Xiao Ao Jiang Hu 2012: Costumes – Part I

So I think it’s about time I go back and rant about this “grand production.” (YES, I placed in quotations on purpose.) After giving it a bit more time to see some more of the costumes for other characters, I thought I could start ranting, lol. I think whether you’re a fan OR not, most would agree that the costumes are WAY TOO BRIGHT (aka too colorful and the brightest shade of those colors). It makes you wonder if anyone’s serious about the whole thing. The plot of the story GOT CHANGED. Yes, it’s inevitable since they needed to make it differently here and there from other adaptations, but if it strays too much, they might as well call it a different story and change all the characters’ names and they have a new wuxia series (LOL). AND then there’s the whole “Jin Yong okayed it” SO I guess we can’t rant too much? WRONG, fans would continue to rant. I didn’t care to go into some of the more aggressive forums, but reading the thread on DAN made it ten times more amusing. While most are against it, there’s no stopping this production. Come on now, it’s like very well on its way. Someone made a great point by saying that it would eventually become popular anyway because most of us would end up watching it because: (1) the big stars that are involved, (2) curiosity kills the cat, and most importantly (3) IF you don’t watch it, how in the freaking world are you going to rant? (YES, number 3 is the truest because no one would be suicidal enough to talk about something they haven’t seen–though a small amount would do it.) Oh yeah, the idol dramas wave hasn’t washed out yet (far from it), so of course, people are going to watch it. (YES, some people on DAN had agreed to call these types of productions from Yu Zheng as idol dramas and they gave this one its own category ‘wuxia idol dramas’–LOL.)

Moving on…just like the title said, I’m focusing on costumes for this one. AND looking at pictures, I think I’m going to cheat and dedicate the first post to Wallace and the rest will be later on. (OR could continue in the next few posts.)

I like this one since the combination of blue and yellow is a nice touch. However, still feel kind of bright. Maybe it’s a high-quality picture. And when it comes onto the screen (added they adjust the light), it wouldn’t be as bright? Maybe it’s one of those outfits when he was still in Hua Shan so he hadn’t suffered enough yet hence the clean look? (LOL…) And the costume designer loves green or something since his pants are green. NOT too bright but still off for the combination of blue and yellow. (I should be glad the inside shirt–aka the white one–isn’t some modern T-shirts like some of the past ancient series that some people got lazy and just let the actors wore their own T-shirts or something.)

NOTEThursday, June 14th, 2012: Apparently, they changed his pants to blue. (OR just another variation for the outfit.) At least it looks better?

This one? The shades are off! I’m so serious. Even if I have a terrible fashion sense, those colors DO NOT go together well, especially the green portion. They should’ve removed the green altogether and it would look less bright (and yes, less weird). If anyone’s irked with the modernized belt, I think someone on DAN had actually done research and said that it was suitable for the Ming dynasty (not too off). BUT it felt off in the Jin Yong “jianghu” world.

Less bright, actually a nice combination, except for the belt. (I’ll ignore that since it’s already toned down, lol.) However, the boots look too modernized? (I don’t know…looks too shiny. I know they have boots back then but the material?)

OMG, this reminds me of the days of ‘Xu Chang Qing’ though the other ones were more obvious with Taoist wardrobes. YET I was wondering if Hua Shan people had uniforms in the novel. (I read the story a long, long time ago so I don’t remember.) But my other complaint about this outfit is it makes him look too much like those scholars instead of a typical hero. And to think that Ling Hu Chong actually makes fun of Taoists and nuns at some point as well SO it makes it ironic that he should be joking about them–if at all in this version.

Too fancy? I don’t know. Might look better if the lighting’s tone down when it’s on-screen. (This is the one when he’s posing as that one arrogant general.)

That’s all for Wallace’s outfits for now. But I think he was one of the luckier ones–though those weren’t the best combinations (at times). He wasn’t the luckiest after I saw some other ones, but I’ll just settle for ‘luckier ones’ because it could have been worse. Is that even an attempt to be positive? Come on now, I think it’s worse in discussion forums. For an overall scale, these costumes aren’t bad at all, in fact, it’s quite a challenge already. BUT on a scale of Xiao Ao Jiang Hu, it’s just harder to pull. I honestly think it’s harder to adapt Xiao Ao Jiang Hu because the costumes are trickier versus some of the other Jin Yong novels.

Oh yeah, words spreading around says that Wallace’s portraying double-roles and it’s a bizarre idea. (YES, I saw the costumes but don’t want to post it since I would never stop ranting–and believe me, that would be going way over to the negative side.) But whatever works (for them). See what I mean they might as well make up a new wuxia story and prevent the tomatoes–even if it would still be crazy?

Anyway, while most people have mixed feelings about Wallace being Ling Hu Chong, some had agreed that he was the most shining spot of the production (at first–since the supporting cast weren’t announced yet). But thanks to Yu Zheng’s convincing skills, most of the supporting cast could shoulder this one with Wallace. (PHEW!) But honestly, I still have faith in Wallace being Ling Hu Chong because like I said in the other post, he could portray both serious and humorous roles quite well. The outfits might not be rouge enough to convince about his character, but hopefully, the ‘shades’ could be tone down a bit on-screen to help his cause.

Enough ranting for now (LOL), I’ll save it for next time. Who’s on the platter the next time? Watch and see.

NOTEThursday, June 14th, 2012: Just when I thought I was done ranting, some people posted up several more outfits for him. (NOT quite sure, but saw it around so I’m going to post it up too.

This one is a: “You’ve got to be kidding me, right?” YES, seriously. NO, I’m not talking about the outfit but the hair. I kind of like those types of hair since it has the ‘jianghu’ feeling. But on Wallace? NOPE. (I hope it was a joke.)

Umm…this is the wedding one SO can’t complain about brightness.

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