Xiao Ao Jiang Hu 2012: The Most Promising Couple

I know this is totally random and impossible but I swear I enjoy this two the most while looking at various pictures and some bts.

In a way, I’m glad there are more scenes added for her in this version, but there are other side scenes that I don’t care much for.

The more I look at these two though, the more I end up wishing they would collaborate in the future or something. OR is it just because of their looks for this one that cause me to get all obsessed over them and some other series wouldn’t project the same feeling anymore?

But who knows? Anything is possible really since I know that some of the female cast in this production had worked with Wallace in the past before but had a minor role. Perhaps Kelsey and Wallace would have some opportunity in the future to collaborate–and could possibly be in some relationship as well.

OMG, this one just tops it.

Or instead of waiting for some future collaboration, I should just go for the fanfic route?

Okay, confession: I already cooked up some plot for them and in ancient time too. YET I just haven’t really written it yet. Just tossing ideas around.

So who is with me on these two?

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