TVB Golden Couples: Part I

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I meant to do this for a while now but got 200% frustrated with stuff so I had to steer away for a while so I could do it on a positive note. (I hope.) So, who’s up first? Deric Wan and Maggie Siu. I seriously didn’t think of starting right there because I thought I start from the ’80s BUT had to because of after watching this clip here. (Courtesy of llwy12 for finding it and sharing it with us here.)

First off, I don’t remember if TVB had ever declared Deric and Maggie as a golden couple, but I don’t care, lol. I just thought they deserved to be a golden couple regardless. (Probably even more deserving than some of the current so-called ‘golden couples’, lol. Sorry for that, but had to put it in.)

Anyway, since I was talking about the clip above, slide the clip to around 54:06 and you should witness a super cute scene (at least to me). So they were all called out to accept the trophy for being the highest in rating series (up to 1995), right? Then when one of the hosts was calling for Felix to step up, Felix turned to gesture for Deric as well. So they all stepped up to accept the trophy. What does that have to do with Deric and Maggie? HELLO! Anyone see the subtle yet so comfortable signs between them? When they were coming out at first, Maggie hooked her hands through Deric’s right hand and he let her, not caring to make a polite attempt to shrug her off or anything (while Felix and Kathy were just standing a polite distance from one another). What was more, Maggie actually raised her right hand up to fix her hair at one time yet still returned her hand to Deric’s afterward. She even kept it there while clapping her hands, hello. Moving on, so when Felix was turning around to gesture for Deric to come forward as well, Deric turned to Maggie and motioned for her. He even placed his hand around her waist, temporarily. So after the ‘shaking hands’ scene, Maggie’s hand returned to Deric’s side–until she had to help the others open the display case (forgot the term for it, sorry) to reveal the contents inside. Cool? Man, I had a kick with it! Wah! That’s what I call chemistry! Of course, they could just be acting out their relations in the series BUT that made my day.

Moving onto Blood of Good and Evil, I sort of wanted to talk about their interactions in there more here (since I sort of got too frustrated with some issues in regard to the ending in this other post that I didn’t talk about Deric and Maggie as much). Man, it was so addicting to watch them in Blood of Good and Evil despite how there were so many other subplots going on at once. I have to confess it was killing me to wait for the moments when they finally got together. I meant like the beginning when they started dating, not the ending. ‘Cause they met, which was strange enough, and then ran into each other again later. Then things happened but it was unfolding at an excruciating pace that I was just about to yell for it to move faster. Yeah, so sue me if I was impatient. Yet I thought it was worth it. I didn’t realize I liked their chemistry so much until later (since I liked their other pairings too). I loved her spunky personality at the beginning and mix in with his stubbornness and there we all were, lol. I don’t know. You just have to watch it to know what I’m talking about. It was kind of funny though that he seemed to have so much pride in him yet he had to chase after her time after time, even in the end when he had to find her. I guess it was like he knew she was the only one that could tolerate him despite all his unreasonable jealous episodes at times? (Yet I found it a bit ironic that she dated the doctor after their break up that one time, it was like confirming his suspicion. Okay, so I have a one-tracked mind. But it was just weird that it proved that he was right BUT it wasn’t like that at all.) Anyway, I loved those songs used for them in the series as well, it was quite memorable and a nice touch overall. (Yeah, it took quite a lot of attempts to read the lyrics and dictionary fetching for me but I got it. The things I did for my obsession over them, eh?)

As much as I like them together though, I’m sorry to confess that I won’t be returning to watching Conscience anytime soon nor will I pick up Looking Back In Anger for that matter. I hate triangles and other obstacles so do I want to agonize myself with watching the worst. I already made the mistake of watching The Breaking Point in the past SO…yeah… (And for the record, I never care about ratings, I pretty much operate on my own wavelength so don’t bring the ‘ratings’ thing in to convince me otherwise.) What to do now if I don’t even watch their series? (At least the ones they were together–for a while.) Fanfiction, hello! (Yup, one day you wake up, you might find me sharing some weird stories I managed to conjure up in that twisted mind of mine.)

