Your Home Is My Home: Let's try this again

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So the cast is back (at least some of them) for another round of a family drama. However, this time, on a different theme and storyline. What was the flop last time? Sun De Rong ruined it for everyone by turning down the invitation of having Sam and Joyce go for the rest of the drama. It was until about 40+ episodes (and that was not an exaggeration since it was long) before things are worked out to get both back on track. There was also the whole thing with trying to wing it through with the ‘extra’ cast and how the storyline drifted into the nonsense that became too unendurable. I admitted that I was hooked from the start. I would have been fine if Huang Xiao Lei (Xiao Qiao) ended up with Jacky (Chen De Lie) since his character grew on me (and possibly some of the other viewers who weren’t too into Shao Wei and Xiao Qiao pairing) and how his dorkiness was so cute toward the end. Ending it at episode 35 wasn’t in their grand plan though. However, what was done is over. So, what is the next plan? A new drama called Mo Nu 18 Hao with the added ‘magical’ element. With this cast reuniting, there will be a lot of hilarious behind-the-scenes to look forward to since they’ve already gotten along so well. Let’s hope that it will work out this time around with the plot also.

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