Weibo: Basic Navigation

So here’s part 2 of the tutorial and it would be about navigating inside your own homepage–as I said in the other post.

Remember this log-in box? Just log in and then we’ll continue from where I left off last time.

So after you log-in, the page re-direct to this page above. That’s the snapshot of what I had at that time. So I will use those as a guide to explain things. This is your own homepage so you would be able to manipulate quite a few areas so you could share with others about your thoughts or other randomness, and also read what others have to say. I use this account to stalk celebs for most of the time so I don’t post that often but forward more things.

Anyway, moving on to navigation, right? First one is the one way at the top residing on the two sides. I’m going to save it for the next tut since it includes setting. The next one is the bar to the right.

我的首页 is My Home, clicking on it would refresh your homepage; and shows new messages from users you are fans of.

我的微博 is My Weibo, clicking on it would lead to your profile page.

好友 is Friends, clicking on it would show your list of friends (or the ones you follow).

模板 is Template (or Skin or Themes), clicking on it would allow you to change the current look of your homepage.

The tabs are:

最新推荐 = Latest Recommended

经典 = Classic

时尚 = Popular

校园 = Campus

节日 = Holiday/ Festival

2010世界杯 = 2010 World Cup

自定义 = Customize

页面背景 = Page Background

使用背景图 = Use Background Image – Upload one if you want to use it. (It’s the default selection.)

Upload cannot exceed 5 MB, Recommended size is 800 x 115

不使用背景图 = Do not use Background Image = Select it if you don’t want to use one.

设置背景图 = Set Background Image (平铺 = Tile, 不平铺 = No Tile)

锁定对齐方式 = Lock Alignment (左 = Left, 中 = Middle, 右 = Right)

颜色 = Color

主文字 = Main Text

主链接 = Main Links

次文字 = Sub-Text

次链接 = Second Link

内容背景 = Content Background

边框 = Frame

恢复到默认颜色 = Click to change back to default colors

Mess around with it a bit by changing colors then you’ll know what the different ones are.

Yellow Button = Save, Silver Button = Cancel

Moving on to the last piece in the bar, which is the empty box.

Empty Box is for you to type anything in to do a search, therefore, 搜索 is Search.

The box above is for you to share anything you want, but it must be 140 characters or less. You have several choices below the box, which includes:

表情 – Emoticon – Once clicked on, there are numerous smilies or symbols for you to choose.

图片 – Image/Picture – Once clicked on, you will see two options: 上传图片 is Upload and 推荐配图 is Recommended pictures. If you choose to upload an image, click the green button. The text below the green button tells you what formats are accepted, such as JPG, GIF, PNG; and it must be 5MB or smaller. Whether you choose to upload or select an image already in the gallery, you will see this 分享图片 when you’re done. Replace it with a message of your choice or just leave it like that. AND whatever you do, don’t click 删除 because that’s ‘Delete’. Unless you want to delete it since you selected the wrong one, etc.

视频 – Video – Once clicked on, you will see two options. The first one is for URL from sites such as Tudou, 56, Youku but NO YouTube. The second option is to upload a video from your computer. When you enter a link and press the button next to it to submit, it will change it into a short URL and you should be able to post. if you want to include any other message, just go ahead. (Putting text before or after is your choice, I usually put it before.)

音乐 – Music – Once clicked on, you will see two options AGAIN (lol), 输入歌曲名 is Enter a song name and 输入歌曲链接 is Enter a song link. For the first choice, if you enter a name, sometimes it might not come up. But if it does come up, it will give you several options. You can choose whichever you want and then submit it.

话题 – Topic – This is to get anyone’s attention who would be interested in joining in on your discussion or debate. If you click on it, you will see this in the box #请在这里输入自定义话题#. The words tell you to enter a topic within the ##. This is where it differs with other social media platforms because the hashtag is doubled, instead of one.

投票 – Poll – This is for you to create a poll and pass it around to other users. I might create a different tut for this one.

Anyway, the word(s) to the right side of the green box with the triangle (or an arrow if you want to call it that) or “发布” is Publish. So whatever you want to type or put in, you could just click that when you’re done to share.

Now, moving on to the right side navigation. I’m saving the left side navigation for the future since some of it ties in with the topmost one.

This is like a profile badge. (Yeah, the box to the right of the green box.) It shows a small icon of your profile as well as your name/nickname. The words below are the location you’re at. Moving down to the next part, which are:

关注 is the number of people you are following or paying attention to.

粉丝 is the number of people who are following you or are paying attention to you.

微博 is the number of messages you shared. (Sometimes it’s pictures, videos, or forwards, etc.) Clicking on this would take you to your profile (so it’s the same as one of the images above so I won’t provide a sample again.)

