The night was a placid one. The streets were sparkling bright with its newly replenished feeling after the rain. No lights were visible that night–with the exception of the moon’s aid. Every living being had already sought shelter where possible–their own houses or some structure with some sort of decent roof to hide from the previous rain. Yet no one was complaining. Because they needed rain for a long time already. They didn’t want to appear ungrateful and chased away the rain again. They welcomed it with open hands but also didn’t want to become sick because of it either. They were more than prepared to have all sources of containers to keep the rain in. After all, rain equaled water and water was what they’d been lacking for an extended amount of time. The water could also wash away all of their bad lucks. Yet no one stopped to acknowledge the fact that no amount of rain could wash away all the blood of two innocent victims who had been slain because their curiosity had driven them to the worst. The invisible blood that was still present, though the visible ones had already been cleaned up and forgotten along with time.


Were those remnants of the recent rain? Or were those the echoes of blood dripping hauntingly along the nights?

© Sunday, October 7th, 2012

Posted: Friday, October 19th, 2012