Author's Note

OMG! What in the world happened to C.R.A.? Didn’t I say that I’m going to re-write it? I’m converting it to an ancient wuxia setting instead. It makes the whole killing rampage easier without worrying about authority figures. Okay, they do have authorities back then but if I don’t want to focus on them, I don’t have to. Plus there isn’t exactly too much of the whole tech-y things so they could get away with more stuffs. It’s more flexible.

  • The justice/injustice theme is still intact. Although the title’s changed and the setting has changed but it doesn’t mean it’s no longer about that.
  • Tony, Cyndi, Wallace, Penny, Chun, Hebe, Rainie, Dylan, Ady, Blue, Annie, and Remus are still in. YES, they made the cut. I had to organize and switch around a little and I feel comfortable with these characters so that’s that.
  • The bickering relationship aka intensity between Wallace and Penny. It’s even more intense in the ancient version because of the change in the plot.
  • Cyndi getting along more with Wallace than Tony? OR is it? Wait and see for yourselves.


  • Took out Angela Chang, Lu Ting Wei, Phil Chang/Zhang Yu, June/ Liu Yue, and Penny Tai. There are already too many significant characters so I thought eliminating them would make things less complicated. IF at all. Therefore, some of the things revolving around them are already ‘X’ out. Regarding Angela, I have her in too many of my stories already and especially in relation to Wallace so have to take her out for my insanity ’cause creating a different character for her is quite a challenge. So of course LTW got ‘X’ out too.
  • Some changes in character names. I had to change it since it sounded weird in Viet and I want it to sound different and somewhat ancient-ish for some cases, LOL!
  • More serious. Honestly, I’m still in morbid-land so of course it’s a great time to make use of this mood and use it for this fan fic.
  • Might revolve around Wallace too much for some people’s taste. I don’t know. It just happens when Wallace’s around. (I only manage to balance stuffs out a bit when Jacky’s around also in a story but that’s telling you guys something.) But I did have some sub-plots that would connect with the main ones so it’s not just focused on him to the point of unbearable like in ST. (I hope not.)
  • There are going to be three versions. I think! Since I wrote it in Viet first and then translating it back to English version. And then I wonder if I should do an audio version as well since it usually sounds better in Viet. But not quite sure. Still seeking out options. Translating it – I figured – for two chapters has proved that it would take major creative manipulation and would definitely lose some of its initial elements so that’s why I thought of doing an audio version as well.

New Additions:
You mean this story isn’t already complicated? AND wouldn’t it defeat the purpose of taking out the other characters? It’s necessary to drive some of the sub-plots forward. AND I can’t help it.

  • Yvonne Yao. Yes, call it Slanted Thoughts‘ fault. I just had to include her. However, this is no way in compensation to the other story. I always wanted to do some story with Wallace and Yvonne. So why not an ancient setting? This doesn’t mean that’s the spoiler for Wallace’s ending. ‘Cause me telling you this would defeat the point of reading the story. But I could tell you that I already wrote the ending.

*EDIT* Friday, February 17th, 2012
As some might see (OR NOT), I tend to change the ‘fill in’ for the supposed main cast on the ‘Fan Fiction’ page under the story’s little info. SO that might be a clue as to who to look out for more though they are all major characters who contribute one way or another in the plot. BUT since people don’t check stuffs that I wrote from time to time (NOT that it’s anyone’s fault since I’m confusing like that), I will list the characters according to the amount of time they appear thus far. Though there’s nothing solid YET since the story is far from over. So here goes:

  • Wallace Huo. IS this news? NO, sorry. Afraid people are stuck with Wallace for the majority of the story.
  • Ady An. Somehow, it just gets so addicting writing about her in the ancient setting. Call it the effects of ‘Chinese Paladin’ memories washing over me. YET it’s not anything related to that. Though her character is spunky as ever.
  • Wu Zun. YES, somehow it’s all about Chun also though I had no idea it would go that way. Just somehow after I got the plot moving, I couldn’t help it. NOT about favorism here but I just went with the flow. (BECAUSE we all know technically if I don’t like someone, I wouldn’t put them into the plot in the first place.)
  • Dylan Kuo. He’s with Ady for the majority of the story so I couldn’t help it that he’s always around. NOT together as in a couple at this point though. That would defeat the purpose of reading. BUT more like as a team.
  • Blue Lan. NOT sure if it would shift with his appearances later on YET call it the effects of ‘The Outsiders’ hence him getting stuck with Ady and Dylan at this point.
  • Hebe Tian. NOT sure how much she’s going to appear later OR if she would move down the ladder. BUT again, it’s not about not liking her. But just moving with the story.
  • Zhao Jun Ya. Call it recent obsession since he got into the picture already.
  • Achel Chang.This is because of half about ‘Chinese Paladin’ obsessions AND because she was hosting the game show with Zhao Jun Ya previously.
  • Annie Liu. AGAIN, NOT sure if she would break through with some major contribution but at this point, I decided to keep it stable. We’ll see.
  • Remus Kam. He’s probably going to move down the ladder later but at this point, he’s contributing to the plot.
  • Yvonne Yao. NOT sure if I would let her have some major scenes. But we’ll see.
  • Tony Sun. Why in the world did Tony get demoted versus the modern version? I don’t know. Somehow, my focus on Wallace, Ady, and Chun had made the shift. Let’s see if I could get it back on course later. BUT no promises.
  • Cyndi Wang. Cyndi got demoted too? YES, BUT…it’s far from over so I could still steer things around.
  • Penny Lin. I don’t know. Don’t ask me anymore about the demotion of three major character after the ‘ancient’ theme. Was just going with the plot. OR so I thought.
  • Rainie Yang. She will play a key character later on BUT for now, she hasn’t appeared that much YET so just to spare some fans from keeping their neck stretched because of the wait.

*EDIT* Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

I’m changing the story completely because some parts made them too stupid OR too easily manipulated. AND I took Cyndi out. NOT because I’m over her already. But more like it was too hard to develop the character fully without thinking of offending fans. I substitute her character with just a made up name SO I could focus on the story details instead of going ‘light’ on some situations.
*NOTE*: This page will be updated from time to time SO if you need answers, come here OR the ‘C-Chart‘.