The little stamp(s) below you would eventually receive depending on how active you are. They have different ones for different things. I’ll explain it in the next tut since it’s in the settings.

Below your profile badge is another set of menu.

我的首页 is My Home (as indicated in the blue strip above).

@提到我的 indicates messages that are sent to you or sometimes people forward your posts, it would also appear there.

Now sometimes you want to address someone in a message, so you would type in @ and then the person’s name or nickname. (It’s like how they do it on Twitter and then later Facebook incorporate it.) Sometimes it gets confusing ’cause you can’t type Chinese characters on the keyboard or whatever, you could cheat by going to your ‘Friends’ list and copy the name/nickname that person uses and go back to your main homepage so you could type the message. So you would type @ and then press paste so the name/nickname would appear after that. If there’s a little drop-down list for you to select, go ahead and select that name again. Now you’re good to go.

我的评论 is My Comments, which is, of course, the replies to your posts.

我的收藏 is My Favorites, which stores all the posts you saved.

I’ll go into further details in the future posts (if it does come around to that, especially how some of the pages have separate menu options also.)

These are notifications, which appears at the top right-hand corner of your page when you log in at times or when you’re still in. You can either click on the link next to each line or you can scroll down towards the menu under your profile badge to check new comments or messages.

Okay, now I will skip the middle section of the right strip because it’s mostly about current discussions, etc.

See the words with the arrow pointing up to the far right? Ignore all the text on the left. It follows you when you scroll further down to your page. That’s the ‘Back to Top’ navigation. If you click on it, it will bring you to the top of the page.

And that concludes this post. See you guys in the next one.

NOTE: All instructions and images were written and captured respectively by DTLCT

IF you have questions OR are confused in any way, please post a comment.

79 thoughts on “Weibo: Basic Navigation

  1. Wow! Another great tutorial!!! Even I learned a thing or two that I didn’t know previously — great job!
    You know, Sina should really give you commission for these tutorials…they are SOOOO detailed and useful!

  2. hi! May i know how do you change your weibo url? like luo zhi xiang’s one is how do you do that? thanks!

      1. “It’s Under ‘Settings’. Go 帐号 -> 模板设置 and that should direct you to change your background, etc.”
        It seems that you cannot upload your own photos in this option, you can only choose from a few premade options. Any other ways to upload your photos as a background?

      2. @Shaun – For some weird reason I couldn’t find it either. Might be Sina shutting that option off for now? Because I was able to find it in the past. Let me go ask some other people if they know about some changes or something since I haven’t been on Weibo for a while now.

        1. @Shaun and DTLCT: Not sure if you found your answer regarding the inability to upload pictures, but that issue has pretty much been fixed already. What had happened is that Sina pretty much “censored” weibo for 2 days, disabling the ability to upload pics and in some cases even deleting users’ weibo posts completely! And therethe was no notificationone whatsoever nor was there an official explanation. Needless to say, they lost alot of users with their actions (including celebrity users who haved opted to go with Tencent weibo instead). Anyhow, everything is back to normal as of today, so you should be able to upload / post pics again…..
          P.S.: if you really want to know the reason why they went the “censor”route route….it was politically motivated….

  3. I set up a personalized domain name, but it only shows if I’m logged into my weibo account. If I create a button for people to go to my page, it takes them to the weibo home page.

    1. I was messing around with the settings, but couldn’t find the link to change it. I think it’s one of those permanent things. But you might want to contact Sina and ask them if they could do that for you. Sorry, couldn’t help. I haven’t been on Weibo that much lately.

  4. i’ve seen so many people uploaded pictures on weibo and put their weibo url on the corner of the pics, do you know how to do that?

  5. I need your HELP!!!!!
    I use weibo app from my iPod touch 4g. And the problem have is related to notifications,I mean I have enabled the push notification from going to the iPod settings and also from with in the app but no use:(((( like I don’t receive push notification of the people that I’m following( badge notification that pops up at the top of your screen in the form of stripe)
    After following someone do you have to press on some sort of an option to receive notifications of that person?? Like you do on twitter and facebook or it automatically activates?
    Sorry my English is not good…
    But please please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I’m not familiar with the iPod’s mobile settings. But I noticed that I only get notifications from my friends (like both are following one another) and also if I’m tagged in the post. I’ll try to ask around if anyone know more about it.
      Sorry for late reply, haven’t been on blog for awhile.

    1. I’m not familiar with the VIP account. But I saw some of the layouts for the people who have it, it shouldn’t be that different, right? I meant when I was doing the ‘edit’ with the header and logo for my and saw some options for VIP layout selections as well. SORRY couldn’t help much. And I haven’t been that active on Weibo lately either. After they changed the layout 2 more times, I didn’t want to catch up on trying to do another set of tuts for version 2 and 3 hence the lack of info at this point.

