrary to his willing to cooperate self, wanted Yu Xiang to answer his question first. His question was also predictable, which was: You like Shu Xin, right? Though Yu Xiang’s words in regard to love having no apparent reason made a lot of sense yet it trumped his previous words about ‘seeking for the perfect woman’ and ‘Shu Xin fitting the frame’. Because seriously, if he applied his own explanation for ‘love’ to his actual ‘searching’, then why was he searching for?

Good news came for Yu Xiang as he arrived at the hospital to visit Master Ling the next morning. Master Ling’s son greeted him instead and passed on the words from his father, which was to let Yu Xiang manage their funeral arrangement business for the time being since Master Ling had to go through therapy for a while before he could return home. As for Bi Ting, Jun Jie came to visit her and tried to explain about the previous night’s situation. Yet Bi Ting was dodging the matter on purpose, claiming that she was going to make tea. Jun Jie, knowing he shouldn’t delay the matter any longer, stopped her. He immediately told her about how he planned to go tell her immediately after his return of his success from the trip and it was all due to her suggestions. It took almost forever for him to say what was really in his heart. Yet it was somewhat worth the wait.

On the Yu Jie front, she was seriously driving Long Tian Xing insane with her way of reading the script. But he was seriously so professional and hardworking, willing to mark all of those spots for her. Yet she still complained? At least she wasn’t pulling the attitude and being loud anymore.

Meanwhile, the recently no longer unemployed Tian Cheng was on a roll at Sam Brunch, trying to prove himself. However, his effort wasn’t in vain because he was actually quite hardworking and even received praise from Yu Xiang. (If anyone would receive praises from Yu Xiang, it was a miracle already, especially on a professional level so Tian Cheng had definitely proved himself at last.) From Sam’s recounts, Tian Cheng was indeed taking his job seriously. Though being praised by others, he wasn’t exuding his arrogance either, even crediting Sam for his help thus far.

As they were helping Tian Cheng with taste testing the new and improved dishes, Yu Xiang and Yu Jie finally discovered that Yi Ru was dating again. Both gave their older brother a stare down yet Tian Cheng seemed oblivious to it. He was all hardworking, ignoring the siblings. He soon left with Sam to go discuss more regarding other improvements they could make for the restaurant.

As for Yu Xiang, though ambitious to rise to the top once again, he didn’t accept help from his father’s competitor nor did he cave into temptation at such a meaty offer. It seemed like Yu Xiang wasn’t as hateful as he exuded at times. After all, it was his family, so he wouldn’t do such a thing to hurt his father. He was just trying to prove to his father he was capable, not drawing a line to the point of no return.

On the other hand, Bi Ting still hadn’t given Jun Jie an answer as to whether she accepted his confession or not. But that was the coming episode because their encounter at the end of the next day was halted.


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