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Yang Mi: Xue Jian vs. Xi Yao

Some people prefer Xi Yao while others choose Xue Jian. Who is better then? Aside from both characters being portrayed by Yang Mi and the fact that Yang Mi portrayed the characters so well, convincing us that they were actually portrayed by two different people, what else is there? No one could shred off the fact that if there was no Xi Yao, there would be no Xue Jian. However, who does Fei Peng/ Jing Tian love more?
I think it is like what Hu Ge said regarding Fei Peng and Xi Yao. The relationship between them is not love. At least not like that. It is more Xi Yao’s one-sided love while Fei Peng’s heart lies somewhere else. He needs Xi Yao to cheer him on and support his belief. There’s also this loneliness that he couldn’t stand, considering how every other god or goddess would only care for their own safety and/or well being OR would be jealous of his talents that he couldn’t find a friend among them. He also craves for someone who could match up to his level like Chong Lou. He treats Xi Yao like a good friend who he could share his feelings with. That’s also why he feels responsible for causing her punishment along with his when he abandoned his duties and caused the worst for the Heavenly realm. He doesn’t want to pull her into the conflict.
With Xue Jian, there’s much more. Though Fei Peng has already reincarnated several lives and has become Jing Tian but his love with Xue Jian is more genuine. It consists of the constant teasing, arguments, and much more. Both sides are tugging and pulling. They’re considered ‘guan jia’.
Xi Yao is gentle and calm. She’s very peace-loving. Perhaps she cherishes every moment of peace because it would mean the free time she could spend with Fei Peng. Xue Jian’s very lively and would love a good adventure more than anything. However, that doesn’t mean superior over one or another. Just because Xi Yao has prettier clothes than Xue Jian (or one might think) doesn’t make the other less important.
Who has a stronger effect on Fei Peng/ Jing Tian? Of course Xue Jian. A good example would be the battle between Fei Peng/ Jing Tian and Chong Lou. The one when Jing Tian was posing as Fei Peng to meet with Xi Yao. When Xue Jian jump in to make comments regarding how Jing Tian couldn’t match up with Chang Qing, Jing Tian tries even harder to prove his strength. Then Xue Jian goes even further by praising that Chong Lou is handsome and powerful, causing Jing Tian to become even stronger than before. It is not only because he has forgotten his past life as Fei Peng that makes Xue Jian has an advantage. But it is because his and Xi Yao’s relationship wasn’t strong as his and Xue Jian’s.
It’s not that I’m siding with Jing Tian and Xue Jian because they’re more fun to watch or would I consider Fei Peng and Xi Yao boring. I’m far more patient than that and if Fei Peng and Xi Yao’s love was not so one-sided, I would like their story also.
The saddest part out of Jing Tian and Xue Jian’s story was knowing that Jing Tian would die soon. Though the ending was left off to spare us from watching the tragic separation but it was so heart-breaking upon hearing Jing Tian yelled out that he did not want to leave. He wasn’t only answering to Xue Jian’s jokes. But he was also expressing his feelings toward leaving the world behind and more importantly, leaving Xue Jian. Though she did not know, but it left him the last bit of reassurance that she could still live in happiness for the time being. (Hu Ge sure know how to make one cry here. He managed to bring out Jing Tian’s emotions really well.) I think though Jing Tian and Xue Jian get to live with one another but they’re more pitiful than Chang Qing and Zi Xuan since Chang Qing and Zi Xuan get to spend more time together before the separation. Jing Tian and Xue Jian would eventually lose each other forever.
All aside from those conflicts, I must say that Hu Ge and Yang Mi have very good chemistry and watching them is really addicting–regardless if they were Fei Peng and Xi Yao or Jing Tian and Xue Jian.


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  1. Yeah!!! I agree with your last sentence. Either Jing Tain and Xue Jian or Fei Peng and Xi Yao, i still love them as long as they are Hu Ge and Yang Mi. They have a very good chemistry. This is the best Chinese Paladin i ever watched. Forget Chinese Paladin 1!!!

  2. @Tilney – Thank you for commenting.
    I agree with you regarding it being more enjoyable than part 1 (but I’m sure others would disagree). I still like the friendships in part 1 though but I felt the pace of part 2 was much faster and that they actually have a ‘goal’ to work toward, NOT just so random and then finally some sort of goal in the end.
    I wonder if there would ever be another Hu Ge and Yang Mi collaboration in the future! LOL! I’m just greedy. Twice might be enough? *shrugs*


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