Zhong Wu Yan: Episode 1

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

I knew it! It would’ve started in the ancient time with background info before going into modern time. It was too predictable, considering how they had pulled out a historical figure to base the drama on.

Ming Dao does look like the pervert king all right! (HEY, I like him too but have to say that he does match up with his role, LOL.) Okay, exaggerated much? (But not surprised at all!) Might be a good idea for some people to do background research before diving into watching this IF you’re not familiar with the story. They did use a bunch of ancient languages and/or terms. But of course, they made up a bunch of stuff too so not really a big deal IF you know it or not. But still might be a good idea to search up on it. Now I can see the connections with some characters that might lead up to their roles in the modern world.

Okay, this is the part where everyone wants to kill Ming Dao. At least his character. BUT I just realized that every single story and/or misunderstanding has to have some kind of annoying animal involved to drive the obstacle to the point of irreversible (i.e. the stupid snake in this one). Too late! Qi Xuan has already done the damage to Wu Yan.

Fast forward to the modern time and you have another typical modern drama with the girl being the ‘ugly’ and/or unattractive one AND the guy mega-rich and/or handsome dude who other girls drool over. But of course, they have a great excuse to do that this time, considering how they adapt the whole Zhong Wu Yang legend into this one. (Why am I watching? Hey, just for kicks and I’m watching for some of the cast, LOL.) But I have to say that I love the somewhat ancient music for the main theme and the settings.

This is getting kind of funny. Okay, typical BUT funny since Wu Yan, Wu You, and Zhi Yin are all rushing into the house. AND I thought it was for some special occasion but it was just because they wanted to get ready to celebrate Qi Xuan’s birthday. They even had the birthday hats on while watching the live coverage on TV? That was cute! Obsessed but still cute in a way. Something even funnier, they named the duck after Qi Xuan? Xiao Xuan Xuan? OKAY…

Some things never change all right. Someone was still loving the attention and the girls. On the other hand, Figaro is so cute in that outfit! (LOL) And we can see Wu Yan’s naive like ages before. NOT really her fault in the other situation but this one is a bit unbelievable. But I guess it’s part of the obsession and not wanting to believe Qi Xuan is such a person, etc.

And the girls were really going all the way! LOL! Wearing those attires and singing the birthday song as well? They need to get off their ‘clouds’ soon. But in a way, it was sweet of Yu You and Zhi Yin to follow along with Wu Yan’s routine every single year.

This is priceless! LOL! He thought he got someone! Da Wei’s expression, LOL! And history was really repeating itself since it was the familiar scene of the past with the dance and the whole mysterious thing.

The only scene worth watching in all those chaotic atmosphere. Since it was kind of nice.

Going quite far, aren’t they? Even trying to come up with a name. Oh yeah, they better watch out for Xiao Xuan Xuan! Is the poor duck sneaking away? I knew the duck would get lost. LOL! Kind of lame but funny at the same time that Wu You and Zhi Yin were pointing the flashlights toward each other. They only had to ask, didn’t have to use their hands, LOL. Trying to blind each other before finding Xiao Xuan Xuan? The whole thing with Zhi Yin blurting out ‘Yes, sir!’ reminded me of Rookies’ Diary so much! LOL!

I knew the pervert Qi Xuan would get it big time! Just based on Ying Chun’s expression, it was very obvious she was up to something. He just didn’t see it coming because he was too busy thinking of what would happen if he caught her! He had no idea she had plans of her own! She tossed his clothes into the water! LOL! (Sorry, but it was funny!) Should’ve been smarter than that!

And I saw that coming too since this is just too predictable and coincidental that he should come to the island where the girls reside on. They would bump to one another sooner or later. If Qi Xuan was so worried about his reputation, maybe he shouldn’t have gone that far in striping like that! LOL! He got that coming! Going to a desert island wasn’t going to help ease matters. It’s not so desert as he thought. BUT he was a smooth talker all right. Talked himself right out of that one. It was even easier for him, considering how Wu Yan had a thing for him. After threatening Da Wei and urging him to come to the rescue, Qi Xuan was reverting to his old ways again! Nothing new! If he sees a girl, of course, he has to move in.

