Xiao Ao Jiang Hu: 2012 Adaptation

So I was on my usual searching rampage. (More like I was listening to Dicky Cheung’s “Real and Fake” (真真假假) and was looking around for lyrics that I stumbled on some news regarding him participating in this production.) I thought it was a joke since it was on a wiki page. YET I searched around some more and YES, OMG! They’re actually doing this? And where in the world do I begin? My first thought was: “Hu Ge got his wish?” (Look at this post for further explanation.) But then when I actually found the info, something stumped me. It couldn’t get any better because Wallace Huo was involved, portraying the main dude, Ling Hu Chong. (Go stalk Yu Zheng’s Weibo for more updates. AND you could also check other casts involved as well since he does tag them, except for Wallace who doesn’t have Weibo.) Oh yeah, go here for some production photos thus far.

Aside from me being obsessed with Wallace, what do I think of this? Honestly? Like seriously? Um…are they serious about this? YES, I’m asking because as soon as I saw Dong Fang Bu Bai was portrayed by a girl, it seemed like a joke. I meant, don’t get me wrong, they could cast a girl to play a guy role all they want, BUT are they changing it so now Dong Fang Bu Bai’s a girl in this adaptation? I’ll continue to stalk Yu Zheng to see what else happens since it just started production last month? They’re serious, right? Or was that some joke someone placed in for now? Well, I know it happened in the past, but in comedies. If they’re really doing a long series, they’re going to put themselves through that for several months? IF the story got changed and all. But moving past that, what do I seriously think about Wallace being Ling Hu Chong? I still want Hu Ge! YES, that was my first thought. But to be fair to Wallace (since I call myself his fan after all, right?), I think he could pull it off (IF this production is serious).

I sort of miss him in a more comedic role. (Though Ling Hu Chong’s life took a plunge for the worse later on, he managed to stay happy-go-lucky for the most part.) Yeah, ironic from my last statement about the ‘serious’ part, but I meant a more believable production instead of silly, exaggerated comedies. Okay, okay, I really miss seeing Wallace do more lighter series since I skipped a bunch of his series already. I honestly hope to enjoy this one (though people are rolling their eyes whenever adaptations come around–AND I got over that already since different adaptations are inevitable). Wallace could get so morbid at times (and it’s already seen in most of his series). Though when he gets so mischievous, it’s really cute as well! (IF he doesn’t use the technique in Wu Shi Lang though I know Wu Shi Lang was supposed to exaggerate on purpose since most characters were that way.) Oh, his hair. I rarely like it when he’s in ancient series because they make it either too messy or just too similar to some previous roles. This one, it’s suitable enough and has this carefree feeling to it, so tying in with the rest of the jianghu world. Then there are his outfits for his series. Okay, I admit the uniform one I’m not too fond of, but the others (like the one above)–though kind of too colorful and needs some adjusting to, it’s nice enough. NOT too rough but not too overly ‘royal’ either (making it unrealistic, lol).

Moving on, lol. Howie Huang is going to be Yue Bu Qun. His third series with Wallace? (I didn’t watch the other ones OR did I miscount?) This could get cool though since it isn’t Howie’s first time portraying the bad guy. I think he could do it. Though the costume they created for him merged in with the rest of his disciples (yup, wearing uniforms, LOL), but I’ll bet he has others too. It would be too unrealistic if he only wears that one outfit, LOL! Anyway, let’s see how he portrays it and let’s see how I could hate him in this one. Not to mention some interactions between him and Wallace as master and disciple. (It’s going to be a riot for me really–either way.) And I’m guessing because Yang Ming Na poses in that picture with Howie, she’s portraying his wife? Can’t wait.

Bryan Leung portrays Feng Qing Yang, the enlightened man with his cool swords technique that Ling Hu Chong learns from later. (Here’s a random trivia BUT not that random: Bryan used to portray Ling Hu Chong in the Taiwanese ’80s adaptation.) Always like him, so no complaint. But is he going to turn into some random silly man? I’m serious here, adaptations often change the characters so…(So much for trying to stay hopeful? LOL!)

This is Ren Wo Xing (aka Ying Ying’s father). Saw some BTS that fans/production team posted already. I actually want to see those parts the most, especially the first time meeting Ling Hu Chong and later joining forces to defeat Dong Fang Bu Bai. BUT then again, are they even doing that in here?

STOP, I just realized something! While browsing around for more info and/or pictures to do this post, I realized it was this one series I saw pictures of randomly in this one Wallace thread awhile back. Just that I didn’t realize it was the new adaptation of Xiao Ao Jiang Hu. Great or what? Moving on again…lol…

Miss Ren Ying Ying! I haven’t watched Yuan Shan Shan before so it’s a first time for me (IF I do end up watching this). I’ll keep it neutral at this point. Or at least try to be positive. But I have this fresh feeling thus far with her and the new pairing this collaboration brings about. All I need now is get used to the colorful outfit, lol.

And then I got confused with just looking at pictures, mostly with the female side, I’ll save it for the next time when I get more information, lol.

Oh yeah, what about Dicky Cheung, right? Since I started the post talking about him. He’s going to portray Lu Zhu Weng. (BUT not sure.)

That’s it for now. Maybe I’ll do a layout for the blog? YES, it’s about time I put the attention back on Wallace.

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