White Robe of Love: Mo Fan or Qi Xiu?

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I have to say that I’m never a fan of love triangles and find it even more unbearable when it is being weaved into the plot–whether it is part of reality or was put in for dramatic effects. Therefore, my sole purpose in this post is not about whether Yi Ning should be with Mo Fan or Qi Xiu since she should be with the one she loves the most. I just want to discuss both characters for the sake of the story.

Mo Fan is someone who usually uses laughter to mask his unhappiness. He seems to be lively and doesn’t care about anything yet his compassion for others could not be denied. He’s a genius and he could get careless about matters but he’s very serious about his talents. He’s more daring when it comes to experiments and is willing to take any type of risk. The fact that he is confident of his abilities contributes to the reason why he would take even higher risks. He is not perfect and sometimes weak (because he gives in to others’ requests too easily) yet it makes him admirable because of what he does. He’s brave and invincible because he believes in what he does. Yes, he loses his confidence when he fails (with his theories and is not able to help someone) but he quickly recovers and realizes what he should do instead of feeling guilty about it. He really wants to seek out the problem.

Tang Qi Xiu, on the other hand, is the type that is more expressive about his feelings and his personality is someone more gentle on the surface. Yet he seems disturbed at times. He could become irrational and stubborn. But there’s no doubt about his hardworking attitude and his care for others (which could be seen many times with patients). He is cautious with his actions and would never take risks to put others’ lives in danger. He’s somewhat of a perfectionist too. It might be because he feels that he is not talented like some people so he has to strive harder to achieve. He does not want to let himself go by being careless or leave rooms for mistakes. If he is not sure, then he doesn’t take the risk. He is the type that does not like to face the consequences knowing of possible negative outcomes. He doesn’t want to give others false hope. Sometimes he seems cold but he’s just serious about his work.

Who do I choose then between the two characters? Being a Dylan fan, I’m sorry to say I have to choose Mo Fan because I want to separate from characters and actors. Mo Fan is such a complex person. He is hard to understand at times but what he does for others is undeniable. To think that he has such a big heart to give up his dreams for the girl that he loves just so that she could be happy is something that not every guy could do. It could be considered dumb but I think I like him in that he could joke about anything but when it comes to a serious matter, he could promise and carry out that promise. Not that Qi Xiu cannot do it. But I feel that Qi Xiu is just too unreasonable sometimes. He has the right to fight for his future but he has this arrogant air about him that I do not like as much. People seems to pity Qi Xiu more because of what happened and how tragic things ended and I like his character also but I feel like Mo Fan’s kindness has surpassed everything. Many people could not sympathize enough with people like Mo Fan because he is so unpredictable at times but if one would just be patient and be more observant, one would know how good he is. If I choose Qi Xiu, it would be too much of a pity feeling than actually liking the character. Also, I think it’s very scary when Qi Xiu is mad. He’s so calm and sincere at times but when he gets mad, it’s unpredictable. Mo Fan is more predictable because he’s more lively so it’s expected if he would become intense about matters. Between the two, they have their predictability and unpredictability but I still like Mo Fan more. Though I do not deny that both are great because of how determined they are to fight for what they believe in. Not to mention that Mo Fan is not arrogant about his talents and Qi Xiu admits Mo Fan’s talent (and wants to improve himself even more so he could surpass Mo Fan) despite their conflicts and/or past misunderstandings.

Even though Sun Qian is really loud and sometimes annoying but she could see past Mo Fan’s playful nature and realizes his good sides. She’s curious at first but she has sharp eyes in that she could see past what others could not see. Sure, she really likes or even becomes overly obsessed with Qi Xiu at one point but she soon realizes what kind of person Mo Fan is and likes him for who he is–even if she doesn’t admit it immediately.

Perhaps it is better after all that Yi Ning ends up with Qi Xiu (though not really since we all know happened in the end) and Mo Fan with Sun Qian. Mo Fan needs someone more independent and supports him fully so he could freely pursue his dreams in finding cures for different diseases or studying different medical techniques. I’m not saying that he is not caring toward his loved one, but he seems more relaxed and seems to think that she could take care of herself while he is occupied with other matters. He just doesn’t show his love too often or slap it around all the time hence causing misunderstandings from other parties. Qi Xiu is more attentive in taking care of his loved ones and he could do just that for Yi Ning since she is easily lonely and needs someone who cares for her. I am not hinting at something but I finally understand why it is that way.

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2 thoughts on “White Robe of Love: Mo Fan or Qi Xiu?

  1. I finally finished watching this several weeks back and did a follow-up post, lol. So this one is not really my final thoughts regarding both characters.

    If you ever watch it, feel free to hunt me out for a discussion, lol.

    I actually enjoyed this one very much despite some frustration. Not to mention it was more serious and real than some of the idol dramas. And not to mention that it did not have the ‘over-hyped’ feeling like many dramas nowadays have.

  2. I never saw White Robe of Love. I think it was aired in about 2006, right? I only had the impression it was a medical drama of some sort. I actually enjoy love triangles, so I might have to find a copy and watch it. I thought Michael Zhang was good in Riock, Paper Scissors: A Game about Love.

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