Aww…the two kids were so cute! So Wu Yan wasn’t just daydreaming OR being obsessed at all. There was actually a story behind her behaviors. YET that little kind kid had turned out to be a pervert! Oh well, so life goes on! LOL! Okay, that was kind of cute with the hair clip BUT we all know it was Qi Xuan’s way of trying to remember ‘the beauty’ BUT he would be turned off if he found out the truth, considering how vain he is. (AND the hair clip thing reminded me of The Magicians of Love too much, LOL. And the whole being lost on the island and being abandoned reminds me of Legend of Star Apple. OR maybe it’s because Ming Dao was in both so I had to associate it like that.)

Da Wei had to sabotage Qi Xuan! LOL! But he’s right. Like Qi Xuan was ever going to be focused on just one person? Changing? YEAH RIGHT! As soon as Da Wei gave Qi Xuan Ying Chun’s schedule, Qi Xuan was like beyond happy. Yup, Da Wei knew him the best all right. Typical reaction from Qi Xuan again with the whole family thing.

On the other hand, the talk between Wu Yan and her father was more worth watching (as always) since it has to be someone who gets along with their family well, right? Even if the conversation ended up being about Qi Xuan but it was only to distract her father from blaming himself so much.

At least Qi Xuan’s grandma was celebrating his birthday with him. Too bad she didn’t realize that it was him and not his father. Still, she was all heart. Couldn’t deny that. Too bad his old man also prepared a present for him but did not give it to him.

Whoa! Okay, I thought it was ‘human-related’ when it was mentioned BUT this was still serious. All their fishes dying like that. AND I had a gut feeling it had to do with what happened last night. Someone was going to pay YET Wu Yan had no idea it was no one other than the one she trusted. And I rest my case. So much for someone’s attempt to create a romantic atmosphere BUT it actually caused troubles for other people. But it was so funny that Wu Yan’s father still found the time to pick on all the grammatical errors on the papers. (Wu You and her husband were so funny as well!)

And Wu Yan finally unveiled the truth! Too bad. But I have a feeling she still believes in him. It would be hard to get rid of past good thoughts of him though. NOT until she actually knows what else he’s capable of. (Honestly, I don’t want to keep associating to Ming Dao’s other dramas but that yellow car seriously reminds me of his vehicle in ‘The Magicians of Love’.)

Fake to no end, seriously. But I guess those girls deserve to be deceived too since they’re so vain. To make it even funnier, he had no idea which one his father’s office was? LOL!

Da Wei had such vivid imaginations. Honestly, what was he thinking? But can’t blame him, considering the type of words Wu Yan was using.

Finally, Wu Yan knew the grown-up Qi Xuan now. Poor Da Wei, had to keep signaling to Qi Xuan to shut up but it was too late! Poor Wu Yan. Though she found out what kind of person he is, she did not deserve those cruel words.

Previews show that Qi Xuan isn’t that type of person, a typical route to go but there’s still other things to look forward to. Chris Wu hasn’t appeared yet. Wonder when.

The first episode garnered 2.70 in ratings, leading over the currently airing dramas. My thoughts? It’s expected to have cliche parts so I am not as confident if it would still stay on top for next week. However, I honestly want it to surprise me further, considering how some of the cast is not bad and their portrayal thus far is making the story flow well–even the villains.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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6 thoughts on “Zhong Wu Yan: Episode 1

  1. @ Jacqueline – Thanks for visiting. I’m glad that you like my ‘wacko’ review, LOL. I find it slightly different too – though the initial concept is familiar. Hope that it will elaborate into something much more later. NOT too serious but not too random either.

    1. Didn’t yet. If you look at my ‘to do list’, it’s still stuck. I halt it for some other ones. It had been in exile for a while now.

      1. You must have been really busy..
        Anyway, it’s a really good series to watch!
        The chemistry between Ming Dao & Cheryl Yang and Chris Wu & Cheryl Yang are just outstanding..
        I like Chris Wu more in this movie.. 🙂

      2. It’s not that I’m that busy during the time it aired, but I lost interest in it because of the hype. I don’t know. I operate on a different wavelength as everyone so it would probably occur to you that I’m really weird in not enjoying some things as much. But it’s me.
        The upcoming days though, I’ll be super busy for real. So trying to catch up on some dramas before focusing on some new upcoming real life challenges, lol.
        Glad to know that you had enjoyed this though.

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