Chapter 2

“I don’t know why you even want to cause trouble here,” Jensen chided Vic.

They were at the local library searching for material relating to their clues. Vic did not want to answer Jensen. He was itching for an apple. And had to sacrifice it since he needed to research the clues thoroughly and win. No one could toss out his apple without being taught a lesson. No one. No exceptions. Ever.

“What do you want me to do?” Vic asked, not being able to take it anymore. They had finally found a corner to set all their books down. “Apologize to her?” He paused to study a picture on a page. “After she tossed my apple out?”

“You said it has her saliva anyway,” Jensen reminded Vic.

“I could still use a knife to cut that part off,” Vic argued. He flipped two more pages and then stopped. He looked up at Jensen. “You have gum with apple flavor?”

Jensen gave Vic a look like he was crazy. Jensen hated gum. He hated the stickiness of it. Especially when stomping on some from those idiots who did not bother to put those in the trash.

Vic shrugged, returning to the book in his hands.

“You think it’s normal to be addicted to apple?” Jensen asked suddenly.

“Oh, thanks a lot.” Vic slammed the book shut and got up from his place. He had been sitting on the table with his feet on the chair instead of sitting properly like Jensen.

“What?” Jensen asked, clueless.

Vic had on his murderous expression. He looked left and then right. It was like he did not know how to respond so he would not offend Jensen. He licked his lips once. Then he decided there was no other way. “You just have to remind me of it.”

“It’s all in your head,” Jensen said. He sounded like he was repeating some mantra from a book. Which could possibly be true.

Vic closed his eyes, ignoring Jensen completely. He was chanting something under his breath. Then he opened his eyes and sat down again. At the chair this time. In fact, he ignored Jensen the rest of the time they were at the library. He only used it to study the information he found in the books.


“Why did you have to challenge him?” Kimmy whined.

“It was his fault and he didn’t admit it,” Cyndi reasoned. “If he had apologized, I would have let it go.”

Kimmy wrinkled her face. “It was an accident.”

Cyndi had on her fierce look. “Are you siding with him?”

“No…” Kimmy looked timid. “I’m just telling the truth. You were turning around to talk to me too. So you weren’t really watching where you were going either. And when you turned around to face front again, it just happened.”

Cyndi put her book down. “What are you trying to get at?”

“I’m just saying we should just drop it. We’re here to have fun, not…”

“I’m going to win.”

Kimmy knew that was final. She was reluctant, but she had no choice but to jot down the information Cyndi told her to.


“This is it,” Vic and Cyndi said at the same time as they were exiting the library from the opposite direction leading to the entrance.

Jensen and Kimmy remained silent. It was only until they were at the door that both groups realized the other’s existence.

“Why are you here?” Vic demanded, his eyes studying Cyndi cautiously. “Trying to spy on us?”

Cyndi rolled her eyes. “Nonsense. Each group has a different puzzle to work with so why would I care to waste my time and spy on others?”

“You’re so naïve, aren’t you?” Vic returned. “It’s their way to throw us off by saying that each group has a different puzzle and different clues. How could they come up with so many puzzles? There are twenty-five groups here already.”

“You’re just trying to use one of your lowly tactics to distract the rest of us from working on our clues.” She had to stand on her tiptoe to try and reach him.

He reached a hand out to push her down on her shoulders, forcing her to restore to her normal height. “Sure, Shorty, I have so much time on my hands.”

She slapped his hand away. “Don’t be so arrogant. You’ll be my slave for sure.”

“Out of my way then.” He pushed the door on the opposite side out and left with Jensen tagging behind him.

“Jerk!” Cyndi yelled after him, still fuming.

She exited from the other door. Kimmy had to chase after her as they made their way back to their hotel room. Both groups were still walking down the same path with grass hugging it from both sides. But they did not care to acknowledge one another’s existence. The afternoon’s sun was shining down so peacefully yet the rays spreading on Vic and Cyndi showed otherwise just from their features. Like the sunlight was forced to freeze on their faces when crashing on the icebergs present.

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