True Love 365: The Women In Lai Yu Xiang’s Life

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I think I beat the topic to death already with how I don’t like triangles in dramas, except for very rare cases. Then there are also times when I feel like I can’t choose who the main lead should be with. Sure, I usually root for the main couple or possibly just plain don’t care and then give up on the drama. But this is actually one of those dramas where I wouldn’t be too sore to see if Yu Xiang had ended up with one of the three women in his life. And yeah, I meant to do this topic ages back when I was done with the drama itself. Other things got in the way, hence the delay. So anyway, back on topic. All the female characters surrounding him somehow made it funny in their own way. It helped heaps that he looked quite compatible with all three.

Wu Meng Xuan liked Yu Xiang and tagged him in the earlier parts of the drama when he was still trying to rebel against his parents and didn’t want to accept their terms. He wanted to break out on his own and Meng Xuan just happened to be one of the persons that could help make his career move forward. Her father was a powerful figure helped.

However, Yu Xiang couldn’t bring himself to go through with using Meng Xuan’s connections. Meng Xuan still tagged him regardless, convinced that she could change his mind later on. That didn’t turn out in her favor. After a misunderstanding with how she thought he was really involved with Bi Ting (or was just plain a player, I forgot since it was a while now, lol), she left.

She even deleted his picture and information from her phone to prove her determination in forgetting him. That had ironically worked against what Yu Xiang’s goal was at that point since he was getting a little more desperate than before and was thinking of seeking out Meng Xuan’s father for help. Or so was still thinking about it. So when he wanted to get rid of her, he couldn’t. Yet when he really didn’t, she left. Nice?

I think given time, they could develop into something much more if he had given her a chance. Not just because he was reconsidering about the whole connections thing to help his business. She was indeed quite cute in her own way. Even if he had claimed she wasn’t the type he would fall for. (Hey, he ended up with someone he thought he would never like, so there…lol.)

Then there was Yang Min Ling, Yu Xiang’s cute assistant. She claimed to be in love with him since the beginning. As if things weren’t complicated enough in his life, he had to fend off Min Ling’s obsessing over him from time to time. Yet she wasn’t so aggressive that he had to chase her away by firing her or anything like that.

She actually quit her job at the Lai’s company to follow him when he wanted to venture out to the world and prove himself to his father. Surely a very rash move for a crush on him. Yet she proved to be quite helpful with his venture. She was good at her job and was also hardworking. She was also quite intelligent. It was just that her obsessive episodes at times that might lead others to misunderstand her capabilities.

She even followed him to “Happiness Began” and also continued to support his hared-brain ideas. Although she supported him yet wasn’t blinded to the fact that no one in their right mind wanted to talk about a certain subject while planning for their blissful day. When he wasn’t listening, she still continued on with making the goal as best as they all could.

What cracked me up even more about them was how Yu Xiang kept saying he was too old for her. Perhaps true. Yet they didn’t seem to be too off. He kept reminding her that young girls shouldn’t utter words of affections so easily. Or expressing their love so loosely like that. She disagreed, of course, lol. It was a constant struggle between them.

What was different about Min Ling from other jealous, scheming female supporting characters was that she wasn’t jealous of Bi Ting. Sure, she had stated that at various points, but she was mostly teasing Yu Xiang and Bi Ting. The fact that she openly admitted it made the difference. She wasn’t fake about it either. She wasn’t just getting along with Bi Ting for the sake of it. Yet she truly found some common grounds with Bi Ting and soon become good sisters. What was hilarious about the situation was how Bi Ting had clarified that she didn’t have any link to Yu Xiang so Min Ling could pursue Yu Xiang all she wanted. The funniest bit was how Yu Xiang was present during the scene and pointed out that they were treating him like a dead person when he was like right there.

What was ironic about the situation regarding Yu Xiang and Min Ling was how he had to use Min Ling as a shield, later on, to convince his brother that there wasn’t anything going on between him and Bi Ting, because he was dating Min Ling. What was so ironic about it? Well, she was thrown off her game and even had on a surprised expression after Yu Xiang blurted out of their supposed relationship. Though she soon reacted and went along with it, stating that since Yu Xiang already said it, she should admit it.

