Yi Xiang Tian Kai

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This album was quite unexpected in many ways. I would have never expected Chen Yi to have such a voice, considering his boyish image. I am not much a fan of those heavy music either but I must admit I really enjoyed this one. Talking about his style, I must say that he could really rap in various songs that he did the rap parts for Sweety, like in “Hua Yan Qiao Yu” and “Tian Shi Jia You”. I’m not much into rap music either but he’s one of the few that makes me want to listen to those types of songs more.

Aside from several upbeat tracks, there are also songs from Mean Girl Ah Chu, such as “Childhood Friends” sung with Joanne Tseng and “Need Love”. (Which reminds me I need to go finish the drama, lol.) Anyway, I really like his duet with Joanne and somehow wish that they could collaborate again in the future.

So what has he been up to lately after leaving Tangerine? He’s going to be in Summer’s Bubbles as well after joining a different talent agency. (It’s the same one with Peter Ho hence getting to be part of the production.) He’s probably going to get a small role but still some type of project, right? He can handle it.

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2 thoughts on “Yi Xiang Tian Kai

  1. vgag says:

    He really is gorgeous, isn’t he? I first became interesting in his singing after hearing him in the opening and closing themes of Mean Girl Ah Chu. I’ll have to look into Summer’s Bubbles…

  2. DTLCT says:

    I wonder if it wraps with filming yet, lol. It would be funny if he get a meaty role though. We’ll see. I want another album!


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