  6. hey, i’m trying to comment on a person’s posts but weibo tells me “由于用户设置,你无法回复评论。绑定手机后可以更多地参与评论。”
    any idea how i can fix this?

    1. Sorry for late reply.

      Anyway, according to that message, I’m guessing it’s either your user settings or the person who published the post’s setting that doesn’t allow for you to comment. Was there comments from other users on that post already? But even if there are people already commenting, it might because they were given permission to comment, like in your privacy settings, you might have allowed for only those people who followed you or who you followed to comment, etc vs allowing everyone to comment.

      Check your own user settings to see what I mean. It’s Under “Set Privacy”:

    1. In your homepage, click on your username (upper right hand corner) so it goes to your profile. Click on the little sticky on the upper right hand corner, it’s like a folded page mark (with various colors). A window should pop up. Click on the tab that said this: 封面图. It’s the third tab from the left or second tab from the right.

      1. Hi,
        thank you for the update. After clicking on the third tab it shows you options for the new cover art/photo. But where does it actually say that I can upload my own custom photo. Or is it a VIP feature only.
        Thanks for the detailed instructions so far.

      2. @Gremelle Balacuit – Okay, found it, here goes: For your case, choose the 4th tab where it says “自定义”. Then there are two options “自定义封面图” (with the crown to the left of the characters) and “自定义模板”. Choose the 2nd choice. You should see a button (probably orange) with an arrow to the left pointing up. Click into it to upload a file. Remember the limit for it are listed below the button, which are : 支持不超过5M的jpg、gif、png图片上传 (limit size is 5 mb, types are jpg, gif or png.)
        Hope that was what you were asking for. If I got it wrong, please clarify.

    1. Like the watermark that might be printed on there if you post your own pictures? Go to in your own account and scroll down to the space where there’s a picture sample of how the url would appear on your photos. Play around with it. Un-check all if you don’t want the url/signature to appear on the pictures that you post.

      But if you meant removing signatures on the pictures that are already posted, Photoshop should remove it. But if other people have post pictures with signatures on it, they probably want to keep it that way. Hope that helps. (At least a bit.)

  7. hi there! thanks a lot on the info to change the background, worked out really well ^^ i need more of your help~ how to change the header picture with our own pictures? do we need to pay and become vip member to be able to do so?

    1. @cathy – Yes, you will have to become a VIP member to change the header as indicated in the options when you try to go to customized header option:
      自定义封面图 (it displays a crown here as to indicate VIP status)

      Unfortunately, one of those we couldn’t change freely, lol. Oh well.

  8. Hello – you are the expert on Weibo – maybe you can help me: I understand it’s not possible to change the Personalized Domain Name (个性域名) in the settings, which means I would have to open a new Weibo account. Is there a way to transfer all my content (posts and images and followers) from the old Weibo account to the new one? How would you do it if you had to change the Personalized Domain Name?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Thanks for the ‘expert’ comment, but I’m not much of one since I haven’t been browsing through Weibo that much of recent.But I’ll try to answer questions as best as I can.

      Regarding “Personalized Domain”, that depends. Have you changed it before? If you did once, then you’re right that you can’t change it again. However, if you never set it before, you could go here and change it.

      About transferring your info to a new account, I’m not sure if it’s possible or how to do it since I’ve never done it before. But you could ask someone on the Weibo’s help page:
      Sorry, couldn’t help much since I did this tut like during their 1st layout version and there has been so much changes since then, etc.

  9. hey, I just found your blog,
    by the way I have a question, in one of my forward post, the photo is saved in my album photo, but mostly it isn’t, what happen with the photo that automatically saved in my album? I mean why is that different with my other forward post (that also contained photo in it)
    thank you

    1. Um, I’m not quite sure either why some saved into your album and some don’t. But a possible explanation would be like if you participated in some online poll and it automatically posts the person/choice you picked to your Weibo feeds, then it might save the pictures to your album. Other forwards, such as the ones you just click ‘re-post’, it’s like just a string of posts. shrugs Sorry, I couldn’t explain it either, lol Some stuffs it’s that way with Sina controlling it. But for the pictures, it’s just there until you delete it. Sorry couldn’t help much.

  10. Dear Sirs
    I can’t view most of the images/photos on weibo of my followers. This happen since two days ago. The image appear black/blank with a little “x” at the corner. What’s the problem ? Has little bug enter my weibo ? I tried to use another weibo ac and it’s still the same. Pls help. thx

  11. Hello this is lala again i hoped you still remember me. I got a question, Its about the crown again. I got the crown litted up i guess and theres like a 1 on the crown but after a few weeks the crown isnt lit up anymore or yellow anymore. And i deactivated my fb account and since my weibo account is linked to my facebook account , my weibo account also got deactivated. My problem is im worrying that maybe I got charges since i accidentally made my acc a vip one.or maybe its just a trial so maybe its like free? and if ur asking if i entered any info about bank account etc. No i did not enter anything related to that. And i deactivated my weibo acc with my fb account safely, so do you think i got charges or no? Thank you, You really helped me a lot!😁😁 im so glad.

