TV Shows Cancellation Frustrations

Okay, so I went and checked on the status of when some of the shows would air again because some networks shuffle their shows so there wouldn’t be a gap or whatever. Then I discovered some shows I’m waiting for to return had already got the heave-ho. So it got me thinking even more about some past shows that I could never forgive some networks for canceling. I’m going to list ’em all here just to rant!

ABC/ABC Family

  • Bunheads – Uh, seriously? It has a refreshing theme for me. And Michelle’s character is one of the most unpredictable yet funniest characters I’ve seen in a long time. The rest of the cast wasn’t bad either with their story arc and all. I seriously don’t know why I didn’t realize this until now. But I’ve been sooo busy that I didn’t even check up on it until now.


  • Early Edition – Not too abruptly killed off, but still a very sad case.
  • Martial Law – Dead after two seasons.
  • Me, Myself, and I – OMG, I realized too late that they killed the show because I was so caught up in other things in my life. It was one of the more refreshing shows of recent. Yet they canceled it? What? I liked the relationship between Alex and his daughter. Then the whole shifting back and forth with the time frames. It was really artistic and complex.
  • Sons of Thunder – NOT sure if anyone remembers this one anymore. But it was a spin-off of the Walker, Texas Ranger one. I actually liked the two characters featured in here and loved that they have their own show. Yet it got killed? Seriously?
  • The Crazy Ones – Um, I actually liked the cast and whatever that was exaggerated of the plot at times. It fitted the title, hello. Regardless of what happened several months later, I rather it was because of the tragedy than CBS killing the show first. I actually started out watching because I was studying stuff within the advertising industry at that time and found it hilarious. Sometimes I didn’t care much about some of the side romances, but I did love Zandrew! (LOL!) They also brought back some of the classic songs of the earlier decades.


  • Michael Hayes – Um, what happened?
  • Sean Saves The World – I was actually one of the people who loved it. I was soooo sore, to say the least when it was killed off. I found it even funnier than some of the currently aired ones that should have been canceled already.


  • Just Cause – It was one of those law shows that I actually watched and felt it was refreshing at that time.

NOTE: I’m sure I will add to the list later. So YES, the post will be updated from time to time.