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4 thoughts on “TVB Golden Couples: Part I

  1. llwy12 says:

    Yay! Yay! Yay! (talk about obsessed, huh? LOL)
    Love this post!!! Deric and Maggie are ABSOLUTELY considered a golden couple (more so than those today — I don’t buy into any of that ‘taro’ and other combo name crap that goes on nowadays)!
    Wow, you noticed so much in that clip! I only noticed the part where Maggie hooked her hands through Deric’s and the “gesturing” by Felix and subsequently by Deric near the end (you are definitely more obsessed! LOL!). Maybe I got too excited to see that cast reunited again and was grateful to have even a 2 minute glimpse of Deric that I didn’t notice (haha)…
    Oh, and I absolutely agree with you regarding the Deric / Maggie scenes in BOGAE — to be honest, that’s where I really fell in love with them as a couple more so than in LBIA (maybe because Deric doesn’t kill Maggie in BOGAE, unlike in LBIA and TBP?). Anyway, absolutely love that series and their pairing — and yes, I absolutely cried at the very end of that series and no matter how many times I’ve watched the series (so many times that I’ve lost count), I still cry because of the emotional impact of that last scene / segment!
    And no, please don’t watch “Consicence” — I made the mistake of watching it and am still regretting it….I would much rather read you fan fiction instead (and yes, when you do decide that you want to share it, let me know pelase…:-))

  2. DTLCT says:

    @llwy12 – Well, I have to confess that I’m sort of into the ‘name’ combo thing BUT not as so much as the Hk ones as the TW ones, LOL! Hey, what do you expect the rest of us lazy people to do if we don’t want to type the full names? OR maybe it’s just fans’ delusional way of combining so that it would convince them even more of a possibility in real life for their favorites? Just messing with you, don’t worry. I think I got what you’re saying about how TVB kept pushing like a bunch of new possible pairings that it had gotten out of hands. I meant I welcome refreshing pairings, BUT they (TVB) kept emphasizing about the ‘golden couple’ part that made it quite annoying and the ‘golden’ part now sounding so bland. I meant like Deric and Maggie – though I have my other favorite co-stars of them too YET I consider them ‘golden’ because I found them the best match among all the ones they were paired with. SO that was ‘golden’ for me, lol.

    Anyway, back on topic, I don’t know. I guess I do qualify for being obsessed, LOL! I think I re-watch like several more times while doing the post as well so yeah! LOL!

    And thanks for the heads-up since I didn’t want to return to “Conscience”. Now that you said it, I won’t feel guilty about it. I meant I saw the first episode or so. Then I switched to the end to see what was going on since was wondering if Deric jumped. YET I was like, “WHAT?!” Yeah, we get it that they (the creators) wanted to shift gears and had Maggie portray a different role. But it was frustrating that Deric and Maggie didn’t end up together. Or making Maggie bad on purpose for the controversy of the topic. I saw how Maggie’s mother treated her in there so it wasn’t like it was her fault that she became that way. NO proper guidance, etc. What I found funny and kind of cute was seeing how Maggie was bringing Deric out of his shell at the beginning. I even went to read spoilers to see if I had missed anything with the clips I found, like it wasn’t really the ending. YET I stumbled upon some review about it and was like, “OKAY…” Feels too discouraging so I drop it. The only part I remember that was kind of funny was where Deric was trying to answer this one question from the radio show with “how to put an elephant into the fridge” and the answer was: (1) Open the fridge, (2) place the elephant in, (3) close the fridge. I thought that was soooo playing on the words yet somewhat clever though sort of leaning on the corny side. But that was that.

    And we already discussed the LBIA and TBP obstacles so I won’t repeat. But will definitely post and notify you if I just out of the blue come up with some fanfic, LOL!

  3. DTLCT says:

    @shaw – Thanks for sharing the clip! And also for sharing the trivia with Maggie hooking her hands to the ones she’s comfortable with. It something to look for when watching her interact with others, lol.
    Regarding ATE, I did watch that one with her and Nicky. I really like their story in there. Since the others’ stories were just too intense at times. Though they went through a lot too, but they were my favorite couple in there.


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