Yong Bao by Yu Hao Ming

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After listening to “Embrace (擁抱)” for like 10+ times, I really can’t tell whether I like the Mando version more or the Canto. At first, I thought that he’s more comfortable with Mando since it flows better with his voice. But then after more repeats, I couldn’t tell. LOL! He’s comfortable with both actually and it both sounds really nice. The most catchy song on here must be “I’m Not Handsome” (我沒那麼帥). I don’t know. I’m just a sucker for the upbeat songs and the background music is as addicting. Maybe it was his voice, but it was hard to dislike any songs. His voice is nice and warm, soothing too. Nice album to collect indeed.

*All images were scanned by DTLCT

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