Chapter 10

Calvin didn’t have a chance to execute his plan. Because he had waited three days. It wasn’t because he had become careless after his victory. But it was because he had wanted to use some time to rest and resurrect his energy before planning his next move. He knew it was already difficult to confront just Wallace. Now, he was dealing with three suspects. He had to be cautious of his moves.

What Calvin hadn’t expected was an escape attempt. Or more like the whole council hadn’t expected it either. After all, Nic and Tony had been quite passive since their arrest. They didn’t seem interested in any sort of activity going on around them. And it seemed like they hadn’t paid enough attention to even conjure up a proper plan. Yet, they were just waiting. They were waiting for the guards to become comfortable. Comfortable with the typical guarding duties and becoming careless of the environment around them.

In fact, Nic and Tony had been monitoring the security around them. It was on high alert but wasn’t any sort of fancy, maximum-security prison–like they thought. So they didn’t feel threatened by it. After Tony had convinced Wallace to push their current disagreement aside, he had told Wallace of the plan. Only after he and Nic were sure no one was listening. After all, they had the routine down already with the guards and shift changes. It didn’t take long for Wallace to catch on. So that was when they carried out their plan. It was their only chance so they didn’t want to waste any more time. Nic and Tony had two months of planning already. They didn’t need more. With Wallace, they had a higher chance of succeeding. Between the three of them, Nic was in charge of technology, Tony was in charge of surveillance, and Wallace was in charge of security.

Calvin was on his way into the headquarter when it happened. They were enforcing a major lockdown after a guard noticed the three guys were missing during a shift change.

“What’s going on here?” Calvin asked, having to yell since alarms were blaring everywhere in addition to the sounds of other commotions.

“Some prisoners just escaped,” Steve yelled back.

“What? Which ones?”

“Nic, Tony, and Wallace.”

“I thought they were high-priority.”

“Dan stepped out for a smoke and that happened.”

“Dan is so fired.”

That was all Calvin said before rushing around the facility just like the rest of the agents and guards.


The commotion helped with the three guys’ escape majorly. They depended on it. And the other reason for their success was knowing where the uniform closet was. Because that was how they merged into the crowd and made their way outside. It was the oldest trick in the book, but it was just enough to fool the agents. Considering how they were looking for three escapees in regular clothes. Not taking a second look at some fellow agents rushing around to do their jobs at this crucial moment.

“Where are you three going?” Someone asked when they were almost by the door. “We’re on lockdown. No one’s allowed outside.”

They turned around to see one of the guards looking at them with his radar glare. They exchanged a look among the themselves before seeing that the other guard was going to push the alarm button. Like it wasn’t already blaring everywhere. Yet this one was like a location activation signal. Wallace made the move first, knocking the guard down and dragging him to a corner of the building, stashing him there before waving to the other two. They were lucky that it was deserted at this corner of the building or the move would have gotten them exposed already.

“Hurry!” Wallace yelled at the other two, rushing out of the door.

The night greeted them fifteen minutes later. They had to focus on possible traps on the ground leading up to the fence. And before they exited the building, Nic had grabbed a card on the unconscious guard that Wallace knocked out so when they got to the gate, they were home free.

“Where are we going?” Tony asked somewhere in the dark.

“No time,” Wallace said. “We better get out of here before we start arguing over where to go.”

Nic and Tony knew Wallace was right so they didn’t bother to discuss. They just focused on getting past the danger zone, which was a hundred miles ahead. There was no time or breath to waste.

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