Which led to this scene. They had a talk in a restaurant and he finally accepted her proposal of starting a relationship and giving her a chance. She was so happy yet he was beginning to regret his choice. It was too late to back out though.

He later admitted that she was indeed “loved by everyone who met her” (人見人愛), lol, a phrase he’d only used for himself in the past. It was when she once again supported him and left the agency together. Yes, the part where Yu Xiang refused to go against his father so he left, not wanting to be manipulated any longer.

Min Ling was indeed lovable. Not just because she’d chosen to let go of Yu Xiang. She knew too well what was going on between Yu Xiang and Bi Ting, it was just that the two refused to admit it and was hiding. Min Ling went even further with convincing Bi Ting to think it over by telling Bi Ting that she was just idolizing Yu Xiang. Perhaps that could be true, considering how her gestures showed at times.

In the end, Min Ling went to the U.S. She and Yu Xiang met up and they exchanged the usual farewells and good wishing, etc. It was a nice meeting, a closure for them both. Also, Min Ling continued to urge Yu Xiang with pursuing Bi Ting.

Now finally, the main female lead and the person Yu Xiang ended up marrying. However, it wasn’t because of the contract that his parents put forth for them all, but it was because he knew she was the one whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Yu Xiang and Bi Ting’s start was full of rough patches. Believe me when I say I never hated the main guy more than him. It wasn’t just because he was picking on her for the initial misunderstanding, which she was indeed in the wrong (and that the other incident was really a scam). He was seriously petty. It wasn’t because I was rooting for the second main lead either. I felt that the second lead guy was just too good to be true so I was steering clear of him too. I was waiting desperately for Yu Xiang to become more likable. But I soon realized it wasn’t all for nothing, and it wasn’t that hateful as I so felt strongly against and was so impatient to see some changes.

Regardless of their encounters, she was always able to fight back, not showing him that he had won. Even if she’d lost ground on several occasions, but she wasn’t beat down by those setbacks. She strived on, not letting him affect her life. Or at least whatever that was she was able to control.

And regardless of how senseless his teasing was, she didn’t ignore him when he actually needed help. Well, he didn’t ask her yet she was willing to cure him. Even if that ended up being another disaster.

And his teasing did become one of the hallmarks for their relationship later on. Not to mention how it wasn’t all in vain. It had become a shield for disarming many intense situations that Bi Ting found herself in.

It wasn’t until he once again helped her out of a certain awkward situation that their relationship improved. At least regarding how much they’d known and loathed one another thus far. She visited his workplace and thanked him for helping her the other night. It was also then that he realized how Bi Ting wasn’t all that annoying like he had initially thought. She was actually quite cute.

They became the best of friends as the drama progressed. He continued to rescue her out of sticky situations and comforted her time after time. Because of the strengthened trust, she soon shared a lot of stuff, like her family growing up, being independent, and even her dreams. Even if he had teased her about it, but he silently tried to help her in achieving her goals.

Interestingly, she even became the boss of him at times, managing to get the upper hand in making him drink a certain weird med to cure some symptoms. Or it was the whole trying out various strange dishes at small shops alongside the streets.

He even went to the extremes of fulfilling some of her wishes, shedding away his pride. That ended up touching her more than they both realized, considering how no one had ever done any of those things for her. It wasn’t like she wanted to keep scores. But it was so unexpected that she couldn’t believe someone could’ve done that for her.

Because of those little bits and pieces along the way, it had ironically brought them closer together and had complicated matters even more in regards to her relationship. That was the sole reason why it took them forever to get together in the end.

It was like so ironic, because they fought senselessly since the beginning, seeing each other every single day, but they had interacted without any hesitation. Now that they had grown quite fond of one another, they couldn’t step forward.

So when they finally got together, it was seriously worth the wait and so cute. (For even more cuteness from them, go here.)

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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