Xiao Ao Jiang Hu 2017: Official Stills

I think I promised an update and possibly the last one regarding this production so finally back with this. According to the above poster, they should be airing on February 26. (Go here to follow their official Weibo page.)

Ding Guan Sen (丁冠森) as Ling Hu Chong (令狐沖).

Xue Hao Jing (薛昊婧) as Ren Ying Ying (任盈盈).

Chen Xun ((陈讯) as Ling Ping Zhi (林平之).

Liu Jia Tong (刘珈彤) is actually Lan Feng Huang (藍鳳凰), not Yang Lian Ting (楊蓮亭) like I was led to believe. So I will hold my judgment for now and wait for further details.

Ding Yu Xi (丁禹兮) as Dong Fang Bu Bai (東方不敗).

Jiang Zhao Jun (姜卓君) as Yi Lin (儀琳).

They only released these stills so far. We’ll have to wait for the rest of the stills to release. But now I’m curious if some of the other rumors were false. I’m crossing my fingers, lol. Just because…

Anyway, click here for the trailer.

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.