Wallace and Tammy’s Lucky Day

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While doing routine browsing, I just decided to check DramaWiki to see what’s up lately–though it is not as reliable sometimes (not as updated–that is) and found out about Wallace and Tammy’s upcoming drama, Lucky Day. I think it would not be an exaggeration to say that it is more of my lucky day. With his intention of establishing himself with a totally different image and not wanting to be just another typical idol, I really admire him for his hardworking attitude and the bravery to step out and start anew yet at the same time I was disappointed that I would not be able to see him in Taiwanese dramas again. So, of course, it made my day to have discovered this so I searched around the net for more news of it and of course it is true. Wallace is coming back to SETTV to film this new drama with Tammy Chen. I think the script sounds promising enough and hopefully, it won’t be too silly. I’m sure it should be worthwhile since Wallace said it was due to aspirations that he came back to film it (and even willing to lower his pay for it). As for Tammy, she recently got nominated for Best Actress in Story of Time for the upcoming GBA (Golden Bell Award), which I haven’t watched yet but feel that she’s one of those that deserves it for whichever drama she’s in. (Hopefully, she will win but that’s wishful thinking on my part since the outcomes are always surprising and interesting.)

Wallace and Tammy filmed Tian Xia Di Yi (World’s Finest) together in 2004 so it has been five years now since they worked together. Though they had numerous scenes together, their characters did not allow any romance story between them. It would’ve been interesting if it was included but I thought I enjoyed how their characters were anyway. Finally, this time around, get to see them as a couple–and a married couple even (sadly they’re filing for divorce so the plot will probably focus on how they mend their relationship to avoid the worst with a twist of technology playing a hand in the whole story).

With all this talk about them reuniting for this drama and how Wallace is coming back, I’m starting to feel hopeful that he could possibly be singing for the main theme song or possibly the sub-theme songs. Hopefully so if time provides for it.

Anyway, found this cute clip of Wallace and Tammy on Youtube uploaded by shinching:

Nice going, Wallace. Luckily he was fast enough to direct it back on himself. (But of course, they’re joking.)

Just for this, I’m anticipating it even more. In fact, it’s definitely on top of my ‘To-Watch’ list for upcoming dramas. (And to show my support toward it–not to mention obsessed craze–I decided to call this pairing ‘YiHua’! Cute enough?)

Hoping and wishing a successful drama and collaboration between YiHua!

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