Bloody Monday: Season 1

Finally got a chance to watch it appropriately since I only managed to catch some of the episodes on the local channel. That was one good drama–though not flawless. Like most Japanese dramas of its genre, it delivered a series of intense, suspenseful scenes to pave the plot.

  • Miura Haruma as Takagi Fujimaru aka Falcon. How cool was that? A genius hacker getting caught in a mess after he was recruited by the government? He was a kid after all so don’t really blame him for getting tricked at times. (After all the other dude was cunning.) He has his super intelligent moments too (like that one time with the text message), BUT I don’t think he can handle some people yet with their cautious planning. It’s all right since it’s not like he deal with those people everyday.
  • Sato Takeru as Kujo Otoya. He’s the quiet and cautious type. I think he’s the brain in here. (Sorry, Falcon.) But he’s more careful than the others, considering how he managed to decipher some things first or faster than others.
  • Falcon and Otoya as a team. I think they’re a perfect team actually since one’s really awesome with his computer skills and the other one is really intelligent with his fast thinking abilities. Seriously, Falcon IS a genius hacker but I think he has his head in the cyber-world for too long so he needs Otoya to keep him earthbound. (JUST KIDDING, but yea.)
  • Fujii Mina as Asada Aoi. The honest and sometimes too sarcastic girl. OR at least I have that impression of her at first at school. But she’s really smart in her own right and has the right to make some comments regarding matters. (Especially regarding that hokey professor.)
  • Falcon and Aoi as a couple. Okay, since romance is almost non-existence in here, I shouldn’t put this in BUT couldn’t helped myself. Come on now. There were hints. Still funny to see them bicker at the beginning and then later teaming up.
  • Yoshizawa Hisashi as Kirishima Goro. A little too distant and cold at times BUT he cares about others more than anyone realizes.
  • Harada Kana as Nakagawa Saori. A brave young woman. She was willing to sacrifice herself for others just like that. It was really shocking that they let her die BUT it was inevitable, considering how the storyline was aiming to make it known with how scary the virus was. Yet there was always a tint in my heart that they would save her in time.
  • Goro and Saori as a couple. Was that sad OR what? I think they were the only romance story that was obvious in this one. She wasn’t nagging OR demanding when he wasn’t able to go see her, etc. She was really supportive and encouraged him on. He honestly wanted to be there with her and comfort her YET he had this strong sense of responsibility to stop the terrorists from doing anymore damage and to find the cure. It was really tragic to see her die AND also his reaction afterward. His silent mourning in the conference room, reminiscing back to the time he called her in for the proposal. He remembered his promise to protect her BUT was devastated and felt beyond guilty that he was not able to fulfill his promise.
  • Matsushige Yutaka as Kano Ikuma. For some reason, I was really suspicious of him at first when they were searching for the one who leaked information out. But I guess he looked suspicious with his aggressive behaviors at times so it was easy for the terrorists to cast all suspicion on him. As the plot unfolded, he was a very cool dude and a very interesting character overall.
  • Goro and Ikuma as a team. They fought or had some disagreements at first but then they became a team later on. It was interesting to see that although Ikuma didn’t really come eye to eye with Goro at times YET he understood that Goro was suffering from Saori’s death more than anyone and even went out of his way to stop Kaoru from pestering Goro.
  • Narimiya Hiroki as J (Kanzaki Jun). I’m not supposed to like him since he’s that crazy dude who was responsible for a lot of lives. BUT he made the thing several notches more interesting since his manipulative skill is like WAY up there or something. He even deceived his own sister into thinking that he was out for a walk to get things taken care of YET he was just trying to use the situation to his best advantage.


  • Kawashima Umika as Takagi Haruka. No, I’m not disliking this cute little girl. BUT I swear her sole purpose in here is to be a hostage so that her brother or others could go save her. It’s not her fault since those other people were good at the deception game. But I always have a feeling IF not for that purpose, we wouldn’t get to see as much of her. Also, I was a bit disturbed that she would open the door for just anyone. Doesn’t she know anything about opening the door for strangers? Okay, so she didn’t know when it was those people from THIRD-i BUT she even opened the door for J.
  • Hotaru Yukijiro as Detective Funaki. I honestly hate this guy to the hardcore. Even though he was on the police side BUT he was such a jerk. He went and bullied a little girl? That was so despicable. If he was so good, why didn’t he go and solve the mystery himself? OR maybe that was why he did it. He only had the gut to go bully a little girl BUT did not have the gut to go after the terrorists.

Interestingly shocking (not really but they’re good at suspense):

  • Anzai Mako was actually the other mastermind. Come on now! That was creepy all right. I knew that J was lying when he said that Otoya was the other mastermind. BUT never realize that it was her. Okay, I guess I was getting deceived with her innocent and weakling image. Should definitely remember this one.
  • Takagi Ryonosuke was actually an undercover agent. Okay, I always had the feeling like something was missing and that it was just a weak reason with him following those guys to save his daughter BUT then he turned around doing other things that said otherwise. Then it made sense that he was just pretending to follow those guys. There was also the whole thing with how he told Falcon to believe him, etc that one time when he called before leaving THIRD-i for good. Still somewhat surprising because they left everything at the end instead of just letting it unfold along the way like some of the details.
  • The doctor was actually the person unleashing Bloody X into the world. Okay, I didn’t see that one coming since maybe I was busy focusing on seeing how they could deal with the terrorists. Didn’t realize that he was responsible. Though I was as pissed as him with his work going down the drain just ’cause some people think that it was a waste of time and money YET they were wasting his efforts too. However, I thought it was WAY too messed up to take it out on the rest of the world.

There were other details I had forgotten since I watched it awhile back BUT was a tad lazy to do the review right away. But I thought it was really good and enjoyable. Enough suspense and actions. There was the whole deception and other mind games being played. Season 2 will probably be equally interesting but that’s another story and I’ll probably do a review after I get around to watching it.


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  1. When we were in Tokyo in late January we saw some of an ep from Season . It looked very classy and full of suspense. A friend of mine bought it in Shanghai with Chinese subs so we are going to watch it soon. Great review!


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