Absolute Boyfriend

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I actually watched this a longgggg time ago but kept forgetting to work on the review for it. At first, I was really turned off with the whole physical appearances only and felt some stuff was too silly. But the story eventually grew on me.

Main Cast:

  • Hayami Mokomichi as Tenjo Night. He really grew on me over time. I meant the actor who had to portray the robot. I was like omg, typical trying to show some figure show. Yet later, it showed more of his other sides as his personality developed and he wasn’t a robot anymore. Well, he was still a robot, but not in that mechanical sense. Technically, he was created according to Riiko’s preferences, but I totally felt his protectiveness and caring for Riiko.
  • Aibu Saki as Izawa Riiko. I don’t know. Mixed feelings throughout, but her character indeed grew on me. Because I initially felt like her crush on that one jerk was too much. Like I couldn’t see why he was the attractive type or anything. Maybe he was hardworking. But I didn’t think he was attractive at all.
  • Mizushima Hiro as Asamoto Soshi. I sort of have mixed feelings for him throughout as well yet I think I understood where he was coming from. There were many things that he couldn’t understand and have the right to say it out.

Anyway, it was soooo long ago that I forgot the names of the other characters already to discuss in-depth about it. But I felt this story made life even sadder. Serious. Yes, it was always better to live in reality. It seemed normal to go on and face things–even if you don’t want to. Yet I felt human nature is just too unpredictable and sometimes robots are better companions. Yet it was indeed sad to think of it as one day, Riiko (or whoever the person requesting the robots were) would leave this world and the robot companion would continue on with only knowing how to love the supposed human who once requested him. Sad? I think because the story taught us to face reality, but if it was me, I would choose a robot over humans any day. Because people’s hearts change, robots don’t.

Aside from that, the main leads were compatible enough and their stories enjoyable, and touching. I would recommend this for people who are a sucker for romances, lol.

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