Yong Xin Ting by Van Fan

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(Credit: ForwardMusic 豐華唱片)

I became his fan after listening to this song. It’s a very touching song. Van sang it very well with the right mixture of emotions added in. But the thing is, I did not pay as much attention to him as I should have over the years since I would often enjoy the songs he sang for several dramas but thought nothing more. (So much for being a fan, huh?) It was only recently that I begin to focus on him again as a singer. He really impressed me with his live performances recently. I meant to maintain his voice with the same quality is just amazing. I know it’s expected of singers to be able to sing live but nowadays, it’s really rare to see it. (Even those highly praised singers disappoint me to no end because I feel their voice is so weak when they sing live, not being able to control the music and letting it block out their voices.) Van is one of those that could manipulate his voice accordingly. What’s really nice is hearing his talking voice also. I know I sound like I’m obsessed with voices right now but I’m just somehow mesmerized by them. Possibly because I’m still going through the phase of how his story of San Sheng You Xing in the movie L-O-V-E  was paved out, with the theme of the voice being the miracle healer for several characters involved.

Anyway, this really makes me want to watch Cape No.7 more. It has been praised highly so it might be worth a try. Yes, it’s not a good reason to watch since I don’t usually care for critics. But for Van, it might be worth it after all. Besides, I managed to listen to some songs from the soundtrack and those songs sound quite good.

For translation of the song, go here.

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