Xiao Ao Jiang Hu 2012: Costumes – Part II

And I’m back for another update as promised. I was glad I waited since I saw some glint of hope. NOT by much but could somewhat resurrect ‘urge’ to watch. (Well, I’m going to watch anyway but just thought another thing might tone down the whole ‘fast-forwarding’ all the other parts, lol.)

Who’s the next victim on my list? Yuan Shan Shan. NOT because I want to put her on the platter too like others, but it’s reasonable because she’s the lead actress. (Again, I won’t even comment on the ‘acting’ part since I haven’t even watched a single one of her series yet. So don’t expect me to sympathize with the ones who are crying right now. I actually kind of pity her for getting so many negative comments thus far. AND don’t convince me to hate her too. I’ll decide that on my own later when I actually watch.)

First off?

OY! Where to begin for this one? White, orange, yellow, green, and blue? (You can call it turquoise or whatever you want but it still doesn’t go well with the other colors.) Like honestly? (YES, they were serious since I saw her wore that outfit during some scenes already.) This is the reason why I got quite confused with the majority of the female cast (except for one) as to who is portraying what character, etc. Someone should pick one color and stick with the various shades of that color OR something. ‘Cause all these mixed together? The brightest shades too. And I could never imagine Ying Ying in white. (I swear!)

Darker shades of colors. We’re good, right? YEAH RIGHT! Combination of colors is off again. It’s making me dizzy. And making her look sooo kiddish. Ying Ying has her moments yet I think she’s the mature one among all the girls in there. (NOT all, but out of the three?) Believe me, I like those colors, BUT NOT together.

Someone on DAN did look up this type of outfit already. Although it looks Korean (since we’re so used to seeing it in Korean dramas more), but it still qualifies as part of the Ming dynasty outfit (aka they do have those outfits back then). However, again, Jin Yong “jianghu”, NOT the historical one. The colors are a lighter tone and don’t clash too much. But we’re talking about Ying Ying here. AND, what’s that thing in her hair? A clip? It makes her look like a nun. (I’m serious!)

This one, I couldn’t find some other one she posed alone, but it was one of the outfits from the Hengshan Sect. (I’ll get to that one later–aka some other posts–since I have quite a few things to say about it.) But interestingly enough, it’s less blinding than the first two.

Since I included Wallace’s wedding outfit, here’s hers. (Awww…yeah, sorry, I got carried away, lol.) And because of that picture, I swear Ying Ying’s not going to die like some rumors are flying around at the moment. Like seriously? The wedding is like at the very end. If she dies, would that be a waste of time to even get together some costumes like that just to deceive us? Unless the “talented” Yu Zheng decides to switch details around again (like some of the previous versions did with having the wedding first before the last battle). It is Yu Zheng we’re talking about here, so anything’s possible. BUT IF it is true like most people are saying with Yu Zheng madly promoting Yuan Shan Shan, then Ying Ying won’t die. (And because I want to hold onto hope that Ling Hu Chong/Wallace doesn’t end up with a certain someone like the rumors are flying at the moment. I rather he be alone for the rest of his miserable life if Yu Zheng does the dramatic exit with making Ying Ying die.)

This is actually the tamest outfit she had out of all. (I saved it for last on purpose.) This is the only reasonable one, honestly. Even if it’s still kind of too light for the those ‘dark’ sects such as the Sun Moon Holy Sect, but it’s NOT overly bright. At least the combination of colors used aren’t too whacked like the ones above.

By the looks of it though, Ling Hu Chong’s wardrobe seems more extensive than Ying Ying at this point. SAD. I’ll update if I find some other ones.

*All images were collected around the net, therefore, belonging to their rightful owners.