Yours Fatefully (孤男寡女)

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The reason? Because I saw some articles regarding the drama on Xin.MSN. How was it? I didn’t find it cute until it was up to episode 5. Not that I don’t like the main characters, but I found some of the misunderstandings kind of senseless. Okay, very senseless. It was like they were playing these really childish games with getting back at each other. After they sorted it out like two adults, I started to focus on their relationship more. AND believe me when I say I appreciate a variety of formulas added into the plot as well as characters so it wouldn’t just be a few of them only, BUT the whole family situation was just insane. Possibly because it was closer to real-life stuff than the whole everyone had a great family and was singing the Barney song? YET It was just too much. Not only that, but they also added more and more, especially annoying third parties.

Main Cast:

  • Kingone Wang as Su Xiao Yi (苏孝仪). Another lead role for him and he sure measured up to it. (The last time he was lead was in a short Tele-movie called Home Run.) His character, Su Xiao Yi, was a very filial person, always doing things for his father without complaining and actually treated the old man like family, unlike those others around him, especially his sister who always say stuff BUT not carry through. He was the youngest so he was normally left with the duty of taking care of his parents. Well, in this case, his father. I liked how he put his father in the #1 spot throughout–regardless of the situation. So he couldn’t control things completely since that was life, after all, the unexpected happened, but I liked how he would be protective of his father after how many times he failed to find a match.
  • Jessica Liu as Song Xin Xin (宋心心). First time watching her. I find her both cute and mature. Possibly because the closer to life personality that she possessed so I tried to keep my patience as best as I could. She also had to take care of her mother because her siblings had abandoned their mother onto her. Like Xiao Yi, she always put her mother in the #1 spot–even if the mother deserved it or not. (Again, I know the mother’s condition couldn’t really be controlled–that was why she had to take meds and all in the first place, BUT she was driving me insane throughout.) I felt even worse for Xin Xin because Xiao Yi’s father only had to overcome his fear of darkness. (No one could blame the man since going blind soon WAS very scary.)
  • Eelyn Kok as Song Yi Yi (宋依依). Mixed feelings at times, but I rooted for her when she was upset with her husband for making a fuss about the red packet that she gave Xin Xin for the wedding. Not to mention how she soon grew some backbone near the end. I thought there was no purpose for her constant apologizing yet later she managed to turn things around with her husband and help Xin Xin at least partially. It made me have some faith in them actually being a family.
  • Xiang Yun as Liu Xiu Ying (刘秀英). I didn’t know what to think of her at times. I did pity her because of how she was suffering from such harsh conditions, always feeling paranoid, not being able to help herself, and not wanting to be alone, etc. YET she was driving me insane too. I guess it was more realistic that way with how she was driven to insanity with constant changes in her life. But I stopped sympathizing with her as the story progressed, was just happy things didn’t happen at times, that was all. Then I thought her talk with Xiao Yi’s father about her being so selfish throughout, wanting Xin Xin all to herself made somewhat of a difference. Possibly through one another’s relationship, they found the courage to deal with more matters, especially how she was willing to let go hence her condition not so paranoid anymore.
  • Chen Shu Cheng as Su Shun Tian (苏顺天). I don’t know why he kept giving in to his wife and feeling guilty. But I guess when people he thought to be important to his life wouldn’t even believe in him (except for his son), he would end up doubting himself. I liked how he became the reason for Xin Xin’s mother to see life differently hence her condition improving slightly near the end.
  • May Phua as Su Xiao Lian (苏孝莲). At first, I thought it was a bit funny that she was desperately wanting to find a match for her brother. Yet when she accused Xin Xin of causing her father to move out, I wanted to slap her. I honestly did. Seriously, I was rooting for Yan Ling the whole while she was saying those words to Xiao Lian in episode 9 when she was defending Xin Xin when Xiao Lian attacked Xin Xin. Anyway, what Yan Ling said was right, she should be the one scolding at herself yet she was saying that Xiao Yi and Xin Xin were selfish for neglecting their parents? Who was she talking about, herself? AND as the story progressed, I just wanted to slap her even more, even when she miscarried. YES, call me heartless but I didn’t feel sorry for her at all. What the heck? Taking care of her father and that was the reason for the miscarriage? Yeah right! She went out shopping and bought such high heels. Like the old man didn’t do half of the chores around the house himself. She was sooo much like her mother, always blaming others for her own mistakes. And regarding her comments about hitting it off with Ruan Feng since day one was just a pile of crap. Honestly? She just found Ruan Feng easy to twist since Ruan Feng would want to be all obedient so others would like her. It was nothing more than a set of business transactions with buying Ruan Reng and all. As long as Ruan Feng could take care of her father, then she didn’t have to. Again, another set of stupid excuses to shrug off her own responsibilities. Not only was she willing to buy a bride for her brother BUT also wanted to sell her brother off. (This was regarding how she said she would help Ruan Feng to win Xiao Yi’s heart, that was major backstabbing all right.) But why was I still surprised? She could toss her father aside and treat her mother-in-law like that. (Even if the mother-in-law was throwing a tantrum BUT her lack of trying to get along with her mother-in-law or caring for her showed her insincerity to the max.) And I was somewhat disappointed when the series ended that she didn’t confess at least to her wrongdoings throughout. YET when I thought of it more carefully, I thought it was more projecting real life. Some people will continue to go through life with that attitude. It was ingrained in her by her mother throughout all these years so how could she turn a new leaf just like that, right?
  • Calvin Soh as Wu Zhen Bang (吴振邦). I don’t know. I find him sometimes funny. BUT other times, just plain annoying with his calculating ways, especially during Xiao Yi and Xin Xin’s wedding ceremony that he dared to say those words to her. It was his wife’s money after all, what did that have to do with him? Then I was glad the script made him change near the end. I meant it could go one way or another really, but what was real was how he managed to save his mother-in-law with that one incident when he didn’t have to. I meant sure, he avoided the worst from happening with coming and freeing her, but he even went to the extent of catching the robber. That was really something. It was like saying despite all his flaws and his stingy attitude at times, from one human being to another, he wouldn’t stand aside in such situations and would aid them. I guess in a way, he found it hard to deal with his mother-in-law because of her constant tantrums–whether on purpose or uncontrollable. So the snarky remarks might just be his way of coping with it.


