Yuan Shan Shan: Madame White Snake

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I saw the pictures being posted on her fan page so I went to do my own stalking on Weibo. As said on the poster, it’s supposed to be for a skit on her new reality show called The Classmates (青春同学会). Other guests on there included Cecilia Han Xue, Yuan Hong, and more.

Anyway, this proves that she could be in ancient series if the right production team did the designs for the outfits. In some past productions that she got criticized (and that was saying it lightly since the language was beyond that of civilized), I’d seen through it that those outfits were just poorly designed or the hairstyles were just too off.

I won’t get into it anymore since that would involve too many people I don’t want to mention. But I hope after this, she would consider filming ancient series again, just with a better production team.

*Images credit: Yuan Shan Shan’s Studio and The Classmates Weibo

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