Zhao Jun Ya: Tales of Introduction

So I meant to do something like this ages back yet never got around to it even though I noticed some things about it in the past already. I’ll go by drama and somehow work my way back since I haven’t watched all his dramas yet. (Guilty but I’ll try to do that like maybe this year. Good luck, right?)

Rookies’ Diary. No introduction, you just know it’s him and that’s it.

Love Together: “I’m Lin Zhong Zhe. Zhong from middle (中間), Ze from principle (原則).”

His first meeting with General Street’s people yet they were quite welcoming (except for the minor setback with the little enthusiastic craziness from some parties). Instead of calling him Zhong Ze, the head of the town opted to call him “Ah Ze” (阿則) so he was known to them by that close nickname from then on. They were a friendly bunch, so they didn’t care to be formal, etc.

Lucky Touch: “My name is Luo Sen (羅森). Luo from Luo Sen, Sen from Luo Sen.”

This one is especially funny. Hello! What kind of introduction was that? Arrogant much?

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*All images were captured by DTLCT