    1. Oh and one more thing. If I entered a bank account info I would enter some numbers or something right? As far as i can remember I did not enter any numbers or anything related to it. Im sorry if u think im very paranoid its just that it keeps worrying me if i got charges or not even when i deactivated my weibo acc. And if ur asking how did i know my weibo account got deactivated. Its because after i deactivated my fb account when i checked weibo in my mobile its signed out. and I use fb when logging in to weibo so i think it really got deactivated. Thang again. Ur a big help!! ^^

    2. I already responded in the e-mail. But I will put the answer here as well so others could see too. IF you never put in any payment information, they can’t take out anything. If you didn’t put in any payment information, they will not upgrade your account to VIP status. If you’re still suspicious, check bank account/credit card activities or whichever you’re suspicious about. (And since the last time we speak, you said you don’t have credit card or whatever anyway, so that means you can’t put any information anyway.)

    1. Do a screen cap of it for me. I just checked Weibo, it works fine with loading the image. I’m not sure if it was a problem of several hours ago.

        It’s been like this for several months, not only in the app. When I try a navigator, it doesn’t matter if I do it with the computer or cellphone, not a single picture will charge, neither profile images. Even when the direct link of the picture is posted in another website like Facebook, I can’t view it. I don’t know of you could help me, because it only happens to me. Thank you!

      2. That’s sooo strange. If it only happens when you access on your cell phone, then I suggest uninstall app and reinstall. But since it happens to your computer too, it might be your Internet. But then you are able to load other websites, right?

    1. Click on your profile page (if you’re confused, it’s your username) -> Then click on your album (it’s the third box down from the left pane, the one with photos, of course) -> click on the album tab – it pops up to a new window/tab, listing all your albums, 头像相册 = your profile album, click into it. Hover over the picture you want to delete, there are two options (blue texts), select 删除. A window pops up, click 确定 to confirm delete. The page refreshes and should show the result.

  12. Hi, I am very new to Weibo and am still playing around with it. How do I check on who are the people who liked my post?
    Sorry for asking a noob question.
    Thank you!

  13. Hi, I just found your page and it seems like you know a lot about weibo. I created an account two days ago by logging through facebook and since I don’t understand chinese, I was playing around with the app. I think I accidentally signed up for the VIP membership and now I have to pay. I don’t have a credit card or anything and I want to cancel this but I can’t find a way to do this. Is it possible to cancel this membership so I don’t have to pay or delete my account?

    1. What did you press? As far as I understand, as long as you didn’t put credit card information in, it won’t go through or make you pay for it. But not sure if the terms has changed somehow. I haven’t been that active on there for the past few years but if you can send me a screen cap of the message, I might be able to help further. Also, did you receive an e-mail of some sort that forced you to pay? That would be strange though ’cause there are instances where I click into VIP section too to check it out but as long as I don’t confirm, it’s not relevant.

      1. Thank you for replying so quickly! I’ve realized that it was for a free trial and the “payment” due on May 28 is only if i want to continue it. But thank you again!

      2. Good to know that you figured it out already. I was worried that it was some new rule and had caused some problems for you. But that was a relief. Take care and have fun with Weibo!

  14. Hi, it happened to me too. My weibo account suddenly changed to VIP1 which I didn’t do or pressed anything to subscribe their membership. I created my weibo account on the 28th or 29th April. I got no idea how it happened and I noticed that my membership will be expired on the 2nd June. I do hope is a free trial. If I have to pay, I wonder how Sina is going to bill me?

    1. They’re not supposed to bill you if the free trial is over. Your account should go back to normal. However, to be absolutely sure, since I do not work for Weibo, you should contact them directly and ask for further assistance or clarification. Like in above comment, I haven’t been on Weibo for a while (at least not so actively anymore) so I’m not sure if their processes had changed.

      1. Hi,
        I was trying to download Miaopai apps but its automatically downloaded Flashshow by Miaopai.
        I tried to deactivate Flashshow apps and download one more time, its downloaded Flashshow again.
        Please let me know how to download Miaopai apps on iPad and how to delete my current Flashshow account.
        I searched Flashshow for account deletions but failed to locate.
        Please tell me the next steps.
        Thank you.

  15. Hi, Thanks for the great tutorial!
    I tried to use tags on Weibo for my posts. But when I go by tags to check my posts I cannot see them on the tag page, do you know why?
    Hope to hear from you..
    Thanks and regards!


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