Zi Wo Yi Shi by Will Pan

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Recently, I’ve been addicted to this song without rhyme or reason. It’s just too addicting. It’s not helping with my sudden addiction to rap music or those types of really upbeat music either.

I especially like the part where Will sings “I’m the king of the world. Everybody, get down, get down.” Sounds so powerful and dominant. Maybe it’s because there’s this ‘control bug’ within all of us that makes us want to be someone who’s on top also. Still…something to think about. Doesn’t Will look so cold and cool from the images above? (Haha)

This is actually my 3rd favorite song from the album 007 after “Shuang Ren Wu” and “Be With You”.

Okay, I just felt like being random with this entry. But still…what do you think?

*All images were scanned by DTLCT

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