Xin Yun by Jimmy Lin

(Uploaded by: 鹉青)

Old song but still very good and soothing to listen to. I wasn’t much of a Jimmy fan back then but now, this reminded me so much of the old days. It makes me appreciate this song so much more. Because of this song, I feel that it is all right to reminisce.

This song also makes me appreciate Jimmy Lin more as a singer and an actor. I realize that his style is different from others and should not be compared to others who I come to like better than him in those old days. Perhaps this new wave of actors, singers, and who knows what else is attached to their title has made me realize this more and more. Too many are trying too hard to compete against each other for the first place or to be recognized yet in an attempt to shine, they missed the point. Jimmy is one of those who delivers his best because he believes in the performance. (Or at least he makes it seem like so.)

Those who sing and act with their hearts give an impression more than those who only seek for ways to shine or to climb up. (Not that it’s wrong but they will never achieve or master the art at its best or will ever capture the essence.)

Just a reflection post since this song just gives me a feeling of needing to drift a bit.

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