  • Zzen Zhang as Hong Zhi Guo (洪治国). I don’t know if I wanted to hate him for his despicable, manipulated ways, or hate others for believing him so easily. At least they didn’t drag his situation out to the last episode. Having him returned was already bad enough. Or perhaps aside from having that test with trust, that was it for Xiao Yi and Xin Xin? Because I saw no purpose for this guy to come back aside from that one time how Xiao Yi saved Xin Xin from that spoiled brat.
  • Sora Ma as Ruan Feng (阮凤). I wanted to slap her at times too. I don’t know. I just hate manipulative people. Sure, I felt sorry for her for having no choice and wanting to escape from wherever she felt threatened by. YET I hate manipulative people, using tears to get others to submit to their requests, etc.
  • Zhang Wei as Lin Ru Long (林如龙). He wasn’t the least bit funny if that was what they were aiming for. Or possibly they were trying to paint an image with people like him being so full of himself, etc.
  • George Young as James. OMG, he was my favorite character in here among the supporting cast. He was just so funny and cute. And the way the had his own way with cheering people up was just hilarious and lovable at the same time. Free hugs! LOL! That was so cute. I almost thought he fell for Yi Yi for real. NOT talking about the little “plan” they cooked up to deceive Zhen Bang, but at times it showed he was too caring. Yet it was just how he was, wanting to cheer others up and was just so easygoing, etc. I don’t know how he was in other dramas since it was my first time watching him, but I found him convincing enough in here and did have the charm to carry out his character.
  • Joey Feng as Lin Yan Ling (林艳玲). I almost thought that she would listen to her mother’s accusations and her father’s exaggerations and misunderstood Xin Xin until the later parts of the story to get their problem resolved. Yet she stood firm on supporting Xin Xin throughout, not just using empty words about their friendship. She really stood up for Xin Xin through different situations–whether more lighthearted situations or the more difficult times. YET I think I spoke too soon since she was one of those that could only see some exterior situation. I couldn’t quite forgive her for aggravating Xin Xin’s mother in the hospital that one time. OR complimenting that despicable Zhi Guo when he was bringing snacks for the crew. Then somehow she just earned her ‘temporary forgiven’ spot just because she arranged the whole setup so that Xiao Yi and Xin Xin could go on that overseas trip together. (It was for work but still…) And later she realized how Zhi Guo was, trying to ruin Xin Xin’s relationship with Xiao Yi on purpose.
  • Benjamin Heng as Zheng Jian Ping (). Su Xiao Lian’s husband. Another coward. Well, more like the other coward in here. I felt sorry for him at times, but I soon dropped it since he did choose her, NOT anyone else making that decision for him. But I found it extremely funny how Xiao Lian’s mother didn’t tell her about the decision with her (the mother) being okay with Xiao Yi and Xiao Lian’s father having a companion at this age YET Jian Ping knew, lol. That was a priceless moment all right since Xiao Lian didn’t have an excuse (like doing stuff for her mother while she was just aiding her own agenda) to stop the whole matter.


