Xiao Ao Jiang Hu 2017 Adaptation

Yes, it’s happening! I was looking around and thought it was a gag, but found some decent sources to verify it. I actually found out via Yuan Shan Shan’s Vietnamese Fanpage that they were doing another one. When I went out to search, realized they just started, sorta, so probably not much news yet. But there were like two or three actual articles highlighting the project. (Click here for one of them.) They’re planning to use fresh faces for this new adaptation.

Ding Guan Sen (丁冠森) will portray Ling Hu Chong.

Liu Jia Tong (刘珈彤) will be Ren Ying Ying.

From someone’s post, this guy would be Lin Ping Zhi (林平之). Not sure.

You might be wondering if I’m nuts in following this one since: 1) I haven’t finished the 2012 version yet, 2) I complained up and down about the last one, and 3) why bother? But guess what? Here are reasons why I’m sticking around to see what’s up for this one:

  1. The outfits are tamed. People who are so used to seeing glossy outfits are probably disappointed but these are considered the right tone for traditional wuxia outfits.
  2. Dong Fang Bu Bai is a guy. YES, it is important.
  3. 30 episodes. They could somehow extend since changes are inevitable, but I’ll stay hopeful for now.
  4. If you think it’s too early to have another adaptation, think 2003 when they did HSDS and then 2009 brought forth another adaptation.

So for now, I’m waiting. If they as much as saying they change the script and want to go the bizarre route like some other ones, I’m out. Serious. So I wouldn’t complain up and down like the other version. What would qualify as bizarre–since I don’t rate like others? If they cut Qu Fei Yan (曲非煙) out, I’m out. She was a brief character in the novel BUT played an essential role in the whole story. She was also my favorite character in there so yes, that would be the tipping scale component for me.

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