True Love 365: Yu Xiang and Bi Ting

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I know I already covered their relationship in the other post. But I couldn’t help bringing out another post regarding them. The other reason is I want to clarify some matters.

First of all, I had mentioned a lot of how Bi Ting was often rescued by Yu Xiang, whether because they were stuck together in the most unbelievable situations or because he was just teasing her. Or even later into the story when they finally became good friends. Yet that wasn’t the sole reason why I ended up loving them together. Because the whole rescuing formula often created the whole “prince in shining armor” that I had made fun of so often on this blog.

What I do like though was how Yu Xiang had rescued Bi Ting WAY before even acknowledging that she was actually quite cute in her own way. At times, even if they were in disagreements, he still steered her along when they were chased by those thugs that one time in the earlier parts of the drama. Even if he didn’t like her that much, he still chose to help her that one time during the awkward encounter with Shu Xin. Although he’d said later that he was just helping his brother, he still did it.

Not to mention that this drama finally took back the balance with allowing the male lead to do all the rescuing instead of just letting the second main guy shined throughout and let the viewers scold the main guy for not doing anything. It wasn’t like I needed the main guy to prove himself so much by doing those glorified acts while the female lead stood by helplessly. This one allowed Yu Xiang to be both hateful and likable at the same time, without tearing him apart or giving him too much credit by creating unrealistic characteristics out of him. Yet I liked it that there were many sticky situations also that the second main guy was going through as well so that was one of the reasons why it didn’t work out. No one was perfect. But their decisions had impacted the outcome of the story in the end, just like how life should be. So after the initial rescuing that Jun Jie did at the beginning and had caught Bi Ting’s attention, he was no longer active in that area, because of many other situations that he was pulled into.

What I also liked and was fascinated after the whole frustration subsided was how much Yu Xiang changed through time. It wasn’t like a change but like a sense of maturity. Because from the start, he wasn’t a bad person. He seriously wasn’t a bad person. It was his attitude that was terrible, even during work and having to communicate with some of the most renowned businessmen. He was too arrogant and had stomped on too many feet. He learned to curve that later. However, he wasn’t becoming all dull either. He was still funny, he was still running his mouth. But he became more appreciative of those around him.

Then there was Bi Ting. She wasn’t so passive or so ignorant of matters like other female leads often were portrayed with being cute and innocent and all. In some ways, she was still inexperienced. Yet she wasn’t too clueless about other matters in life. After all, she had been living alone for a long time now, supporting herself and working toward her ultimate goal. So she couldn’t be that naive. She also got mad at times, not just plain silly mad to attract viewers either. Yes, there were senseless banters with Yu Xiang from time to time, but that was different. From her serious conversations at times with Yu Xiang, she knew too well about realistic expectations and what might not work out, like her relationship with Jun Jie from the start. Even if she had dreamed of being with him and was somewhat silly at first but after the initial silliness wore off and obstacles started to present itself, she realized the reality of it all. It wasn’t like she wanted to give up, but after some attempted communications and persistence that went nowhere, she couldn’t just ignore those signs so blindly.

One last item, but probably there were some topics left untouched, lol. What I really liked about this drama, aside from all of the other aforementioned reasons, was the time the main couple spent together. Sometimes, especially in recent dramas, I felt like the main couple never spend enough time together. Sure, they fell in love somehow and then were torn apart by scheming, jealous people and then the female lead ended up crying in the second male lead’s arms while the leading guy was too stubborn to work things out or was helpless because of other side matters. (What I just described sort of fell into what happened between Bi Ting and Jun Jie in here, lol. But at least it got reversed a little this time, NOT just following on that same path.) Then somehow along the way, things fell together again, but the main couple just didn’t spend enough time together. This one, whether when they were in disagreements or the developments of the story, Yu Xiang and Bi Ting spent a lot of time together. They worked together later on helped, but at least the scriptwriters were aiding the main lead guy’s cause in a way that didn’t seem too WAY over. It at least convinced viewers more as to why they should be together, not just throwing stuff in randomly to let it be dramatic and toss the reasoning of the plot out the window like the more popular dramas often like to go on a tangent.

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