Xiao Ao Jiang Hu 2012: Costumes – Part III

Time to put the next victim on the plate. Well, more like victims, lol.

Well, since he’s supposed to be the main villain, it makes sense to be next, right? Matching outfits or close enough, not bad. However, it makes him look like he’s a scholar (like the rest of his disciples). I guess that outfit’s fine for her. Though colorful like the rest of the others, I’m tired of stressing that point so I’m cutting back on that for now. At least will try to for the rest of the post. I forgot how old they’re supposed to be exactly in the novel BUT I vaguely remember somewhere around 40-ish to 50-ish so not bad?

In this picture, they’re not matching anymore (obviously), but the hair clip makes her look like a nun? (LOL, mean but it looks like that from afar. Maybe it gets better when we can see it on the screen? Trying to be hopeful here.) And he still needs to get rid of that scholarly hat, lol.

The picture’s kind of blurry because of the effects used (and Wallace’s in the scene, lol), but it’s still visible to get an idea. He’s wearing green and she’s wearing purple? (LOL) Is the green one supposed to go with her other green one? Just wondering, lol. And indeed the hair clip does make her look like a nun? Or it’s the angle again.

Another outfit for her. It’s all right, I guess. Not too bright and the shades aren’t as blinding.

And that wraps it up for them. If I find some other outfits around, I’ll update this post. But it makes sense they don’t have as much of a variety?

*All images were collected around the net, therefore, belonging to their rightful owners.