  • Kingone Wang and Jessica Liu as Su Xiao Yi and Song Xin Xin. They were so cute together. I wasn’t into them at first–as I said I was a bit turned off by the senseless misunderstandings during the first few episodes. Yet I found them addicting to watch later on. They weren’t too trying though there were a lot of intimate scenes. I swear it seemed too trying in other dramas for some reason. AND I don’t know why the drama went down the typical lane near the end somewhat–with them not communicating or speaking, but assuming things while she spotted him with that manipulative Ruan Feng and he spotted her with that despicable Zhi Guo. Well, it was normal to have self-doubt YET I thought since they knew it wasn’t them that was having problems but more like too much with their families hence separating. SO why the whole insecure moments? OY, or I was just plain impatient. I just hate stupid third parties OR other side matters. Like their family problems weren’t enough. AND why in the world was she springing the whole “Ruan Reng” thing on him while she was the one accepting that Zhi Guo as friends again? (No wonder he was able to step in to court her.) AND I was sooo freaking mad at her for letting Zhi Guo helped her after some argument with Xiao Yi. SO yeah, she was scared, but that whole thing with NOT keeping Zhi Guo away made me even madder. SO she was mad at him for accusing her YET she didn’t let him explain regarding Ruan Feng? Well, I guess when they were mad, it was hard to cool down and think with jealousy and all YET it was sooo stupid. YES, I’m impatient again.
  • Calvin Soh and Eelyn Kok as Wu Zhen Bang and Song Yi Yi. At first, I don’t know what to think of their situation, except in a way she deserved it for abandoning her sister. But later I seem to like their story more and more, especially when things got super frustrating with the main couple’s situation AND how Yi Yi was springing her plans out. It seriously showed how Zhen Bang was willing to work to win his wife back. Sure, I doubted he would change so soon and how he would return to his normal way if he found out nothing happened between his wife and James, but as I said before, the rescue scene with his mother-in-law made me think differently, and how he was trying hard to make things work with his wife.
  • Benjamin Heng and May Phua as Zheng Jian Ping and Su Xiao Lian. Didn’t care for them at all since I felt he deserved it because he did choose his fate. AND since she wanted someone to submit to all of her demands, that worked. Might be more realistic in some life situations.

Moral of the story:

  • You can’t choose your family. I think Xiao Yi and Xin Xin were sooo unlucky to encounter such families. It didn’t matter how much they try to do their best, it just wouldn’t work. Even their siblings were bailing out on them. Though Xiao Yi’s father was more tolerable YET other parties kept pushing him to the walls. The siblings were the worst, actually, because with the parents, it was natural that they were aging and suffering from pain, except for Xiao Yi’s mother who seemed to still be so fine and have so much energy as to scold others.
  • Is there still filial piety in this world? With Xiao Yi and Xin Xin, definitely yes. But what about some other parties in here? I’m not saying be all like a puppet and just push your own happiness aside. BUT is there still a sense of wanting to live with your family because they’re your family OR just want to treat them as trash to be tossed around? Seriously. OR not to mention all those people who wanted to get rid of their mother or father-in-law for different reasons. It’s not like I don’t believe those things exist, BUT it’s like so hopeless. And the scariest part about the whole thing is they think it’s normal to do such OR something. I guess they wouldn’t think about the consequences of how their kids would treat them the same later. Kids learn from watching SO…what in the world are these people sending along with the messages? Geez.

There were so many things left unanswered by the end, I guess that was life. OR they didn’t have time to focus on it anymore. I was just glad it ended. I came into the show with high expectations BUT I guess that had made the show less enjoyable for me. I just hate those stupid misunderstandings and some characters who made it even worse. But I guess it was all right overall.

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